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Thank You for Making a Difference in the World! Thanks for wanting to help as a community volunteer using the web platform


We need your Help! We have some goals that we would like to ask your help in accomplishing by the end of this year. We have set 3 Goals to Achieve by December 31st, 2017. We can only accomplish these goals with your assistance! Together we can make a difference!

Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to see even more ways that you can get involved & help your community!

Goal #1–We are striving to have 125 small nonprofit organizations listed in our Directory of Services & Organizations along with their volunteer & donated item needs. We currently have 82 uploaded. We would also like to upload 15 new organizations serving: Veterans, Seniors, Children & Teens. Please help by uploading your favorite charity!

Goal #2–We are striving to have 50 people subscribe to follow each of the following 5 projects. Who do you know that may like to help their community by participating in any of these projects?

Community Skill Bank “Help for a Cause” Who do you know that has special skills or talents that can help individuals or organizations in their community? All skills are needed and welcome!

Social Media Lovers for a Cause Make a positive impact through social media! Help your community through your phone or your home computer! Please share with your friends!

Join the Club! Are you passionate about an issue? Would you like to keep up to date on any new projects, resources and events concerning this issue and attend member only events? Meet like minded people!

Speakers Bureau We are looking for people who have experience, expertise or specialized knowledge to give FREE presentations about various topics or subject areas. If you have an interest or a cause that you are passionate about, will your share your passion, experience and expertise with others in our community by agreeing to speak for free to interested groups?

We would also like to identify a total of 50 people to offer to be a Neighborhood Resource Person or, if a person has much expertise or experience on an issue, to offer to be in the Ombudsman Service offered by community volunteers. Both projects focus on helping the public get the help & information they need to deal with common situations. Will you share your experience & your expertise to help your community?

Goal #3–We are striving to have 10 new Community Projects created by members of the public…You! We currently have 2 new projects that have been created. For information on How to Create a Project Help us to achieve our goal! Who do you know with good ideas? Create a Project!

By scrolling down this page you will see that there are many ideas on how you can get involved in helping your community. For people interested in creating system wide change, increasing awareness or advocating on specific issues, please view this link. Are you particularly Passionate about Cause?–Please Click Here for even More Ideas!

It would be really helpful to get feedback about another major feature of our website that is coming soon! It is the crowdsourcing of information & tips that relate to several major interest areas. It is called our “Help Desk” Concierge Service You can see what information we are seeking and where that information will “live” on our website. Can you think of any questions that we should add? Here are the links:

*****View Main Page Template–Click Here!
*****View Sample Main Page Crowdsourcing Project–Click Here!

*****View Sub Page Template–Click Here!
*****View Sample Sub Page Crowdsourcing Project–Click Here!

Please help us to get the word out about by sharing this page with friends, colleagues & family members. The social media buttons on this page make sharing this information easy. Thank you!

We consider all people utilizing the website to be “community volunteers” because you are helping your community!

Although is 100% volunteer run, there are few “official volunteers”. Any time you share information or support a project, while not an official volunteer, you are a “community volunteer”!

Here are some of the ways that you can help:

***** We need community volunteers to help by sharing all the projects on this website with friends through their social media channels. Let’s get these projects the attention they deserve. Let’s help solve some social and environmental problems. This is our biggest ongoing need right now. Let’s let people know that there is Free help available on! Help us to create a “buzz”.

*****We need assistance with crowdsourcing the Master Lists of Nonprofit Organizations Project–General Information–Click Here!

If you know what type of Master List you would like to help, you can click the link below to select from the currently running Master List Projects–Click Here!

There are many projects running. Please be sure to click the “Next Page” option on the search pages in order to see the entire selection of Master List projects running. If you would like to Propose a New Master List Project for a new category, please Contact Us!

*****We need help adding all nonprofit organizations into the
Directory of Services & Organizations–Click Here for General Information on How You Can Help!

If you know of an organization that you want to help and you are ready to begin adding a listing in the
Directory of Services & Organizations–Click Here!

*****We need help finding people from different professions with a variety of skill sets to help nonprofits for our Community Skill Bank. Who do you know who might be willing to help? Community Skill Bank & Help for a Cause–Click Here to Share Your Skills with a Nonprofit!

*****We need help finding people interested in specific “causes”. Who do you know that is passionate about a social or environmental issue? Join the Club! Together we can make a difference!
Join the Club! Find Your Passion & Find Your Purpose–Click Here to View the List of Current Join the Club projects!

You Can Help Your Community! There are many ways for you to get involved as a “community volunteer”. Please click on the purple link to learn more about:!

Social Media Lovers for a Cause
Ambassador for a Cause
Join the Speakers Bureau
Join the Club! on an issue that interests you
Create a Project!
Find a Project to Support!
Volunteer in Your Community!

*****************************Coming Soon!*****************************************

View the Volunteer Gazette See what help local philanthropic organizations need. There are many opportunities to Make a Difference in your community. Volunteering even a few hours a month helps!

View the Donation Wish List See the items that organizations need in order to fulfill their mission. Any ideas on where these items can be obtained? Do you have links to organizations that can provide them?

View the Grapevine Newsletter See what connections you can make between the people you know and the individuals & organizations that are working to solve social or environmental problems. You may have the crucial puzzle piece that provides the needed link.

Community Skill Bank “Help for a Cause” Who do you know that may be willing to share their skills & expertise to help individuals or support philanthropic organizations? Please help spread the word about our Community Skill Bank of Professions & Skills. All skills & professions are needed!

Collect Philanthropic Organizations’ Wish Lists of Donated Items This is a crowdsourcing project. Help us to find out what organizations need to fulfill their Mission so we can help them find the items.

Donate Items–General Information There are many types of Community Projects and organizations that need donated items in order to successfully complete their projects.

Participate in the Lending Library Borrow items you need to help solve social or environmental problems. Lend out items for others to borrow that will help individuals & organizations.

Add Free Events to our Calendar Help your community by helping us to post Free events on a variety of topics. Anyone can post a free event. Help us to build community by encouraging people to get involved in activities in their community. You can help your community right from your home computer! Get started helping today! Help us with the Community Builders Events Calendar Project.

Community Computer Volunteer Choose from computer related Requests for Help that come in from nonprofits and other philanthropic organizations. All of the requests are for some type of computer work (posting pictures on social media, typing information, helping answer emails, etc.) You select which request you are able to help with that best matches you skills & your schedule. We also need Coders for a Cause , for more advanced computer or app requests.

Community Phone Volunteer Choose from phone related Requests for Help that come in from nonprofits and other philanthropic organizations. All of the requests are for some type of phone work (reminding volunteers about events, calling to schedule appointments, helping answer phones, etc.) You select which request you are able to help with that best matches you skills & your schedule.

On Call Community Volunteer Select from a number of projects running that need specific types of volunteer help for emerging situations. Some examples of the type of help needed are for transportation, animal foster homes, donation pick up, food delivery, TNR assistance, etc. Just jump in and help when you feel like you can. You choose from the Requests for Help. You Make a Difference in your Community at a time that fits your schedule.

Nonprofit Liaison with Volunteer run nonprofits need out help! They do not have paid staff to help them! They need the help of community volunteers to act as a liaison between their organization & website and our website. A nonprofit liaison becomes a volunteer of a nonprofit and does their volunteer work online posting the organization’s events on our calendar, their information in our Directory listing, their needs in our classified ads and any other postings on our website. This helps get the nonprofit organizations mission, volunteer and donation needs out in front of new people who may be willing to help!

Neighborhood Resource Person You can offer to be of help when people have questions on various topics. This service is for less difficult questions that people need help, information or resources to solve.

Ombudsman Service You can offer help when people have questions that are very difficult. Our Ombudsman Service is offered by community volunteers who share their experience & expertise in solving particularly challenging situations when the Neighborhood Resource Person is unable to help. An Ombudsman can help clear “red tape”, as well.

Become a Community Visionary Work with other community leaders to share your experience & expertise to help solve community problems, increase prevention services and change systems so that they work more effectively and efficiently.

Post Ads in the Classified Ads Offering Skills or Items you Can Share or Help Nonprofits Find what they Need.

Directory of Organizations Help nonprofits create their listing so that they can get the help & resources they need. We need your help adding all nonprofit organizations into the Directory of Services & Organizations or use the Directory to Find a nonprofit to Give Help to that needs volunteers, interns, mentors, donated items, etc. and help them to find what they need in order to fulfill their organization’s Mission. To Give Help, please do an Advanced Search–Click Here! Find a nonprofit to Get Help from that provides the resources or services you need. To Get Help, please see Categories of Services in the Directory–Click Here!

Wiki Author Please see link for details.

*****Coming Soon! We will also be crowdsourcing support, advice, or information to the various projects that are running as well as to the various interest Main Pages (Animals, Dogs, People, Teens, Organizations, Nonprofits) and Sub Pages (unwanted dog, lost dog, peer pressure, teen self-esteem, fundraising, volunteers). Check the various subject topics to see what information & resources you have that you can contribute!

For people interested in creating system wide change, increasing awareness or advocating on specific issues, please view this link. Are you particularly Passionate about Cause?–Please Click Here for even More Ideas!

Although is 100% volunteer run, most of the work done to create this website is done by community volunteers like you. However, there are a few “official volunteers”. If you are interested in becoming even more involved in the management & maintenance of this website, we need your help! There are a few things that we do need behind the scenes to run To see how you can be even more involved, please view this page How You Can Help us as at

Thanks for caring enough about your community to get involved and start helping!

Who else do you know who may want to get involved and help? Please share this page with your friends, colleagues and family members using the social media buttons above.

By working together we can solve Social and Environmental problems!


Thank you for wanting to Make a Positive Difference in the World! Thanks for wanting to Help Your Community!

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