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*********************************************************************************************************** and the volunteers in our community want to help you get the support you need to fulfill the mission of your Startup organization! We realize that if we can help you get the resources you need, you will be able to do your work even better, faster, cheaper and more effectively & efficiently. We especially want to support the efforts of Startups that are working to solve social & environmental problems! Together we can Make a difference in the World!

The best news is that all of the services are FREE to Startups and our goal is to drive traffic to you and increase awareness about what your Startup is doing to solve a social or environmental problem! We consider creating jobs for people to be a solution to a social problem so even Startups that are for profit can utilize the services of this website.

If your Startup is a Nonprofit organization, you can receive a Free listing our Directory of Services and Organizations listings. Once you do, the community volunteers get to work helping you to get what you need to fulfill your organization’s mission.

Using social media and personal contacts, your organization’s wants & needs go out through the grapevine and end up in front of the eyes of an entirely new group of people. Through crowdsourcing, we help you to get the help you need with less wear & tear on your volunteer base. By using the social media channels of community volunteers, your information goes beyond “just preaching to the choir” and reaches new ears and new eyes.

Think of as a megaphone.
We help to amplify whatever it is that you are doing!

Here are the features that we have built into that can help Startups. More features are coming soon! Please be sure to check back with us in a few weeks. For now we have described some of the features of this website that can help all Startup organizations. More information will follow in the coming weeks.

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to see a checklist of first steps to take that will help you to get started on receiving the FREE benefits from this website. All services are Free to all Startup organizations with the only exception being the listing in the Directory of of Services and Organizations.

Directory of Services and Organizations–Let the public know who you are with this Free listing in the Directory of of Services and Organizations. This is also a good way to inform other nonprofits, government agencies, faith communities, etc. about who you are and what services you provide. This listing makes it easier for volunteers, donors, professionals, agencies, and customers to find and support your organization. This is a FREE listing for Nonprofits who want to post their organizations information in the Directory of of Services and Organizations.

Classified Ads–Let your community know what help, information, resources, connections or donations that your organization needs to do what you do for your community. There are several different categories of listings. There are categories for everything from volunteer requests, to donation wish lists, to sponsorship requests for your special events to information on grants & funding available. There is even a category to participate with others to make group purchases and make bulk buys. You can even ask the public to make phone calls or write letters on behalf of your cause or interest. To view a Description of Want Ad Categories–Click Here

Events Calendar–Add your event for free! This provides a way to get information about your event in front of fresh eyes. Once your event is posted here the community volunteers can help to get the word out through their own social media channels.

Community Projects–Post an entire project that is helpful to your organization (ie. a new dog run, a new cat enclosure, a new playground, a restoration of an environmental area, etc.). Simply list all the expertise, materials, volunteer help, and money you need to create the project and let the power of the grapevine and crowdsourcing through community volunteers get to work helping you. For a Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Project–Click Here!

Helping Hands projects–Post information on a special case that your organization needs help in assisting. Maybe it is a special needs animal, a family, an individual or a group that needs help meeting basic needs. Maybe it is an elderly person who needs help, a military family that needs community support, a homeless group of veterans, etc. Simply post the information and we will help you to get what you need to accomplish your Helping Hand project. We will even drive people to your website’s donation page.

Wikis–These Wikis provide guidance for the public on how to access the Startup organization help that is out there. The Wikis also provide your organization with the chance to share the most critical knowledge about your topic of concern. What would you most want the public to know about your mission, your organization or your population/cause? Add information to the Wikis that you want the public to know and/or to act on. It is not necessary to Log in to send us tips or information that you would like to have included in the Wiki pages. Simply send us the information through the “Comments” section at the bottom of this page. Click here to learn more about how to send in a tip or information. In order to become an actual Wiki author, this is the only place on the website where you will need to log on. Simply follow the directions at this link to Log in.

Set a Goal–Invite other people and organizations to join together to accomplish a goal that helps the population you serve or the issue you support. Combine your projects with other like-minded individuals and organizations. This allows organizations with similar missions to join together to save time & resources. By working together to accomplish a goal, we identify natural ally organizations and can more easily spot gaps in service. We can accomplish much more by coordinating our efforts.

What Works?–Search this website to find information that practitioners in the field both locally and around the world and/or scientific researchers have found that works to serve your population or further your cause. Learn from experienced people working on similar issues. Get cutting edge information on the scientific research findings that can help your cause.

Project in a Box–Why reinvent the wheel when you can learn from experienced others? Find out what programs or projects have been helpful to others doing your same work. Or, share a project that has worked well with others. Startups have limited time and money. It would be great if we could share and duplicate successful efforts from other parts of the country or the world.

Mentors for Startups–These are people who have expertise in various areas relevant to Startup ventures. To find a Mentor or to Become a Mentor that Helps Startups, please post a Free Classified Ad for Mentoring–Click Here! For even more information on Becoming a Mentor or Mentee, advice on getting the most out of the Mentor/Mentee relationship and information about local organizations that offer Mentoring Help–Click Here!

Scientific Research–Support or propose scientific research that helps your target population.

Tools–Under the organization tab, you will find tools for organizations. These tools include how to get the most out of social media, where to find free meeting space, tips for creating a website, etc.

Tips–Provide information on how to find and work with the people that can help an individual or organization to thrive. For instance, “How to find and work with a website designer.”

Resources–Under specific tabs you will find crowd-sourced suggestions of the best books, videos, websites, newsletters, etc. that can give you good, well vetted, in depth information on specific topics. Contribute information that you have found useful in serving your population or supporting your cause.

Organizations–You can find the exact organizations that are able to help with specific issues. You will be able to identify other organizations that are working on the same issue or helping the same population.

Ombudsman–Do you, as a nonprofit, have a difficult problem? Does an individual that you are trying to help have a particularly sticky problem? Would you like some help from volunteer experts? Do you need help negotiating the government, legal, or nonprofit terrain? Do you need help from someone who knows what buttons to push and what levers to pull to get results? You can list your queries or offer your expertise in answering queries from the public or from other nonprofits.

We are currently looking for volunteer experts who are willing to field especially sticky questions. Do you know someone who is an expert on some aspect of dealing with specific issues? Do you know someone who really knows how to work with the government, legal, nonprofit terrain that works with specific issues? Please let us know by contacting us via the comments section below. We will try to find you someone who can help.

Below is a checklist of first steps to take that will help you to get started on receiving the FREE benefits from this website. is completely volunteer run and all services are FREE. No need to even Log in to use the services. Log in is only necessary if you would like to become a contributor to the Wiki pages on this website.

Step #1 Add a FREE listing of your Nonprofit or Philanthropic group to our Directory of Organizations–Click here. You can always add more information later. It is important to get your organizations name, contact information, the services you provide, your donation and volunteer needs listed right away. That way the community volunteers can get to work helping you to receive what your organization needs to fulfill your mission. If you are a Nonprofit or Philanthropic Organization that is not yet a nonprofit and your organization’s mission is to solve a Social or Environmental problem then you are welcome to have a FREE listing. You do not need to log in to post a Directory listing.

Step #2 Add any free events you have coming up so our social media community volunteers can help you to get the word out to others about your event. Add an Event–Click here For animal rescue groups it is especially important to list the dates, times and locations of your animal adoption days and special events. We have specific plans for how to promote your events so that we can get more animals adopted and safely placed into fur ever homes. You do not need to log in to post an event.

Step #3 List specific wants and needs in the Classified Want Ads. Once you post them there the community volunteers will get to work trying to help you to meet your needs. Let the power or the grapevine work. Your wants and needs will be met through crowdsourcing. There are several categories of Classified Want Ads. View Categories & Place a Want Ad–Click here There a several categories of classified ads that will be helpful to you as a nonprofit organization. You do not need to log in to post a Classified Ad.

Please scroll down to the middle of this page to find a listing of all of the projects that have been proposed in the state of Arizona that Help Startups. Simply click on the link to learn more information about each specific project that interests you.

You can help us to get the word out by sending the information and/or link about these projects out through your Social Media channels or post info on your Facebook Page. With your help…..the community can successfully complete these important projects that Help Startups. Please peruse all of the projects to see who you know that can help to make the project a success.

You may also offer help or receive help through the FREE classified want ads. Below are some relevant links for Startups, Nonprofits & Businesses:

Find Business Help & Resources to Share that Help Startups, Entrepreneurs, Business & Job Opportunities–Click Here!

Government Resources that Help Startups, Entrepreneurs, Busines & Job Opportunities

Nonprofit Help & Resources to Share that Help Social Entrepreneurs & other Nonprofits

University & College Help & Resources to Share that Help Startups, Entrepreneurs, Business & Job Opportunities

Indian Tribe Resources to Share that Help Startups, Entrepreneurs, Business & Job Opportunities

Faith Community Resources to Share that Help Startups, Entrepreneurs, Business & Job Opportunities

To find or offer to be a Host Company or Host Nonprofit–Click Here!

To find or offer to be a Startup Team Member–Click Here!

There are many more links that may be helpful to you or your organization. You can find mentors, interns, crwdsourced Q & A and even a lending library of needed items. To place an ad, view all ads, or to peruse all To see the full list of Classified Want Ads Categories–Click Here!

If you know someone who has the information, skills, expertise, donations, etc. that can help, please forward this link to them! Let’s create a “Buzz”. Help us to get the word out so that we can Help more Startups! All of the projects need your help! You can make a difference in the lives of people and their Startup ventures! You can have a positive impact on your community right from your computer or phone!

To find out more about how to get involved and assist on a project, simply click on the purple link for a specific community project that Helps Startups to learn more. You can also see the full listing of all current projects on the homepage of this website, simply hit “Home” and scroll down.

If you wish, you may also search the entire website for other ways to help by typing “Help Startupss” in the white box where it says “Search this Website”. You will get lots of great ideas of how you and your friends can get involved and Help Startups.

Here are all of the projects that Help Startups along with the dates they were proposed. Please scroll down to the bottom to find the latest projects added. You will also see the words “Ongoing” which indicates that the project is still running or “Closed” which means that the project is complete. Click here for a description of the different types of projects. The meaning of the codes below are “SUI” which means that the Startup is International or “SU” which means that the Startup is Local to the United States.

SUI–Startup Helps Solve Pollution Problems Across the Globe May 3, 2014—Project Code: AZSUI-1-14—–Ongoing—learn more

To find out more about how to get involved and assist on a project that Helps Startups, simply click on a specific community project that Helps Startups to learn more. Or, you may see all of the community projects currently running on this website by simply clicking on “Home” and scrolling down. On the homepage of this website you will see the complete list of all the current projects that need your help. Another way to search for information on a project is to copy and paste the Project Code or keywords into the white box where it says “Search this Website” to get more information on any project.

If you wish, you may also search the entire website for other ways to help by typing “Help Startups” in the white box where it says “Search this Website”. You will get lots of great ideas of how you and your friends can get involved and Help Startups.