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Here is a list of information & options to Help you with any questions or concerns related to Nonprofits. Simply click on any topic below to navigate to the information you desire. Here are the Main Issues that are currently listed for Nonprofits. Which topic interests you? What topics should be added? We are building this web page with your help! What topics would you like to see addressed here? What kinds of information would you like to “live” on this page? Share your experience & expertise! Please click the purple link to answer the crowdsourcing questions below. You can help contribute useful information & resources to this Nonprofit Home Page.

    Volunteer Management Help
  • Find New Volunteers
  • Train Volunteers
  • Retain Volunteers
  • Find Interns & Offer Internships
  • Find Mentors
  • Other Main Issues?
    • Marketing Help
  • Social Media Marketing
  • —–>Facebook Tips
    —–>Twitter Tips
    —–>Instagram Tips

  • How to Get Media Exposure
  • How to Effectively Manage the Media
  • How to Create an Inspiring Video
  • How to Write an Effective Press Release
  • How to Make a Good Brochure
  • How to Effectively Advocate for Your Cause
  • How to Effectively Lobby for Your Cause
  • How to Create and Awareness Campaign
    • How to Utilize to Help Your Organization & Amplify Your Message!
  • How to Promote Your Event or Class
  • How to Post Your Fundraiser or Free Class or Event on our Community Calendar
  • How to Get People to Take Action on Your Cause!
  • How to Create a Community Project or a Helping Hand Project
  • How to Promote Any Community Project You Create
  • How to Promote the Needs & Services of Your Philanthropic Organization
  • How to Receive Help from the Community Skill Bank
  • How to Request Help from the On Call Volunteers
  • How to Activate the Community Response System
  • How to Create a Free Listing in Our Directory of Services & Organizations
  • How to Harness the Social Media Marketing Power of the Social Media Lovers for a Cause Community Volunteers
  • See Other Tips for Using to Help You & Your Organization
  • | Volunteer Help | Donated Items | Lending Library | What Works? | Projects in a Box & Tool Kits | Scientific Research |
    • Management Help
  • Recruit a Nonprofit Board of Directors
  • Manage and Get the Most out of your Nonprofit Board of Directors
    • Incorporating Your Nonprofit & Legal Issues
  • Nonprofit Incorportation–IRS 501(c) Tax Status
  • Incorporate as a B Corporation
  • Insurance Help for Nonprofits
    • Financial Help & Donations
  • Crowdfunding–General Information on Where Help is Needed
  • Fundraising Tips
  • —–>In Kind Donations
    —–>Golf Tournaments
    —–>Bake Sale
    —–>Bingo Event

      Other Helpful Resources
  • Free & Low Cost Meeting and Event Space
  • Free & Low Cost Food and Beverages
  • Other Main Issues?
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