Animal Rescue Volunteers Needed—Help Save More Animals—Dogs & Cats Need You!—Anything You Can Do Helps!


    Thank You for Wanting to Help Animals & Your Community!

    Please share the link to this project with friends, family members, colleagues and fellow animal rescue volunteers! Please help us to get the word out!

Animal Rescue Volunteers Needed for the Holidays—2 Weeks of Increased Volunteer Need

Animal Rescue Volunteers Needed---Volunteer Form to Help Save More Animals

Thank you for your interest in helping during this special time of need! The number of animals flowing into animal shelters, especially during the summer and during the holiday seasons, increases sharply. You Can Make a Difference by Volunteering your Time, Talents, Experience & Expertise!

We need all types of skills to save more animals at this busy time of increased need. Please check out our "Help for the Holidays" 2 week Emergency Plan to Help Save More Animals. Whether you can help Short Term or Long Term, the Animals always need you! Let us help find you a match where you can help most!

Simply fill out the form below and we will help you find a match with an Animal Rescue organization that needs the skills & assistance that you would enjoy offering. All of us have a "piece of the puzzle" that can make a positive difference in the lives of others in our community. Thank you for sharing yours!

  • Please type in any other email addresses & phone numbers you would like us to use. What time is best to reach you? Do you prefer contact by phone or email or some other means?

    Your contact information is never sold or used to market to you. It is for to see in order to facilitate the volunteer match in case you and the nonprofit organization have difficulty in connecting.

    Please Note: After you submit this form to request help in finding a volunteer match it may take 24-48 hours to be sent out to nonprofit organizations. is 100% volunteer run. It may also take up to a week for an organization to make a volunteer match and respond to your offer to volunteer. Please be patient! We are all working as fast as we can! šŸ™‚

  • What city do you live in? If you live in a large city, you may want to put north, south, east, west as an indicator. For example, North Phoenix or South Scottsdale.

    This feature of the website strives to help you find a nonprofit organization that is located near where you live.

    If you are willing to travel some distance in order to Volunteer of do your Club or School Community Service hours, you may want to include how many miles away from your home that you are willing to travel.

  • What are the major cross-streets nearest to your home? Major streets only please. No exact address. We are looking for the larger streets that most people would know.

    This feature of the website strives to help you find a nonprofit organization that is located near where you live. By typing in your major cross streets you can help nonprofit organizations to pinpoint whether they are a good volunteer match for you.

  • Do You Prefer to Help Dogs or Cats? Or, will you help both?

    This is a 2 week Emergency Animal Rescue Volunteer position. This is a short term project that is set up to help animals during this time of influx into shelters. If you currently volunteer elsewhere, you will continue to be their volunteer. Depending on how much time you have available, please select all that interest you.

  • Purpose/Importance: Posting lost and found dogs to our Facebook page is the our primary responsibility. Nothing else happens until the dog is posted. It's our most critical job with the highest priority.


    - Copy and paste lost and found dog photos and text from the Helping Lost Pets (HeLP) portal to the Lost Dogs Arizona Facebook page. Edit has needed.

    - Post Reunion, In Memoriam posts to the Facebook page

    - Upload emailed photos into the HeLP system

    - Maintain posts In the correct Facebook photo album

    - Edit photos as needed In HeLP and Facebook (e.g., to remove children)

    - Save photos to Dropbox

    - Update posts for dogs that have been surrendered

    - Remove posts for dogs that have been rehomed

    - Maintain link to FB Post In HeLP admin panel (postpetlink)

    - Repost dogs as requested

    Skills and Attributes Needed:

    - Basic computer skills such as text editing and file management (copy, paste, move, etc.) - Able to use email

    - Basic Facebook knowledge and/or ability to learn

    - Photo editing or ability to learn (cropping, etc.)

    - Detail oriented

    - Written communication skills

  • Purpose/Importance:

    The first point of contact for many users of our resources. The email to a craigslist user is often the first they have heard of Lost Dogs Arizona. We want to make them aware of our resources and direct them to submit our reporting form.


    - Reply to all new lost/found dog ads in craigslist in Arizona by copying and pasting a standard email

    -Sends the email only to new ads

    - Maintains contact with other volunteers via Facebook group

    Skills and Attributes needed:

    - Knowledge of craigslist - how to search, what categories to search, how to minimize repeat emails

    - "Thick skin" to ignore possibly rude replies

    - Awareness of lost & found resources available

  • Purpose/Importance: The Instagram poster expands Lost Dogs Arizona into Instagram. This should cause another group of dog lovers to help bring lost dogs home. Tasks:

    - Share reunion posts (photos with text) from the Lost Dogs Arizona Facebook page to Instagram

    - Share tip posts from the Facebook page to Instagram

    - Eventually, if a method for doing this efficiently is determined, share lost/found posts to Instagram

    Skills and Attributes Needed:

    - Knowledge of how to use Facebook and Instagram

    - Ability to communicate professionally, representation Lost Dogs Arizona

  • If you are good at social media we need your help to get the word out!

    Please share the link to this emergency project with your social media network: Emergency Plan to Save more Animals--Help for the Holidays--Plan Ahead to Help Unwanted & Stray Animals

    Please share this Emergency Animal Rescue Volunteer Form: Animal Rescue Volunteers Needed for 2 Weeks Volunteer Form

    Please share these Lost & Found Resources with your social media network: -------->If someone has Lost or Found a Dog, Cat or any other animal, the first step is to fill out a Lost or Found report at Helping Lost Pets

    Lost & Found Animal Report Form

    To view the Helping Lost Pets Interactive Map of a Lost & Found Animals

    Also, these local organizations can help once the initial Lost & Found posting has been made at Helping Lost Pets

    Resources for Dogs:

    Lost Dogs Arizona

    Found Dog Action Plan

    Lost Dog Action Plan

    Resources for Cats:

    Lost Cats of Arizona

    Here are other Resources that Can Help Lost & Found Animals

    More Resources for Dogs & Cats

  • Please let us know if you have other good ideas! Simply type them in below.

    Thank you for all you are doing to help save Dogs & Cats during this time of increased intake into animal shelters. Let's work to get these animals home safely! You are Making a Difference for Animals in our Community!

  • ****************Help us save more animals by letting us know what is working. How Did You Find Out About Us? ********************* We are all community volunteers so we want to spend out donated time wisely. Please be specific about how you found out about and our Unwanted Dog Service. Was it a website or an Animal Rescue? Which one? Was it a friend or colleague? If so, do you know how they found out about us? Thanks!

  • Due to the requirements of the type of volunteer position to fill, some nonprofit organizations may want to know. Some animals have issues with specific genders. Please let us know if you are male or female. Some animals have a preference and get along with one gender better. This will help us to make a good volunteer match for you.

  • Some animal rescue organizations are not able to have youth volunteers. Some can only take teens 16 years or older. Some animal rescues can take young people of any age. Please let us know your age so that we can find a good animal rescue organization match for you. Important: Please get your parent's permission before submitting this volunteer application. If you hit the "Submit" button it is assumed that you have your parent's permission to volunteer to help animals.

    Thank you for wanting to help animals & your community!


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