How to Create a Project


    Thank you for wanting to make a difference in your community! Would you like to create a Community Project? Which type of project would you like to create? There are many types or categories of projects that you may choose to create.

Step #1Choose what type of Project you would like to Create. Please read about the types of projects and select the type the best fits your project. If you are not sure, no worries! Just submit the application and we will figure it out for you! To View & Select the Type of Project You Wish to Create–Click Here!

If you would like to find a project to support, simply select from the categories on the right sidebar of this page and click the link. You may also hover your mouse over the “Community Projects” tab and you will see a drop down menu from which to select or click on the link below. To View a Description of Projects–Click Here!

Step #2View samples of other types of projects in that category to get good ideas. Please be sure to read the information on the specific project application forms. To do this, simply click on the specific links to the left or, to see the full listing, please click the link below. Find the project category that seems to fit and then click on the link “Create a Project–Click Here!” option to read specific details for that type of project. To View a Description of Projects–Click Here!

Step #3Brainstorm ideas with others. Bounce your ideas about the project you want to create off of a variety of people. Sometimes it works best to break a large project into pieces and do several smaller projects. Find a need and fill it. Identify a Social or Environmental problem and Solve it. You can Make a Difference in your Community!

Step #4You are ready to view the “Create a Project” Application Form in the link below. You may want to familiarize yourself with the type of questions before you begin typing. Consult with others to decide what is best to put in each answer box. It is a good idea to answer the questions in a word processing document. It is safer. This way, if you click a wrong button and lose the application page, you still have a copy of all your work.

Step #5You are now ready to Fill out a “Create a Project” Application Form–Click Here!

Step #6Please be sure to proofread your “Create a Project” Application Form as it is going to be presented to the Community exactly the way you have written it. It is helpful to have other people also proofread the application form to make sure that it is conveying the exact information that you wish. Sometimes a project that is understandable to you is not understandable to new eyes that have no background with your project. Please be sure to write your project so that it is understandable to the novice who has no previous knowledge of what you are trying to create.

Step #7If you are a nonprofit, please follow the directions that appear in the application form to set up a “Donate” button on your project post. This “Donate” button will link up directly to your donation page. We do not keep any of the money. This is a totally FREE service!

Step #8Please allow 72 hours for your project to be accepted and posted. You may want to test your keywords in the search options on this website to make sure that your project is displaying correctly. Important: You will also want to subscribe to follow your project post page, that way you will be notified any time a comment is sent in providing useful tips, information and resources that can help your project to be a success!

If you are a nonprofit or other philanthropic organization, please make sure that you have created a Free listing in the Directory of Services & Organizations–Click Here! That way, people can also contact you directly, privately and confidentially if they have information for you or offers of help that they prefer not to make public.

If you are not a nonprofit or other philanthropic organization, and are for profit but provide products or services that solve a social or environmental problem, you must get permission before you create a listing in the Directory of Services & Organizations. Send us a comment at this project to Contact us to Get Permission–Click Here! Or, you can create a confidential contact in the classified want ads of this website so that people can contact you directly, privately and confidentially if they have information for you or offers of help that they prefer not to make public.


********Thanks for trying to make the world a better place by creating a project that solves a social or environmental problem. Your Community Thanks You! ***********


When your submission is accepted, we will help to promote your project and get the word out about what you need through the various features on the website, through social media and through our email lists & professional contacts!

By submitting this Create a Project! application form, it acts like creating a shopping list that you give to community volunteers that will now help you to get what you need! operates like a modern day “Barnraising” that allows your community and the community volunteers helping with to come to your aid to help you to complete your project!

The community volunteers working on this web platform will do what they can to help your project become a success!


Good Luck with your Project!