Thank you for your interest in becoming a curator for a cause or specific subject area! You will be Helping others in your Community and you will be Making a Difference in their lives.

Curators provide help in vetting the comments that come in under different topics. Curators help to decide what information, resources and tips should become part of the actual page of the specific topic. If curators have information to add to the topic, they may also supply relevant information, resources and tips.

Curators help to maintain the subject page and make sure it is displaying correctly. No computer knowledge is needed. You simply inform us about which comments are helpful to add to the subject page. We do the rest! There are normally at least 2 or more curators per page so the workload is distributed between you.

All Curators get a special section of our website to share their biography and link people to your website, blogs, podcasts, etc. In that section you are able to describe the work you do and any books or other publications that you would like the public to know about you. We want to make this a win-win and thank you for helping your community by becoming a Curator.

If you are willing to share your time, talent, experience & expertise as a Curator, please contact via the comments section below. To view details about how to Contribute Helpful Information to CommunityCause.org–Click Here!

Thank you for wanting to help get information about this specific subject area out to our community. Your help is greatly appreciated!


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