How You Can Help with a Directory of Organizations Crowdsourcing Request Project


Thank you for wanting to help your Community and Make a Difference in the World! Here is what You can do to Help on this Directory of Organizations Project. Our Community can Support this Crowdsourcing Request Project. Make a difference right from your home computer!
This is a Crowdsourcing Request which means anyone can help us to successfully complete this project. There are many options for how you can help:

    Option #1—If you would like to help a little

If you are an individual or an organization, please forward this link and/or share information about this project post with any potentially interested individuals, groups, clubs, volunteers, nonprofits, or other organizations. If you are an organization interested in this topic, will you create a link from your organization’s website to this specific project’s URL address so that others interested in this issue can contribute helpful information? Let’s get the power of the Grapevine working to help support this project. Help us to get the word out! Who do you know who would be interested in getting involved or helping this project? Help us by sending this information out through your Social Media Channels, by posting this project on your Facebook page, by sending out a tweet and by using any of the project hashtags. You may even decide to volunteer your time as a Social Media Lover –see details

    Option #2—If you would like to help a little bit moreThe options available and the steps that you can take to get started helping on this project are detailed below.

********Step #1—Please forward the link to this project and the link to Create a Directory Listing–Click Here to anyone you know who volunteers or works for an organization that helps with this issue. Encourage them to get their organization’s information listed.

********Step #2—Ask all of your friends to join you in doing Step #1. Encourage anyone who wants to support or advocate for this issue to get involved. Let’s get the power of the grapevine working!

********Step #3—You may also choose to Join the Club–Click Here for people who care about this issue. It is another free service. You will be alerted when special events, classes, new projects and Invitation Only events concerning this issue are posted on the website.

    Option #3—If you are passionate about this issue and would like to be even more involved….

********Step #1If you know of an organization that is helping with this issue, you can upload their information into the Directory yourself Create a Directory Listing–Click Here. Please scroll to the bottom of that linked page to see the directions. Help this organization to gain visibility right from your home computer! You can use information from the organization’s website to fill in the Directory form. Or, you may write us via the “Contact Us” option on this website with any information about the group or organization and we will upload the information that you provide us about that organization.

********Step #2If you volunteer for or work for a nonprofit or a philanthropic organization that helps with this issue, Create a Directory Listing–Click Here create a new Directory listing by clicking the “Submit a Listing” button on that page. Then just answer the questions about your organization and submit the new listing. Or, you can also reach the page to create a Directory listing by entering this web address: and it will take you to the same page. You can just begin typing. No need to log in to this website to add a listing to the Directory. If you are an organization but uncertain about using a computer and need help uploading information, use the “Contact Us” option on this website and we will ask a community volunteer to assist you and your organization to get listed.

********Step #3—Join with others who are working on this issue. You can link up with like-minded others who are passionate about projects like this.You may choose to be one of the “Community Visionaries” seeking to find solutions to social & environmental issues in our community. Community Visionaries are like a “working group” of concerned community members who are passionate about a specific issue. They are the decision makers and the movers and shakers in this community regarding this issue. Community Visionaries may or may not be assisting with this specific project.

Community Visionaries–see details are concerned with making a difference in their community by helping with this and similar issues. As part of the “Community Visionaries” working on this issue, you can meet like-minded individuals, brainstorm solutions, work to help projects and decide how best to support the individuals & organizations associated with this issue. Community Visionaries network with the individuals and organizations interested in this issue, assisting them in connecting, collaborating and cooperating on this and similar issues. You may want to Join the Club for people who care about this issue, see information above. You might also choose to share your experience and expertise on the website pages related to this issue by becoming a Wiki Page Author–Click Here.

———————————————————————-This is a Crowdsourcing Project————————————————————————- For part of this project you will be helping out “virtually”, over the computer. You can just get started on any of the options or steps listed above…no need to contact us or let us know that you want to help. Since this is a crowdsourcing project so you can just jump in and help when you can. When you have a few extra minutes to help…you will know that you are making a difference in your community. With a Crowdsourcing Project you always get to decide how involved you want to be. You also get to decide if you want to work alone or be part of a team. Just think…You can have a positive impact on your community right from your home computer! Thanks for caring enough to get involved! Every little effort helps! Together we can make a positive difference in our world! To Find out All the Ways You Can Help–Click Here!
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    Goal this Project Supports:

Our Goal is to: Create a Master List of all the organizations based in Arizona that are currently working to Solve Social or Environmental Problems in our Community. Add all organizations to the Directory of Organizations on the website along with the services they provide and their service area. Provide current & accurate information to the public about these organizations and their services that is quick, clear and effortless to access. Make it easier for people in our community to find specific Nonprofit organizations when they want to help, connect, collaborate, mentor, volunteer, share tips, offer advice, donate items, sponsor events, or give money.



    Reason this Project is Needed:

It is often difficult and time-consuming to find accurate and up to date information on the resources available to help people with the questions and concerns that they have regarding this issue. People are busy and stressed with all they need to do to just get through the day. If they are able find information, it is often out of date or incomplete. It is important to give community members and professionals access to crowd reviewed, current, accurate and readily available information so that people can get the assistance they need regarding this issue.

New organizations are constantly formed and old organizations go out of business or change the services they provide. By frequently updating the information in the Directory of Organizations, we will help people from the public contact the correct organization for the correct service. This Directory will also help organizations that help with this issue to know who else is helping this same issue. That way we can coordinate efforts, cooperate with other organizations and spot gaps in service that need to be filled.

The information gathered through this project will be very useful to anyone assisting friends or family members with questions or concerns regarding this issue. Individuals will have instant access to all the tips, resources and organizations that other people have recommended as being very helpful. This will make anyone using the website an instant pseudo-expert on this topic because they will have immediate access to the crowdsourced experience and expertise of others who have dealt with and successfully resolved similar issues. This makes it easier for professionals and members of the public to assist someone needing help with issues regarding this issue.

    Finished Product:

We will create a searchable database that allows people who care about this issue to easily access the services and organizations that can help them to answer questions and resolve issues. We will make it easy for people interested in advocating for or helping with this issue to find the help and assistance they need. We plan to rationalize the service search system so that people can easily access current and accurate information about the resources that are available to help them. Hopefully, our community will be able to catch problems earlier by connecting people with the people and resources that can help with this issue.

Recommended organizations will be added to the Directory of Organizations on this website along with the services they provide. This will make it easier for people to find the exact organization that offers the specific services that are needed. We are striving to make an easily Searchable Website so that all individuals and organizations may derive benefit from this useful information source just by typing a few keywords into the “Search this Website” option. We want to help People to Connect with the Resources & Organizations that can assist them in becoming more knowledgeable about this issue.

We will know that we have accomplished this goal by observing 25 people use this website to access resources that are relevant to them. If the person is able to navigate this website intuitively, without any outside assistance and without frustration, then our goal has been accomplished. If the individual can find an organization or service that meets their needs within a 10 minute visit to the website then our goal has been accomplished.



By contributing your time, talent and information to this project, you will be making it easier for others to find and make use of the information about this issue. Why make stressed out people search for information when we can make crowdsourced resources readily accessible to them? To Find out All the Ways You Can Help–Click Here!

Our goal is to help people to find Helpful Information, Tip Sheets, Resources and Organizations more quickly and more easily. We are helping to Connect People with the Resources & Organizations that can help them with this and related issues.

Please help us by posting any of your helpful Tips, Advice & Resources in the comments section below. Thank you for sharing your experience, expertise, information, advice and ideas on this project! How you can Contribute Information to this Project–Click Here!

    Any questions?

If you would like to Join the Club for people who care about this issue or become part of the “Community Visionaries” working group, simply click on the purple links. If you have any questions or would like to contact us directly, please let us know through the “Contact Us” option on this website. Will you help this project? You can get Get Involved and Make a Difference right from your home computer! To complete this project, we need your helpful Tips, Advice, Information & Resources added in the comments section below. Please Share this project through your social media channels or Follow the progress of this project by managing your free subscription below. Thanks for all you do to support your community and the philanthropic organizations that provide helpful services in our community! Together we Can Make a Difference! How to Get Started Helping this Project–Click Here!