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Thank you for your interest in working together on the Unwanted Dog Intake Service that will be used by members of the public. We will accept referrals and collaboration from all animal rescues.

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Our Goal is to help keep Dogs or Puppies in their home by responding to “Requests for Help” from the public and solving their issues (Reason Dog is Unwanted: No Dog Food, Allergies, No Money for Vet Procedure, etc.)

If that fails, we will strive to find other solutions for rehoming the Dog or Puppy. Then Our Goal is to prevent the Dog or Puppy from coming into the system in a chaotic way. Examples: Dumped at a shelter with no information on the Dog’s health history or behavior issues. Threatened with abandoning the Dog with only a few hours to find a solution. Or, adding their Dog to the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control and other shelters that must euthanize healthy, adoptable dogs because they are overwhelmed and overloaded.

Please let us know what you think via the “Share Information & Resources” comment section below. Is the process clear and understandable? Is it form too long or too complicated for the public to use? Does it give enough information for animal rescues to begin to mobilize to help an animal? Any suggestions or improvements?

    Here is how this Unwanted Dog Service will work:

Step #1—Unwanted Dog Intake Form is filled out and submitted.

Free Help! Click Here to Fill Out the Unwanted Dog Intake Form

Step #2—Once the form is received on the CommunityCause.org website, the community volunteer will open a “Please Rescue this Dog Project” and post the form on the CommunityCause.org website for all animal rescues to see. You will then be able to share what help your animal rescue would like to contribute to help this dog. Do you have a foster, room at adoption day, access to a free spay or neuter, etc. Would you like to take over a particular unwanted dog case and be responsible for placing the dog? If so, please contact us through the “Share Information & Resources” comment section on the “Please Rescue this Dog Project” page.

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Want and Adoption Pre-Screening Form that is Accepted by all Animal Rescues?

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Need Free Help Finding the Perfect Dog or Puppy for your Family?

Click Here to See Our Free Help Available for Potential Adopters—Our Free Matching Service for Dogs & Puppies & Breed Request Form

Step #3—The community volunteer helping with the CommunityCause.org website may choose to post the Unwanted Dog or Puppy on Petfinder.com or other adoption sites. If an animal rescue agrees to intake the Dog or Puppy, that profile will be changed to point to your animal rescue as the one with this adoptable animal.

Step #4—At the same time as all of the above, a “Dog Social Worker”, who lives near where the dog is, will be assigned to to fill out a more in depth information form about the Dog or Puppy health, needs, behavior and temperament. This more detailed information will be posted as it is received. In an effort to keep the Dog in its home, the Dog Social Worker will work very hard to solve whatever issue is causing the Dog or Puppy to lose their home and direct the person to community resources (Free Dog Food, Low Cost Medical Care, Behavior Training Help, Temporary Housing, etc.) |||||||||||||||||||||

Step #5—The Dog Social Worker will track the case as the Dog or Puppy is taken in to an animal rescue and all the way to adoption, assisting at all points to get this animal into a safe, loving, permanent home. CommunityCause.org will help find resources for the animal rescue that intakes the animals. Statistics on all Unwanted Dog or Puppy cases will be collected and shared with the animal rescue community.

**********************************Unwanted Dog Intake Form**********************************

Please fill out this Unwanted Dog Intake Form if you would like assistance in re-homing your Dog or Puppy. The more information you give us and the more specific you are the faster we are able to help! Please be honest about any behavior or health issues the Dog or Puppy may have so that we can find the proper care & placement for this animal. These are very experienced Animal Rescue nonprofit organizations assisting with this service. They just want to know what they are getting themselves into. If you have more than one animal, please fill out a separate form for each Dog or Puppy. This will make the placement process run more efficiently!
  • If this Dog has been vaccinated, will you please list which vaccinations the Dog has and the dates they received them, if known. This will help speed up the adoption process.

  • Please describe and be specific. This will help with the placement of this animal.

    This helps us find the best placement for the Dog or Puppy.

  • Please list details about anything else you would like us to know about the behavior of Dog or Puppy. Please be very specific so that we can find the best match for a foster family or adoptive home.

    Important: Animal rescues know how to deal with any type of behavioral issue. That does not worry us or prevent us from helping any Dog. We just need to know the details of the Dog's behavior so that we can find the best resources for the Dog and, eventually the perfect placement for the Dog. So, please be very honest! It helps us all and keeps everyone safe!

  • Please list details about the Dog such as color, length of hair, special markings and anything else you would like us to know about the appearance of this Dog.

  • Please be specific about the age and gender of the people this Dog or Puppy has interacted with. Any preferences for age, gender or types of people (Children, Seniors, etc.)? Any particular dislikes of types, ages or gender of people? Please give details. This helps us to make an accurate match for your Dog.

  • Please be specific about the type, size and gender of the animals this Dog or Puppy has interacted with. Please give details. This helps us to make an accurate match for your Dog.

  • Please describe. It is helpful if you give specific details of the incident or what type of situations in which it happens.

  • Please check to make sure that you have accurately typed in your email address. It is helpful if you give us more than one email that you check frequently.

  • Please list as many contact numbers as you can. It is also helpful if you leave one or two phone numbers of the people who always know how to reach you. Once we find a solution for the animal we may need to move fast!

  • When is the best time to reach you directly? Do you have a preferred mode of communication: phone, email of text?

  • We strive to find resources, volunteers and animal rescue solutions that are located near you. Please be sure to give us your city and the largest, well known cross streets near to where the Dog currently resides. This will help us Volunteers to work much more quickly.

  • Please let us know if there is a specific deadline. We are all volunteers and we strive to help as fast as we can. We just need to know if there is a fixed time limit.

  • Please list specific reasons. The more details you give, the more we can help.

    If you adopted your Dog or Puppy from an Animal Rescue organization or Breeder, please let us know the name of the organization. All reputable organizations ask that their Dogs & Puppies be returned to them. If you cannot remember the name of the organization, please give us the date, city, location of the adoption, etc. Any details help. We will attempt to find the Animal Rescue organization.

    If you found your your Dog 6 months ago or less, we may still be able to find your Dog's original family. Please share any tips or details about how or where the Dog was found along with any ID Tag, or Microchip Numbers. Please write detailed information in the "Other Information You Would Like to Communicate to Us" section at the end of this form.

    If you answered "Other", please include the answer in the "Other Information You Would Like to Communicate to Us" section at the end of this form.

  • Please tell us any other information that will be helpful in rehoming this Dog or Puppy. Now is your chance to do a "Sales Pitch" for your animal. Why would someone like to adopt your Dog or Puppy?

    For instance, what type of cute things does the Dog or Puppy do, what are the activity preferences, behaviors, mannerisms or physical markings that are distinctive?

    Please list details about anything else you would like us to know about this Dog. For instance, which animal rescue he/she was adopted from, where he/she was found if a stray, along with collar color and any ID Tag or Microchip numbers.

    This information will appear in the "Excerpt" that appears when people do searches on our website. What do you want people to know so that they will want to click on the link and learn more about your project. Here is your chance to do your best "Sales Pitch" to sell potential adopters why your Dog or Puppy is special and deserves special consideration for adoption.

  • ****************Help us save more animals by letting us know what is working. How Did You Find Out About Us? ********************* We are all community volunteers so we want to spend out donated time wisely. Please be specific about how you found out about CommunityCause.org and our Unwanted Dog Service. Was it a website or an Animal Rescue? Which one? Was it a friend or colleague? If so, do you know how they found out about us? Thanks!

  • What would you like to offer to "Sweeten the Deal" and make it easier for volunteers at nonprofit Animal Rescues to help your Dog or Puppy? The majority of of Animal Rescues are run by caring volunteers who use their own money to help animals and take time away from family, friends & hobbies to do this volunteer work. What are You Willing to Do to make it Easier for the Animal Rescue to Help You?

    Does your Dog or Puppy come with a crate, dog food & other dog supplies? Will you offer a cash donation to help the Animal Rescue do its Volunteer work and help defray the cost of helping your dog? How much will you offer? Every little bit helps. CommunityCause.org has years of experience helping volunteer run, nonprofit Animal Rescues and we know that this will increase your probability of getting your Dog or Puppy one of the precious few spaces available in a shelter.

      Important: CommunityCause.org will help your Dog or Puppy no matter what! This is a FREE service. There is no cost to you at all. No Donation is Needed! Go ahead and Submit Your Form. This Tip just Speed Things Up.

          We just know, from past experience, that things move faster with the nonprofit Animal Rescues that we work with if there is some added incentive. It just makes it easier for the nonprofit's Volunteers to help your Dog or Puppy.

          Thank You for Caring about Your Dog and Reaching out for Placement Help! Please send cute photos we can add to the "Please Rescue this Dog" profile: DogRescue@hotmail.com


  • Sometimes we find solutions or opportunities for your Dog that have to be moved on very quickly. If we have difficulty getting in contact with you, the opportunity may be lost to place your Dog or Puppy. Who do you know who can always contact you quickly? If you wish, please list several names and their contact information to increase the probability of a quick solution
  • Doing this Volunteer work takes a huge emotional toll on Animal Rescue Volunteers. It shreds our heart when a Dog who could have been adopted is euthanized and when we never know what happened to the Dog.

    State and/or County Goal this Unwanted Dog Project Supports

    *****Our Goal is : Maricopa County, Arizona will have zero euthanasia of any Dog that has any hope of a meaningful quality of life by the year 2018.*****

As with each of our animal rescue projects, there are 3 levels of engagement on this proposed project:

1. I would like to become a Team Member community volunteer working on this particular project goal. I would like to be a “Goal Champion” that works on solving this particular issue for the community.

2. I have information, tips, resources, connections, referrals that may be helpful to contributing to the success of this project. Please contribute helpful information in the “Share Information & Resources”
comment section below.

3. I would like to use the services of this project or receive the benefits of this proposed projects. Count on me to use this service!

If you would like to continue to be involved in the conversation about this topic or if you want to be a Team Member working on this project goal, please subscribe to follow this project below. You will receive automatic email updates as new information or resources comes in that is relevant to this project.

Thank You for Sharing Your Time & Your Talents to Help Dogs and Puppies in Need! Together We Can Make a Difference for Animals!


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  1. The Unwanted Dog Service is ready and open to receive referrals. Thanks! CommunityCause.org

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