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Thank you for your interest in helping local philanthropic organizations that are worthy of support! CommunityCause.org offers several types of services that assist eligible philanthropic community organizations. There are organizations that are especially worthy of your support. Please view the List of Preferred Philanthropic Organizations

    ——–>Your organization is considered to be an Eligible Community Organization that can use any CommunityCause.org service if it fits into any of the categories below. Is your organization a:

    Nonprofit Organization, Faith Based Organization, Fraternal Organization, Indian Tribe, Business, Government Agency, School, College or University requesting help on behalf of their employees, students or clients?

Any of these specific types of organizations may post a “Request for Help and receive assistance for their own organization. They may also use any of the CommunityCause.org services to post a “Request for Help” on behalf of an individual who needs assistance.

Only eligible philanthropic organizations, as defined above, are welcome to utilize our Community Skill Bank, our Community Response System service our Community Resource Connector Service and our Short Term Community Volunteers & immediate On Call Community Volunteers.

——–>If you are an individual who needs help, please access that help through our “Help Desk” service. A community volunteer resource navigator, who is a “Help Desk” Neighborhood Resource Person, will assist you by answering your questions & concerns. They can also help you to connect with items & resources you need by finding you an organization that is willing to sponsor your request. Or, as an individual, you may make direct contact with any of the Eligible Community Organizations described above and ask them to make a “Request for Help” form on your behalf.

We at CommunityCause.org prefer to assist philanthropic organizations that are 100% Volunteer Run or, at least, very lean with very little overhead expenses. We believe that these organizations help you to make the biggest impact for your donated dollar, donated items & volunteer time.

Here is our List of Preferred Philanthropic Organizations. They are listed by priority level based on the services they provide the community and how much of your donated money, donated items and donated time goes directly to benefit the populations they serve. Please do a control F search to see if the organization you are thinking of donating to is on this list.

Rescuing Animals in Need (R.A.I.N.)

Animals in Disaster (AID), Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry

The Living Earth Ecological Institute

    Thank you helping to Donated Items & Volunteer Help to the organizations that need them most! You are helping us connect community organizations with the resources that need them to fulfill their mission. šŸ™‚


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