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CE–Volunteer Opportunities for Teen Volunteers
January 27, 2016

Youth Volunteer Application---Child & Teen Volunteer Interests & Opportunities---"Request for Help" in Finding a Match with a Philanthropic Organization

Thank you for your interest in making the world a better place by volunteering your time, talents, experience & expertise! What type of skills would you like to offer to help your community ? Let us help find you a match! Simply fill out the form below and we will help you find a match with a philanthropic organization that needs the skills & assistance that you would enjoy offering. All of us have a "piece of the puzzle" that can make a positive difference in the lives of others in our community. Thank you for sharing yours!
  • Please share your first name only. For security purposes it is best to never give your last name over the internet.

  • Please type in the email & phone number and time that is best to reach you. We will help you to secure a nonprofit organization where you can do your Volunteer work or Community Service hours. Your contact information is never sold or used to market to you. It is for to see in order to facilitate the volunteer match in case you and the nonprofit organization have difficulty in connecting.

    We try not release this contact information to nonprofit organizations who want you to volunteer for them without your express permission.

    Please Note: After you submit this form to request help in finding a volunteer match it may take 24-48 hours to be sent out to nonprofit organizations. is 100% Volunteer Run. It may also take up to a week for an organization to make a volunteer match and respond to your offer to volunteer. Please be patient! We are all working as fast as we can!

  • Please also include information about what type of volunteer work interests you. Do you want to help Animals, Seniors, Veterans, Children & Teens, Social Justice Issues, the Homeless, the Environment, etc.? If you have "No Preference", please note that.

    Are there any skills that you have that you would especially like to use? Are you a musician, artist, math whiz, computer expert, social media lover? Are you especially good with animals or specific types of people? Do you want to do physical work? Would you like to volunteer from home? Are there any special accommodations that you would request from the nonprofit organization?

    Here is your chance to tailor make your Community Service experience.

      Thanks for sharing your time, talents & skills to make a positive difference in your community! 🙂

  • Due to the requirements of the type of volunteer position to fill, some nonprofit organizations may want to know.
  • What city do you live in? If you live in a large city, you may want to put north, south, east, west as an indicator. For example, North Phoenix or South Scottsdale.

    This feature of the website strives to help you find a nonprofit organization that is located near where you live.

    If you are willing to travel some distance in order to Volunteer of do your Club or School Community Service hours, you may want to include how many miles away from your home that you are willing to travel.

  • What are the major cross-streets nearest to your home? Major streets only please. No exact address. We are looking for the larger streets that most people would know.

    This feature of the website strives to help you find a nonprofit organization that is located near where you live. By typing in your major cross streets you can help nonprofit organizations to pinpoint whether they are a good volunteer match for you.

  • How many hours would you like to Volunteer per Week or per Month?

    Please Note: Some nonprofit organizations have a minimum number of hours that they require in order to accept a volunteer. We strive to find an organization that will accommodate your needs & your schedule. 🙂

  • Please list which days you are available to volunteer.

    Please note the hours you prefer to do your Community Service hours.

    The more specific you are in answering this question, the easier it will be for a philanthropic organization to know if they are a match.

  • When would you ideally like to begin doing your Volunteer work? When are you available? If your answer is, "As Soon As Possible--A.S.A.P.", then please type in today's date.

    This is important information for nonprofit organizations to have because sometimes they have special events at different times of the year and they need to ramp up the number of volunteers helping very fast.

      Good Luck! Thank You for Making a Difference in the World by Sharing Your Time, Talents, Experience & Expertise to Help Others!

Thank you for your interest in this project!

This project is pending…

Please check back. New information is coming soon! Thanks for your patience.


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