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CE—–Nonprofit Liaison Project at
July 30, 2015

This is a new project that is pending…It is still being developed. We need your help to develop it properly.

If you have comments, feedback, ideas or information to share, please let us know in the “Share Information & Resources” comment section below.

We are striving to find and connect with people who have a passion for a cause who are willing to serve as a Nonprofit Liaison for that cause or interest area.

The Nonprofit Liaison position is very important because you act as the “bridge” helping people from different “silos” in our community to communicate with each other. Because you know and understand the needs & resources of both “silos” you can be the “translator” and aid in communication to better help everyone to work together to efficiently solve social and environmental problems.

We are specifically looking for people who are passionate about a cause who work or volunteer at any of the below:

Business Organizations

Government Agencies


Colleges & Universities

Faith Community Organizations

Indian Tribes

Nonprofit Organizations: We are looking for people who work or volunteer Serving a Specific Population or Issue who also have a passion for a completely different Population or Issue. You can be the “bridge” that helps the various nonprofit “silos” to talk to and coordinate with each other!

While we are mainly striving to find people who can be a Nonprofit Liaison between the organizations above, if you know of people who are skilled at bridging any of the silos above we would like to speak with them! You can help save us a lot of time, energy and money by sharing what you know about how best to communicate with and coordinate with and between the various silos. (EX: Business & Government Agencies, Business & Schools, Schools and Colleges & Universities, etc.)

If you know of someone who would be a great Nonprofit Liaison or a Liaison between any of the silos above, please contact us via the “Share Information & Resources” comment section below.

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Thanks for caring enough to share your time & your talents to help your community!


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  1. Project Status: Open

    We need help adding these organizations to the Directory of Services & Organizations:

    New Leaf (this one will be very complicated since they do so much)
    Sierra Club
    LGF Foundation (S.T.E.M. talks)
    Rescue League