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CE———–Community Builders Events Calendar Project———–
July 30, 2015

Thank you for wanting to be a person who builds up your community! There are many ways to get involved as a Community Builder. This project specifically works to build community by creating an events calendar full of Free events that people can come out and enjoy!

People are busy! We have to make it easier for them to come out and connect with others in their community. This will encourage people to become engaged in their community. This will give people a chance to plug into their community.

You can start right now! You can help from your home computer! What is your interest? Is there a cause that you are passionate about? Help find & upload free classes & events.

You will be helping to build up a community around that interest or cause. You will also be saving people a lot of time by helping to curate that information all in one online location that is easily accessible & searchable by others. You will be helping to make connections with like-minded others who share your interests and passion! Here is the link to Add an Event or Class–Click Here!

There are organizations that provide free events. There are also specific nonprofits that have requested help in posting their free events. You will see when the dates from that website were last updated by viewing the date beside the link or by the comments in the section below.

When you have updated the classes & events from that website link, please send us a note via the comments section below and let us know that you have completed adding that organization’s events. This will help us to be clear which events still need to be added and which events have already been completed.

********Eventually this project will be broken down into smaller, more specific projects. For right now they are all together.

Here are the website links and categories of nonprofits that need your help.

Arizona State University

Events Page for A.S.U. 5/8/15

To view a very nice calendar of A.S.U. events contributed by a community volunteer, the link is at Monthly Calendar of Events–Click Here! The events on his calendar need to be added, too. 5/18/15

We are committed to helping these nonprofit organizations. Please add all of their events. We will be adding their volunteer training orientations, fundraising events, animal adoption events, classes and any other events.

    Organizations that Help Animals

Standing Proud Pit Bull Rescue Center Corp.

Lost Dogs Arizona

Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary

Lost Our Home Pet Foundation

Rescuing Animals in Need (R.A.I.N.)

    Organizations that Help the Environment

The Living Earth Ecological Institute

Kids Climate Action Network–Kids CAN!

    Organizations that Help People

Save the Family

Tempe Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Father Figure Foundation

    Organizations that Help other Organizations

No organizations listed under this category yet!

If you would like to help this project, please subscribe at the bottom of this project post and you will receive notification by email when new information comes in. We are constantly updating the requests for in help adding the events of local nonprofit organizations!

Thank you for Making a Difference in the World! Thank you for Helping to Build Community!


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