How You Can Help Animals


Thank you for wanting to Help Animals! More information is coming soon! For now, you can find general information on how to help at these links:

If you are passionate about an issue Join the Club!–Click Here!
If you would like to Volunteer–Click Here!
If you would like to Donate–Click Here!

If you would like information on Mentoring–Click Here!
If you would like information on Interns–Click Here!

If you would like to share your expertise & experience in the Community Skill Bank–Click Here!
If you would like to participate in the Speakers Bureau–Click Here!

If you would like to be a Social Media Lover for a Cause–Click Here!
If you would like to be an Ambassador for a Cause–Click Here!

If you are interested in short term or immediate volunteer opportunities, please view all On Call Volunteer Opportunities–Click Here!
If you are interested in volunteering to help a project, please view all Community Projects that Need Volunteer Help–Click Here!

If you would like to Create a Project! Click Here!
If you would like to Find a Project to Support! Click Here!
If you would like to View Community Project Descriptions–Click Here!

If you would like to be a community volunteer who helps people solve easier, more routine questions, find out how to participate at our online “Help Desk” as a Neighborhood Resource Person–Click Here!

If you would like to be a community volunteer who helps people solve difficult questions, manage challenging situations and develop innovative solutions, find out how to participate in the Ombudsman Service by community volunteers–Click Here!

If you are interested in joining with others to work towards creating system wide change, increasing awareness or advocating on specific issues, please view this link to learn more about becoming a Community Visionary–Click Here!

To View All Volunteer Opportunity Job Descriptions–Click Here!
To View All On Call or Short Term Volunteer Opportunities or to Volunteer from Home–Click Here!
To View All Opportunities to Share Skills or Items or to Help Individuals or Organizations Find what they Need, please check out our Classified Want Ads–Click Here!

To Find an Organization to Help–Click Here!
To Find a Class or Event–Click Here!
To Find More Ideas about How You Can Help–Click Here!

View the Volunteer Gazette See what help local philanthropic organizations need. There are many opportunities to Make a Difference in your community. Volunteering even a few hours a month helps!

View the Donation Wish List See the items that organizations need in order to fulfill their mission. Any ideas on where these items can be obtained? Do you have links to organizations that can provide them?

View the Grapevine Newsletter See what connections you can make between the people you know and the individuals & organizations that are working to solve social or environmental problems. You may have the crucial puzzle piece that provides the needed link.
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Thank you for sharing your time, talents & donated items to help your community. Together we can make a difference in the world! 🙂


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