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July 9, 2014

Thank you for your interest in participating in this Grapevine Newsletter project! This is our chance to use our ingenuity and our connections to help local nonprofits that are striving to make a positive impact in the world.

Who do you know that might have a lead to help with these “Requests for Help”?

There is a nonprofit animal rescue and also a domestic violence shelter that is looking to partner with a local farm or someone with extra land or unused buildings. These nonprofits are looking for a win-win for a farm or anyone with some land that may need extra income. Any ideas?

Have you seen anything that might meet the following needs?

1. Do you know of any land in Chandler? Or, any unused buildings on about 2 1/2 acres of land? There is a nonprofit, Angel of Mercy, that wants to start a women’s domestic violence with an attached kennel so that women can escape their abusive situation and take their animals with them.

2. Wayne Miller from R.A.I.N.–Rescuing Animals in Need has a great project and is looking long term for space to rent or land. Short-term, from March to June this year, he is looking for any location near Phoenix where he can do his project that can be seen at the link below. He wants to give animal rescues some flexibility during the high volume months. All he needs is a temporary building or industrial space. Any ideas?

Animal Overflow & Support Center for Shelters & Rescues

Our goal is to create a facility where Animal Rescues and Animal Shelters can temporarily house cats and dogs until they are ready for adoption. This gives rescues & shelters added flexibility. This Animal Overflow & Support Center will give the animal Animal Rescues ability to save the animals they know they can find homes for despite the fact that they are temporarily short on space. The Animal Overflow & Support Center will fill a great need that is currently very evident to all Animal Rescue organizations. We need your help on this project!

Thanks for any potential leads to farmers who want to partner, land to rent/purchase or property with unused buildings that may work to temporarily house animals.


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