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Light is Life--Lil Garden Home
Prison Education Awareness Club at A.S.U.
"Collaborating for a Cause" @ ICAN
Nonprofit that Helps Organizations
Valley of the Sun - Maricopa County
Collaborating for a Cause is a free networking group comprised of nonprofit professionals. The group conducts monthly meetings aimed at providing networking opportunities and expert led best practice learning experiences (speakers) for our members. The atmosphere is lively and friendly, yet structured and efficient. Entirely Free.
2 Da Rescue
Animal Rescue & Adoption
Phoenix and outlying counties. Our shelter is in Apache Junction. We do dog adoptions at Petsmart in Ahwatukee on Saturdays from 11-3.
Dog rescue, dog adoptions
see our wish list on our Facebook page - 2darescue. All donations are tax deductible.
Alpha Omega
American Business Women Association
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
American Society of Landscape Architects
Amnesty International at A.S.U.
Animals in Disaster (AID), Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry
Full service in Maricopa county. as listed.
Support Service as requested for the rest of the state of Arizona.
Disaster Victims, Veterans, Domestic Violence - all species, multiple resources.
Disabled - Service dogs - higher quality food
Rescues/Shelters experiencing an emergency or responding to a hoarding situation, help once to twice per year with our resources and pet food.
Seniors, Terminal illness/injury
Homeless/Near Homeless help with pet food and other agency/coalition resources
Please: How you can HELP
if you belong to a group, church or business which has volunteers or corporate giving, get US involved with them!

General Need:
> Cash for administration and deliveries of service

>Pet Food
If opened and resealed go to agencies.
Sealed from Manufacturer are used for special projects.

> High Quality pet food
(goes to Service animals &
people with mobility challenges.)

We Need:
Cat Food Dry
Cat Food Wet or Canned
Dog Food Dry
Dog Food Wet or Canned

>Plastic food crates
(like food banks use)

>Zip lock Bags quart or gallon with zipper
Disaster Services & Veterans:
(besides pet food)

> Leashes, Collars, harnesses, muzzles, toys, beds
kitty litter, pans and towers,
crates/wire cages
(All Species Pets items)

 Grooming products (used/new)
Shampoos, conditioners, brushes, nail/hair clippers, etc

 Veterinary/First Aid items:
Specialty food, eye/ear/foot,
vitamins, health products,

>Donation Drives (short/long term) at your Veterinary office, Business, clubs, Churches, Birthday Party events

>Leadership Volunteers
>Wet & Veterinary specialty pet food (goes to 501c3 Rescues for special need sick, injured, disabled and senior animals instead of euthanasia.)

Applied Entrepreneurship Club at A.S.U.
Arizona Beagle Rescue
Animal Rescue & Adoption
Focus is Maricopa County but we serve beagles throughout Arizona and neighboring states
Beagle rescue, beagle adoption, lost and found beagles, beagle education
Postage, Martingale style collars, Greenie's pill pockets, Kong style toys, grain-free dry dog food, grain-free dog treats, hand sanitizer,
Arizona Golden Rescue
Animal Rescue & Adoption
Arizona Golden Rescue's rescue efforts are concentrated in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, but we will take dogs from all areas of the state and sometimes even from out of state. Because of the National trend of fewer Golden Retrievers coming into rescue, Arizona Golden Rescue has made the decision not to accept Out of State adoptions as there are many applicants in state that do not receive dogs because of the limited number of dogs coming in.
Arizona Golden Rescue is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c) (3), charitable organization whose mission is to rescue displaced Golden Retrievers and mostly-Golden Retriever mixes that may have been abused, abandoned, neglected, unwanted, or surrendered by their owners due to previously unforeseen circumstances and to find new, permanent homes for them. Rescued dogs are given a complete veterinary exam and their vaccines are updated. They are also microchipped, spayed or neutered, and tested for valley fever and heartworm. The rescued dogs are then placed into Foster homes or "Foster With Intent To Adopt" homes until they are permanently placed with their new "Forever Homes." Arizona Golden Rescue is a "Non-Shelter Rescue" with all dogs staying in Foster homes till adopted.
Astronomy Club
Barren Mind Comedy Improv
Comedy for Teens
Maricopa County, Arizona
Boxer Luv Rescue
Animal Rescue & Adoption
Click Here for our Website
Specific Dog Breed (Boxer) Rescue & Adoptions
Business Law Club
Clothes Cabin
Nonprofit that Helps People--General
Free clothing for people in need.
Gently-used or new clothing, shoes, sheets, towels, and blankets. Monetary donation and donations of volunteer's time.
Collective Software Design Club at A.S.U.
Dog Rescue
Maricopa County, Arizona especially the East Valley
We are desperate for a donated new computer. We have none now and it is difficult to do our work since our Pentium II stopped working.
Earth & Space Club
Arizona State University Club
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (S.T.E.M.)
Emerging Entrepreneurs at Arizona State University
Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry Disaster Services
Arizona, offering full service in Maricopa County and Flagstaff, limited services in 11 other counties.
We offer programs that assist animals and their humans who are Veterans, Disaster Victims, Handicapped (Service Animals), Victims of Abuse, Homeless and the Chronic and Terminally Ill. We provide animal food & supplies in difficult times.
Here is Our Wish List of Donated Items! We would be happy to receive any of these items:

-All new and gently used pet items & pet supplies go to our Veterans, disaster and domestic violence programs.

-Pet food (all species--Dog food, Cat food, Bird food, etc.)
If it is already opened, if resealed it will be distributed within 2 weeks.

If it is a new bag- high quality food goes to service animals.

Veterinary food goes to rescues that rescue senior, disabled or ill animals so the rescue can spend more money on their medical bills.

Bulk gifts of the same kind of new sealed food is kept in our disaster stash and then recycled out to the rural rescues if not used.

Yes, we have a number of donated items needed for us to fulfill our organization's mission! We need your Help! Please share with friends, family members, colleagues, workplaces and organizations that may want to Donate Items!
Enactus at A.S.U.
Energy Club at ASU
Father Figure Foundation (F.F.F. or FFF)
Nonprofit that Specifically Helps Men
We are in Beta phase, and building out our program platforms. please go to for more info
We offer assistance to single dads who need help paying child support and covering the costs of extracurricular events for kids such as music, sports, and other productive activities. Class attendance, volunteer hours and acceptance of mentoring are required in exchange.
Fighting Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAST)
Film Association at ASU
Free The Dance
FreeUp Web Studio
We offer services throughout Arizona.
FreeUp Web Studio
Nonprofit & Small Business Website Design and Development,
Friends for Life Animal Rescue--(F.F.L., FFL)
Animal Rescue & Adoption
East Valley of Metropolitan Phoenix Area, Arizona
We offer programs focusing on animal rescue, animal adoptions, spay and neuter and education.
Here is Our Wish List of Donated Items!

Dog and Puppy-related items

-Dog Food (premium foods) dry & canned, including puppy and senior food
-Dog treats (milk bones, etc.) - but no rawhide bones please!
-Martingale Collars (available online at Ryans Pet Supply and PETsMART)
-Slipleads (available online at Ryan's for about 50-cents each!)
*Cash, of course, to help pay for the animal’s care

Cat and Kitten-related items

-Kitty Litter (preferably scoopable / clumpable).
-Kitten Milk Replacer (KMR)
-Cat Food (NutroMax, Nutro, Natural Balance – premium foods) dry & canned
*Cash, of course, to help pay for the animal’s care

General Adoption Center Needs

-Laundry Detergent (liquid only please)
-Cleaning Supplies (floor cleaners, Lysol products, Lysol-type wipes)
-Large Trash Bags
-Paper towels
-Toilet paper
-Postage Stamps
-Avery brand #8460 - White Mailing Labels
-Avery brand #5160 - White Address Labels
-Odoban (found at Sam’s Club)
*Cash, of course, to make the lease payments !


-Copy and Print services for paper, banner, sign production
-Air Conditioner/Heater Repair
-Landscaping Design and maintenance
-Construction maintenance and new structure
-Veterinarian services
-Advertising and Public Relations
-Cleaning Service (general cleaning)
-Plumbing Services
-Electrical Services
-Sponsorships for our Animal Training Sessions (Pet Behavior Solutions)
*Cash, of course, to pay for services when we need them and can’t get them donated

Event-related Items

-Portable, lightweight, event tables
-Pop Up Shade Canopies
-Professional Presentation Displays/Banners
-8-1/2 x 11 Clear Acrylic Standalone Info displays
-Donated merchandise/gift certificates for raffles and events throughout the year
-Animal Crate Dollies/Transporters
-Portable microphone

***You can donate your Car, Boat or Recreational Vehicle to Help Animals, too!***

Yes, we have a number of donated items needed for us to fulfill our organization's mission! We need your Help! Please share with friends, family members, colleagues, workplaces and organizations that may want to Donate Items!
Furnishing Dignity
West boundary is 67th Avenue, north boundary is Peoria Avenue, east boundary is Val Vista Road, south boundary is Riggs Road
Providing new and gently used furniture and household items to the working poor - homeless individuals/families transitioning to self-sufficiency and foster youth aging out of the system and transitioning to their own apartment
Donated items needed - basic furniture and household items for small apartments:

Sofa, loveseat
Coffee table, side table
Small tv stand
Floor and table lamps
Kitchen table/chairs
Full/twin bed frames
Full/twin bed linens, comforters
Night stand
Broom/dust pan and mop/bucket
Small counter-top microwave
Hand mixer
Coffee pot
Cooking utensils
Sharp knives
Dishes, bowls, glasses
Plastic dishes and glasses
Mixing bowls
Casserole/baking dishes
Plastic food storage containers
Bath towels and mats
Shower curtains/liner/hooks/rod

We only accept NEW mattresses and bed pillows
Gammage Scholars
Geology Club--Geoclub
Global Rescue Project Club AT a.s.u.
GlobeMed at A.S.U.
Happy Tails Dachshund Rescue
Animal Rescue & Adoption
We are based in the Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek area offerring services to the greater Phoenix area, Casa Grande, and north Tucson
Happy Tails Dachshund Rescue
Do intake of dachshunds from the public
Blankets, Crates, Poop bags, Paper Towels, Towels, expens, treats, pill pockets, beds
Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs at ASU
Homeless Animals Rescue Team
Spay & Neuter Group
Tempe, Mesa, AZ
Rescue of animals, primarily cats and kittens. We do TNR and specialize in trapping feral cats for sterilization purposes only. We rescue tame strays that are free-roaming or community cats. We rescue kittens under 8 weeks of age.
any brand of dry or wet cat food

Hug It Forward at A.S.U.
Inventors Workshop at ASU
Kids Climate Action Network--Kids CAN!
Nonprofit that Helps the Environment
Arizona and Nationally
Education, engagement, advocacy for youth and environment, social justice
Here is Our Wish List of Donated Items!

-Art Supplies to make banners
-Rope for hanging banners
-A drone to help hang banners in high places

Yes, we have a number of donated items needed for us to fulfill our organization's mission! We need your Help! Please share with friends, family members, colleagues, workplaces and organizations that may want to Donate Items!
Kitt's Kitten Rescue
Animal Rescue & Adoption
Kitten/ young cat rescue and adoption.
Local Exchange, Global Change
Local to Global Justice at A.S.U.
Lost Dogs Arizona (L.D.A.Z. or LDAZ)
Lost Dogs Arizona provides networking and resources for owners and finders of lost dogs in Arizona.
We do not currently need donated items but expect to in the future.
Lost Our Home Pet Foundation (LOH)
Animal Rescue & Adoption
Tempe, AZ
View Lost Our Home Website
Animal Rescue, Dog & Cat Adoption, Intake Animals from Public, Temporary Care for Animals, Pet Food Bank, Low Income Boarding, No-kill Animal Rescue
Here is Our Wish List of Donated Items!

Yes, we have a number of donated items needed for us to fulfill our organization's mission! We need your Help! Please share with friends, family members, colleagues, workplaces and organizations that may want to Donate Items!

Items we can always use:

Clumping Cat litter (there is ALWAYS a need for cat litter!)
Paper towels, paper towels, paper towels (did we say paper towels? We need A LOT of these!)
Pet food (unopened, wet or dry; grain or corn free is preferred)
We Need Dog and cat food for our pet food bank!
Puppy/Adult dog
Cat/Kitten Food
Disinfectant wipes (Clorox or Lysol)
Trash Bags (both Kitchen and Yard sized needed) Plastic bags to use for litter
Hand Sanitizer
Liquid Hand Soap
Medical Gloves (Small/Medium)
Laundry Detergent (must be HE - high efficiency POD type)
Window cleaner (windex)
6' Nylon Dog Leashes
Martingale type collars (all sizes)
Sporn brand no-pull mesh dog harnesses
Pooper scoopers (for dogs)
Poop bags
Urine enzyme cleaner (Nature's miracle)
Nyla bones or other chew bones for dogs (NO rawhides - bully sticks are OK)
Kong dog toys
Interactive dog & cat puzzles/games/toys for enrichment
Stainless Steel dog/cat food/water bowls
Puppy Pads
Fleece Blankets for dogs and cats
Empty spray bottles to use for water and bleach/water solutions (24 oz.)
Batteries (AA, AAA, 9v)
Gift cards
Pet stores (Choice Pet Market, PetCo, PetSmart, Pet Club)
Home Depot/Lowes
Office Max
Office Supplies:

Kyocera TASKalpha 300ci toner ink
File folders (1/3 cut - yellow, green, blue and red)
Laminating sheets
Address labels
#10 closed-faced envelopes

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