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Please Rescue Dog–Bentley-Pit Bull-OAD3-16
July 27, 2016

    Thank you for your interest in helping Dogs that need to find new homes. This project page allows the community to help out to Place and Rehome this Dog or Puppy. Through your help & efforts we can find this Dog a forever home.

    If you are interested in adopting Bentley, he has now been taken in by Help a Dog Out rescue at

    Maricopa County Goal this Unwanted Dog Project Supports

    *****Our Goal is : Maricopa County, Arizona will have zero euthanasia of any Dog that has any hope of a meaningful quality of life by the year 2018.*****

Bently 2

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    Dog Name: Bentley

    Male Dog


    Age: 6 Years

    Breed of Dog: Pit bull Terrier

    Weight of Dog: Approx. 60 to 70lbs

    Vaccinations & Dates: Rabies & 4 in 1 on 6/21/16

    No Microchip

    Description of Dog or Puppy: Bentley is a male Brindle Pit bull Terrier.

    Energy Level: Medium Activity Level

    Behavior & Temperament:

Bentley is very gentle and playful. He is content to go on long walks or just cuddle on the couch and loves belly rubs. He is good with Children

David Michael Sanders, from Zen K9, evaluated him twice, and he did really well, and is pretty well behaved with a good temperament.

He walks well on a leash. He is a little timid off of the leash until he trusts you because he fears going back to the dog catcher. He is kind of traumatized by the whole thing.

He is such a good boy and very sweet. He is crate trained, housebroken and licensed by the county.

    What Types of People has this Dog or Puppy Interacted with?

He is skeptical of men, and any new people, really, but with love and patience he will warm up once you gain his trust.

He does well with kids and other dogs too. Erin has three kids ages 3, 6 and 9 and Bentley is great with all of them.

    What Types of Animals has this Dog or Puppy Interacted with?

He interacts well with other animals, and is currently living with a small female dog, and they play together well. The small female dog in the foster home which is much more aggressive than he is and Bentley is great with her.

    Has this Dog Bitten or Been Aggressive with other Animals, People or Children?

No! Not at all!

    City Where Dog is Located: Ahwatukee

    What is Preventing You from Keeping this Dog or Puppy? Why are you re-homing this animal?

His current foster lives in a small apartment with her husband, three kids and another dog. She is a very busy mom. If she had a home with a private backyard, she may have been able to keep him, but under her current circumstances, it is not an option.

    Where Did You Get this Dog or Puppy from?

Bentley was abandoned in our apartment complex here in Ahwatukee after an apartment fire forced his family to move out. He was turned over to Animal Care & Control.

    Other Information & Details We Would Like You to Know about this Dog.

After the apartment fire when his family abandoned, Bentley was turned over to Animal Care & Control.

His foster, Erin, and I, rescued him from the county Euthanasia List on June 21st, 2016. When we found out he was on the Euthanasia List and due to be killed the next day we went and adopted him out again. Erin has been temporarily fostering him, hoping to get him into a more permanent situation with a rescue and another foster, or his forever home, sooner rather than later. She doesn’t just want to hand him over to anyone and have him end up in the wrong hands.

He has not been seen by a vet. He did show signs of a cold or sinus infection after coming from the county, but he seems ok now. He hasn’t been checked for heartworms. He also slightly drags his left right hind leg when he walks and that should be checked too.

    Supplies or Material Resources Needed to Help this Unwanted Dog

No special needs.

    People Resources Needed–Volunteers, Staff, Interns

Foster Home Needed Please

    Financial Support Needed—Approximate Cost to Get this Dog Ready for Adoption

None, this Dog is ready to be adopted.


What You can do to Help. How our Community can Support this Unwanted Dog Project.


    Deadline–Date by Which this Unwanted Dog Must be Placed: The sooner the better

    Next Steps for this Unwanted Dog

Please help find a new foster family or a permanent home for Bentley!


What You can do to Help. How our Community can Support this Unwanted Dog Project.


By contributing your time, talent, ideas, information and any leads to this Unwanted Dog Project, you will be making it easier for Bentley to connect with the Resources & Organizations that can help to successfully place this Dog into a new home! Please contact this Unwanted Dog Project with any helpful tips, advice, information, resources or connections via the “Share Information & Resources” comments section below.

Thank you for your help on this project! Thank you for Making a Difference in Your Community!


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  1. Bentley is still looking for his forever home! If you can foster him for a rescue please respond and we will connect you with a rescue that will get him vetted and ready for adoption. Please help!

  2. Bentley would benefit from some Free behavior training to get more comfortable with men. If you or someone you know is willing to help work with this dog, please contact us via the “Share Inforamation & Resources” comment section below.

    Please help get the word out so that we can help Bentley. Sharing this dog’s information with friends, family & colleagues is easy with the social media buttons on this page. Thanks!

  3. Bentley is still safe with the fosters for the time being, but we still need to find a rescue for him.

  4. We just got word that the husband of the foster family has said that he is going to take Bentley to Animal Care & Control (the dog pound) when they go on vacation. We are trying to find out when that is and how long Bentley has.