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Anyone can contribute helpful information to this Crowdsourcing Website. Anyone can click on any of these purple links to add a FREE Event or Class, a FREE Classified Want Ad and add a FREE listing in our Directory of Organizations. Anyone can also post comments, give advice, share information, recommend resources and follow a Community Project post. There is no need to log in to contribute in any of the ways listed above and this is a FREE service. Log in is only required if you wish to become a Curator or Wiki page Author. To learn more about becoming a Wiki Page Author, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

CommunityCause.org provides online “Brainstorming” of ideas where one person’s contribution of a tip, resource or idea may trigger an idea from someone else. CommunityCause.org also offers a “Barnstorming” experience where community members of goodwill work together, freely sharing their skills, experience & expertise, in order to successfully achieve the completion of a Community Project that solves a social or an environmental problem.

*****How to contribute tips, information, resources, etc. to specific causes and topic areas.

*****How to share information & resources on any Community Project

Thank you in advance for any tips, information, resources, etc. that you contribute to this crowdsourcing webiste. We are pleased to have you contribute any names of helpful blogs, newsletters, organization names, website addresses, books and other information through a comment on a project post or on a specific cause page. We prefer to cite a source for any of the above additions. Especially if you add a comment about why the resource is helpful, we would like to credit you as the source of the comment.

While it is possible to anonymously contribute advice, tips, or opinions about resources you post, we prefer to give you credit for your effort when you do. Listing your experience or expertise regarding the topic area is especially important in order to make the information a permanent part of the web page. It is only fair that you get credit as your information may become a permanent part of the CommunityCause.org website. You and your comment will then occupy that space in the permanent content of that web page. This policy may change in the future, but for now we think it adds credibility when the source of the information is cited.

For this reason, it is preferred that you note authorship of the tip, advice or information you contribute. Please put your full name, first name and last initial, or, at least, your initials, what role you have in that topic/interest area (educator, volunteer, social entrepreneur, mentor, etc.) and the year you began in that role. This website is an ego free zone so we can not post organization names. We just need your role or title. An example might be:

Clare Rhoads–Animal Rescue Volunteer, 1996

Joe Smith–Biologist, 1985

Jane Doe–Engineer, 1963

Mindy J.–Social Entrepreneur, 2012

Sam F.–3rd Grad Teacher, 1998

Sandra Daley–Non-Profit Manager, 2001

Jim Bullington–Parent, 1978

Noting authorship will also give people more confidence about the information that they are reading. They will be able to see the experience behind the tip that they are reading. Your tip, advice, information or recommended resource may become a permanent part of our website and, for now, we are trying out this policy of having all tips sourced.

This may change if people do not like to read the information with the extra information and names added. We want to assure readability. This policy may also change if it prevents people from feeling comfortable in contributing information. We will promise to keep all tips sourced on our website until the 12-31-2016 trial period for this feature ends.

Important: If you are only adding the name of an organization or suggesting a book, blog, or other resource, you do not need to leave your name. If you leave a reason why people should use that organization, book, blog, or other resource, then it is important that you note authorship after giving your opinion on that resource.

Another Benefit of Contributing and Noting Authorship

All Contributors of 15 relevant pieces of information that is contributed to a specific cause page or to a Community Project, get a special section of our website to share their biography and link people to any websites, blogs, podcasts and social media. In that section you are also able to describe the work you do and any books or other publications that you would like the public to know about. We want to make this a win-win and thank you for helping your community by becoming a Contributor of helpful information.

*********************************************How to become a Wiki page Author or a Curator of a Web Page*********************************************

To add information as a Wiki page author or a Curator on this crowdsourcing website you must first “Log In” and become a registered user or Contributor. Simply follow the directions to become a Contributor to this website at this link: Log In–Click Here! and follow the directions to become a registered user. Once you have been added as a Contributor to this website you are ready to add information tips to any Wiki page or specific cause page. Please remember to hit the “Update” button located on the right side of the web page in order to save your newly typed information.

We want to make sure that you get credit for authorship of the tips you post as a Contributor, the work you do as a Curator and the Wiki contributions you write. If you would like, you may also create a classified ad in the “Contributor” section. That way people who have found your tip to be helpful can follow you on Twitter, Facebook, or on your blog to find out more about what you have to say.

Tips for Contributing Information to the Tip Pages

When typing a new tip please type in 5 Underscores_____ That way it designates a new tip and it appears like a checklist of tips to consider. For each tip, please start a new paragraph and type in the 5 Underscore. For example:
_____If you have lost your dog, please be sure to put out “Lost Dog” posters immediately. Make sure to place them at all the major cross streets and at the entrances to schools, grocery stores and other busy establishments.

_____It is also important that you go to your local Animal Control shelter and Humane Society at least every 2 days since the animal control shelter only needs to hold a dog without identification for 3 days before it can be euthanized (put down).

Please remember to click on the “Update” button below to save the information that you add to a web page. That is all there is to it. You are ready to start helping people by contributing helpful information!

Thank you for helping us to help others by sharing your vital piece of the puzzle. Thank you for contributing helpful information!


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