Donated Item Matching Service

Thank you for your interest in helping your community! What type of donated items would you like to offer your community? Let us help find you a match! Simply fill out the form below and we will help you find a match with a philanthropic organization that needs the donated items that you have available. All of us have a "piece of the puzzle" that can make a positive difference in the lives of others in our community. Thank you for sharing yours!
  • Please describe the donated items that you would like to make available. We will help you find a philanthropic organization that needs them in order to fulfill their worthy mission. Please include the quantity, type, brand and any other relevant details. The more specific you are, the more we will be able to help! 🙂

  • Do the items need to be moved by a certain day or time?Would you prefer the items to be picked up or dropped off? Please list any specific details here., so that we can match you with an organization that will accommodate your schedule and preferences.

  • Please Note: It is very helpful if you include your city, state and major cross streets. This will help us to pair the help you are offering with an organization located near you.

  • If you have no restrictions, you may skip this question.

    Please leave this question blank if you are open to any type of organization receiving your donation.

    You may choose who gets your donation. For instance, do you want your donation to go to Schools (Colleges, Universities, Government Agencies, Indian Tribes, Faith Communities, Fraternal Organizations or any philanthropic organization that serves our community even if they are not an 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization.

    You may choose to limit the availability of your donation to any nonprofit so that you can right the donation off on your taxes, if you wish.

    You may choose to limit your donation by who you want to help Veterans (Seniors, Animals, Women's Organizations, Men's Organizations, Social Equity Organizations, the Environment, Children & Teens).

  • Please skip this section if not needed. Otherwise, you may type in added information or questions here. Thanks!
  • If you are an organization or an individual who has access to this type of donated item often, could you let us know what quantity you usually have access to and how often (monthly, weekly, daily)?

    It would be helpful, but not necessary, to know the name of the organization that is the source of the constant donated item capacity. 🙂 Perhaps we could pair you with organizations that routinely need this same type of donated item? That way you could save time and avoid repetitive donated item postings in the future.

    If you know of any sources of routine availability of donated items, will you please let them know about the Donated Item Matching Service? The social media buttons on this page make sharing this donation project page easy.

    Thank you for sharing needed donated items with your community!

    Thank you for Making a Difference in the World!

      Please click the purple button below to submit your Donated Item Matching Service Form. There will be a delay while community volunteers strive to find a good match for you. CommunityCause.org is a 100% Volunteer Run website. Thank you for your patience! We are working as fast as we can to help you! 🙂

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