CR–How Can Government Agencies & Social Service Agencies Help Nonprofits?


How Can Government Agencies & Social Service Agencies Support & Work together with local Nonprofits? How Can the Government & Social Service Agencies Funded by the Government Help Nonprofits to do the Good Works in the Community & Fulfill their Mission to Make the World a Better Place?

Please share your ideas on how can Government Agencies & Social Service Agencies share their skills, talents, knowledge & resources to help local nonprofit organizations.

What specific help can the Government Agencies & Government Funded Social Service Agencies provide? How can Government Agencies, Social Service Agencies & the Nonprofit Community work together? Small nonprofits also need help to fulfill their mission. What can be done to help small nonprofits that are 100% volunteer run?

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If you wish, you may share what your specific organization is willing to do to help Nonprofits and we will help get the word out to philanthropic organizations. It is a good way for your organization to create a positive community reputation & generate good will among community members. We are happy to share the good that you are doing for our community! is especially interested in generating ideas about how Government Agencies & Government Funded Social Service Agencies can work together to help smaller nonprofits that are 100% volunteer run. Small nonprofits, what do you need? Please let your community know!

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