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During the holidays animals are especially at risk. Already crowded animal shelters are hit with a wave of even more animals. You can Help!

Please share the link to this emergency project with your social media network. Help us to get the word out to animal lovers:
Emergency Plan to Save More Animals http://communitycause.org/holidays-save-animals-plan/

Help by Volunteering for just the Next 2 Weeks. The animals need your help! Please share the link to the Volunteer Help for the Holidays— Emergency Animal Rescue Volunteers Needed form with your social media network:

Animal Rescue Volunteers Needed for 2 Weeks—Volunteer Form—Click Here! http://communitycause.org/holidays-emergency-plan-to-help-animals/

There are several options for how you can help animals during this holiday season.

Please share any good ideas to add and ask any questions you may have through the comment section below so that we can answer once for all to see.

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How You Can Help! Here are some ideas that have been contributed so far. Do you have any to add?

Option #1—Ask your social media network to help remind people to secure their animals if they are hosting any parties and make sure they have ID tags & microchip information that is updated in case they get spooked by the sound of fireworks. Does anyone have any connections to radio, television or other media outlets to remind people to protect their animals during this Holiday Season?

Option #2Who do you know that loves animals and would use social media to help? Will you ask your friends, family, colleagues to help use their social media to get the word out about our Help Save Animals Over the Holidays Volunteer Form Will you forward it to your own volunteers who may be willing to help for this special short-term project? We will need lots of community volunteers to help with this 2 week project. We know many people will be out of town, but many of us at home will have more time to spend saving animals. By working together we can divert many animals from being dumped at shelters needlessly.

Option #3Please send out the links to our Unwanted Dog Intake Form and the links to these Lost & Found Resources. You could cut and paste these links and post them on social media. Our CommunityCause.org web pages also link up to these resources. Will you please add links on your organization’s website directing people to these resources? Could you change your phone message to direct people to these resources? If you only have phone message space to leave one resource, please leave CommunityCause.org because our pages link up to the various means of help.

——–>If someone has a Dog or Puppy that needs to be re-homed, they can fill out a form at this link and receive help from community volunteers. This service is for people who are placing their own Dog or Puppy. Resources for Strays, Lost & Found animals are below.

Unwanted Dog Help

——–>If someone has Lost or Found a Dog, Cat or any other animal, the first step is to fill out a Lost or Found report at Helping Lost Pets http://www.helpinglostpets.com/

Lost & Found Animal Report Form

To view the Helping Lost Pets Interactive Map of a Lost & Found Animals http://www.helpinglostpets.com/v2/

Also, these local organizations can help once the initial Lost & Found posting has been made at Helping Lost Pets helpinglostpets.com

Resources for Dogs:

Lost Dogs Arizona http://www.lostdogsarizona.org/

Found Dog Action Plan http://www.lostdogsarizona.org/found-dog-action-plan.html

Lost Dog Action Plan http://www.lostdogsarizona.org/lost-dog-action-plan.html

Resources for Cats:

Lost Cats of Arizona https://www.facebook.com/lostcatsaz/?fref=ts

Here are other Resources that Can Help Lost & Found Animals

More Resources for Dogs & Cats http://www.lostdogsarizona.org/resources.html

——–>In an effort to help, we are launching our “Unwanted Dog Intake Project” much earlier than we intended. The Unwanted Dog Intake Form is ready to be used, just in time for the holiday rush of animals into shelters. We want to divert unwanted dogs from being turned in to shelters by their families since they will already be inundated by lost dogs. We need your help! Find options for getting involved and working together to save more animals below.

Unwanted Dog Intake Project—Here is the link to how the project will work:

Unwanted Dog Intake Project

Unwanted Dog Help Page—Here is the link to the actual page you can refer the public to:

Unwanted Dog Help

Please Note: We would be happy to duplicate this exact project for cats. We would need cat rescue volunteers to contact us. For now, we only have enough community volunteers available to launch and test this “Unwanted Dog Project”.

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Thank You for Sharing your Time, Talent & Home with Homeless Animals! Your Community Thanks You!


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