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Please Rescue Dog—Harley—Lhasa Apso—OAD4-16
August 4, 2016

    Maricopa County Goal this Unwanted Dog Project Supports

    *****Our Goal is : Maricopa County, Arizona will have zero euthanasia of any Dog that has any hope of a meaningful quality of life by the year 2018.*****



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    Dog Name: Harley

    Male Dog


    Age: 12 Years

    Breed of Dog: Lhasa Apso

    Weight of Dog: Approx. 25 pounds

    Vaccinations & Dates: Yes, He has had them all. Not sure of date.

    He has a Microchip

    Description of Dog or Puppy: Harley is a registered Lhasa Apso. White. Long hair and has been regularly groomed every two weeks.

    Energy Level: Medium Activity Level

    Behavior & Temperament:

Harley loves his older woman owner and is a very faithful boy. He would love nothing more than to sit on your lap. Harley likes attention and loves to spend time with you!

Harley would do best in a one person female home. He likes having you all to himself and REALLY is a needy boy that wants attention. He will gratefully accept all the affection you can give him! If you are looking for a boy to spend your retirement days with, he is adorable!

Harley loves treats. He is dog door trained and housebroken.

Harley has been through obedience training and travels well in a car.

He will bark when someone comes to the door and calms down with in 5 minutes. In our new multi-family living situation. He tends to bark more with noises etc. He is a good alert system and helps us feel safe.

Harley requires continual grooming and has been regularly groomed every two weeks.

He has a limp, due to his age and the results of ACL surgery several years ago.

He has been on Blue Buffalo senior food.

    What Types of People has this Dog or Puppy Interacted with?

He had lived in a home with only one adult for all his life and has not adjusted to the current situation. He has mainly been around adults females. He has had some interactions with school age children an adult males.

    What Types of Animals has this Dog or Puppy Interacted with?

He has lived with another dog for last 10 years and has been rather intimidated by her. He has only interacted with other small dogs.

    Has this Dog Bitten or Been Aggressive with other Animals, People or Children?

    After spending 11 years of his life with the owner, he is now in a situation that he isn’t used to, and that’s with small children. The owner needed to move from CA to AZ to live with her married son, wife and small children.

    Harley isn’t adapting well with the small children, as he has never been around small children before. He has nipped at one of them because she tried taking something out of his mouth and another time she stepped on him. Harley is also food aggressive, so eating with another dog is not an option, or anywhere that a small child would be around his dinner bowl.

    He has shown some aggression to children and males. This behavior generally occurs when he is being disciplined and or when he is stopped from doing a specific behavior i.e. leaving the yard or when trying to remove something from him or if he is being hurt or stepped on.

    City Where Dog is Located: Chandler

    What is Preventing You from Keeping this Dog or Puppy? Why are you re-homing this animal?

We have relocated to a home with young children and have also recently had a new baby and there are fears that he will be aggressive with the baby as he grows.

    Where Did You Get this Dog or Puppy from?

Pet Store

    Other Information & Details We Would Like You to Know about this Dog.

I love Harley and would hate to see him have to go to Maricopa Animal Control (Dog pound) which is our only other option.

    Supplies or Material Resources Needed to Help this Unwanted Dog

No special needs.

    People Resources Needed–Volunteers, Staff, Interns

Foster Home Needed Please

    Financial Support Needed—Approximate Cost to Get this Dog Ready for Adoption

None, this Dog is ready to be adopted.


What You can do to Help. How our Community can Support this Unwanted Dog Project.


    Deadline–Date by Which this Unwanted Dog Must be Placed: He must be gone by August 7th, 2016.

    Next Steps for this Unwanted Dog

Please help find a new foster family or a permanent home for Harley!


What You can do to Help. How our Community can Support this Unwanted Dog Project.


By contributing your time, talent, ideas, information and any leads to this Unwanted Dog Project, you will be making it easier for Harley to connect with the Resources & Organizations that can help to successfully place this Dog into a new home! Please contact this Unwanted Dog Project with any helpful tips, advice, information, resources or connections via the “Share Information & Resources” comments section below.

Thank you for your help on this project! Thank you for Making a Difference in Your Community!


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  1. Harley would do best as an only dog. He lived his entire life with an elderly woman and that would be the best match for him. Will you help get the word out about this snuggle bug?

  2. Update on Harley. A foster family is going to pick up Harley on 8/12/16. She will report back with any new information on his health and behavior. She has a few small dogs in her home so we will be able to see how he does when interacting with them.