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Do you have a difficult problem that has to do with an animal? Would you like some help from volunteer experts who have some experience with the subject matter? Do you need help negotiating the government, legal, or nonprofit terrain that deals with animals?

Option #1: On, you will find a variety of web pages that pertain to specific topics of interest. Simply use the “Search this Website” option to search for the keywords of web pages you might be interested in that are relevant to your need. This feature on our website operates like a concierge at a hotel. Our Concierge Service offers you a checklist of tips and guides you to helpful resources gathered through community crowdsourcing.

****************To contact the “Animal Help Desk”, simply find the web page that most clearly matches your question or concern. Then post a “Request for Help” in the “Share Information & Resources” comment section at the bottom of the page to reach the community volunteers helping at the “Animal Help Desk”! 🙂 You may also contact us below at the general information Animal Help Desk. Posting on the specific page for your issue works faster!

    Please note that all comments are moderated by a volunteer so it may take time for your R.S.V.P. or question to appear below.

To Navigate this website and find relevant pages, please use the “Search this Website” feature at the Top Right Side of this Page. For Best Results: Type Keywords to Get a Checklist of Helpful Tips: Noun + Home Page: (Eg.Volunteer Home Page, Dog Home Page) or Adjective + Noun + Help: (Eg. Veteran Benefits Help, Lost Dog Help, Residential Solar Help) or Noun + Help (Eg. Nonprofit Help, Startup Help, Animal Help, Environment Help, Veteran Help) or type in any keyword to search! You may also use the menu tabs or the links. ********To Explore all Web Pages relevant to the Keywords for this Topic–Click Here to Search!

Option #2: Activate the Ombudsman Service and get help from community volunteers! You can let us know what your question, challenge or issue is via the “Share Information & Resources” comment section below. We will try to find you someone who can help you. The more specific you are in your Request for Help, the more people will be able to help you. Please give the necessary details and a time frame that you have to resolve your situation.

Option #3: You can also use the classified ads to access help from the entire community.That way anyone who has useful information or a helpful tip can contact you through the anonymous response system that keeps your email address private. This way may provide a wider array of responses to your inquiry.

If you have a very routine question that is a common issue that people face, but you are unsure how to proceed, you may request help from a Neighborhood Resource Person who can guide you through the process. You can click here to find a local person to help. Please click on the down arrow and then select & click on the sub-category for your question.

If you have a relatively easy question but would like to use crowdsourcing to get ideas or information click here and fill out a classified ad for that category. Please click on the down arrow and then select & click on the sub-category for your question.

If you have a more difficult or complicated question or issue that you think would require volunteer ombudsman help (non-emergency), you may click here and fill out a classified add for that category. Please click on the down arrow and then select & click on the sub-category for your question. Sometimes we are able to get responses for you quickly but please allow 72 hours for a reply. Be patient with us. We will try to find someone who has experience with the subject matter to help you.

*****We are currently looking for community volunteer experts who are willing to field especially sticky questions. Do you know someone who is an expert on some aspect of dealing with specific types of animals? Do you know someone who really knows how to work with the government, legal, nonprofit terrain that works with animals?

If you know someone with experience or expertise in this subject, please encourage them to subscribe to follow the Ombudsman project that they are interested in assisting. The email information of community volunteers helping with the Ombudsman Service is always kept private and never sold. It is use to send Requests for Help that will automatically come to their email inbox and they can decide if they have helpful information to share regarding the Request for Help in the comment response section of that project.

DISCLAIMER: If you have an emergency situation, please call 911 or some other relevant professional or government agency.
We strive to work quickly, but the Ombudsman Service is not for immediate emergencies. Also, please note that all Ombudsman helping to answer inquiries are community volunteers who state that they have some experience or expertise in the various areas. Use your own judgement on what advice to follow and use the same caution as you would anywhere else on the internet. These community volunteers respond to inquiries as they would on a “forum” or “thread”. The helpful folks who assist you are not screened and are not volunteers. Share only information that you would feel comfortable sharing elsewhere on the internet. This is an online, Free service. Please let us know if anyone tries to charge you, pressures you to give personal information or insists on meeting in person. Stay safe & use caution.

Thank you for caring about your community by sharing your time, talent, experience & expertise to help others!

********Please note that all comments are moderated by a volunteer so it may take time for your R.S.V.P. or question to appear below.******** 🙂