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CE—Community Phone Volunteer Project—–Help for Nonprofits
July 30, 2015

    Thanks for caring & sharing your time & your talents to help your community!

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*****New Crowdsourcing Request Projects for Phone Help arrive constantly———–>Please check the “comments” section below to see the new Requests for Help*****

Step #1—Simply read through the Crowdsourcing Request Projects listed in the comments section below and find one that you would like to help. Select any project that you find interesting!

Step #2—Please read through all of the details of the Crowdsourcing Request Project and send a reply to that comment letting us know that you are working on that project. You will be communicating with all other community Phone Volunteers letting them know that this project is being worked on and that you are the one working on it. This will help to avoid duplication of effort and keep everyone informed about who is working on each project.

Step #3—Please follow the directions in each Crowdsourcing Request Project. Many times there will be a link provided that gives even more information. A careful reading of the instructions will save you time and lead to an accurate result. After you finish working on a specific Crowdsourcing Request Project, will you please send us a note via the comment section below so we know what is complete? That way we can all celebrate your accomplishments together!!!

    Thank you for sharing your time & talents with your community! By working together, we can solve social & environmental problems. Together we can Make a Difference in the World! 🙂


—————————-This is a Crowdsourcing Project———————– For this project you will be helping out “virtually”, over the phone. You can just get started on any of the options or steps listed above…no need for lots of advanced planning or preparation. Since this is a Crowdsourcing Project, you can just jump in and help when you can. When you have a few extra minutes to help…you will know that you are making a positive difference in your community. With a Crowdsourcing Project you always get to decide how involved you want to be. You also get to decide if you want to work alone or be part of a team. Just think…You can have a positive impact on your community right from your home phone! Thanks for caring enough to get involved! Every little effort helps! Together we can make a positive difference in our world! There are more ways that you can help this specific crowdsourcing project To Find out All the Ways You Can Help this Crowdsourcing Project–Click Here!


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  1. Project Title: Spay & Neuter Challenge for Schools & Qualified Charitable Organizations–Help Needed!

    Project Status: Open

    Details about the Project: We have a project that will help animals & children all at the same time that Arizona taxpayers receive a tax credit. That is right! It is a dollar for dollar reduction of the taxes owed to the Arizona Department of Revenue.

    Do you know people who attend or work at specific schools that may want to participate in the Spay & Neuter Challenge? Do you know someone who works at one of the Qualified Charitable Organizations on the list? Will you contact them to let them know about this program?

    We need help phoning these organizations to tell them about this opportunity. We also need you to ask them how much money they would like to have donated and how many animal spay/neuters they would like to pledge. If they want $200, that would be a minimum pledge of 20 completed spays and neuters that they influence people in their community who live in Maricopa County, Arizona before December 31st, 2016.

    Once they pledge the number of completed spays and neuters, simply send in their commitment as a “comment” in the “Share Information & Resources” section.

    We need schools, especially Title 1 schools called. Anyone have a phone list for the schools or have a way of emailing them? Does anyone know people at schools who would be a great contact that would help get the word out? 🙂

    We also need Qualified Charitable Organizations to be called. There are specific organizations chosen for the Tax Credit Program by the Arizona Department of Revenue. Here is the link for the organizations accepting charitable donations that will yield a tax credit for Arizona State Taxpayers:

    Where to Get More Details:

    To View the Arizona Department of Revenue List of Qualifying Charitable Organizations for 2015—Click Here!

    When you call you can give the organization the link and describe the program based on what you see written in that project post at the links provided. There are 3 different tax credits available and all donations must be in by December 31st, 2016 to get the tax credit for the same year.

    To View the Title 1 School Tax Credit Project–Click Here!

    To View the Foster Care Tax Credit Project–Click Here!

    To View the Working Poor Tax Credit Project–Click Here!

    We need help getting the word out about all of these tax credit projects that will help animals. Will you help to make calls? Which organizations will you commit to contact? Thanks for any help!

    Specific Goals for the Project: Maricopa County recently became the number one county in the U.S.A. for the number of unwanted animals “euthanized” each year. We have the worst “kill rate”. The unwanted animal problem wastes taxpayer money and causes needless suffering to our vulnerable animals. The Spay & Neuter Challenge Project can help to bring needed charitable donations to schools and qualified charitable organizations while solving the unwanted animal problem. Let’s work together to help animals in our county!

    Project Location: Help by Computer/Phone

    Project Due Date: Begin at any Time

    Directions on How to Get Started: Please send us a comment below, if you are willing to help!

    This Project & Request for Help is Posted by: and a Coalition of Local Nonprofit Animal Rescues