CR–Youth Volunteer Opportunities–How to Help Your Community

CR–Youth Volunteer Opportunities–How to Help Your Community


Thank you for your interest in this “Child & Teen Volunteer Opportunities” project for Youth wanting to volunteer in Maricopa County, Arizona!

***On this project page we are brainstorming creative ways to engage the energy of young people to help nonprofit organizations fulfill their mission. We need your help! We need your innovative ideas on all the different ways that we can engage youth in a positive way in our community.

You may view the Youth Volunteer Opportunities generated so far by clicking on the purple link above. You will also see new ideas sent in by other philanthropic organizations by reading the comments that have been sent in below.

Let’s think outside the box! Let’s generate a long list of ideas about how Youth can volunteer their time & their talents in their community. Here are the specific questions that we need to brainstorm answers for:

*****What are some specific volunteer job positions that teens, “tweens” & young children can do that will help Animal Rescue Organizations?

*****What are some specific volunteer job positions that teens, “tweens” & young children can do that will help nonprofit organizations that help Veterans, Seniors, Social Justice Issues, Disadvantaged Children & Teens or the Environment? Any ideas? Any examples?

*****What are some specific volunteer job descriptions for teens to do as a teen volunteering alone?

*****What are some specific volunteer opportunities for teens to do as a teen volunteering along with a parent or other responsible adult?

*****What are some specific volunteer job descriptions for young children and “tweens” to do as a child volunteering alone?

*****What are some specific volunteer opportunities for young children and “tweens” to do as a youth volunteering along with a parent or other responsible adult?

*****What are some specific volunteer opportunities that all family members can participate in together and volunteer as a family?

*****If you have utilized youth volunteers in your philanthropic organization, what types of volunteer jobs did you involve them in? What are some of your examples of past volunteer work for Youth Volunteers? What types of volunteer positions did they do very well?

If you have ideas that you would like to share, please contribute to this conversation by sending in your ideas via the “Share Information & Resources” comment section below.

Please share this “Child & Teen Volunteer Opportunities project with friends, schools, teachers, school administrators, faith communities, colleagues from other nonprofit organizations and any family members. Who do you know that may also have ideas about how to positively engage Youth in community Volunteering!

Which organizations and which individuals possibly know of teens, children & families who may wish to volunteer their time, talents, experience & expertise to help their community? Who do you know that works at or volunteers for a nonprofit organization that needs volunteer help? Please help us reach all philanthropic organizations that need any type of volunteer help, especially those that accept youth volunteers.

The social media buttons on this page make it easy to share information about this “Child & Teen Volunteer Opportunities” project with others. Let’s create a social media “buzz” about opportunities for Youth to positively engage in their Community & Make a Difference in the World!


—————————This is a Crowdsourcing Project———————— For this project you will be helping out “virtually”, over the computer. You can just get started on any of the options or steps listed above…no need to contact us or let us know that you want to help. Since this is a Crowdsourcing Project, you can just jump in and help when you can. When you have a few extra minutes to help…you will know that you are making a positive difference in your community. With a Crowdsourcing Project you always get to decide how involved you want to be. You also get to decide if you want to work alone or be part of a team. Just think…You can have a positive impact on your community right from your home computer! Thanks for caring enough to get involved! Every little effort helps! Together we can make a positive difference in our world! To Find out All the Ways You Can Get involved & Help this Project–Click Here!


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*****Thank you for caring enough about Your Community to Share Your Ideas! Thank You for Making a Difference in the World and Helping Young People!*****


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  2. We have already received some good ideas on how to engage Youth Volunteers. The ideas were sent in before we created this project page, so they are listed here. Please send in your own good ideas so that we can create a complete list of innovative ways to engage Youth Volunteers in helping to fulfill the mission of a nonprofit. Here are some Youth Volunteer Job Positions:

    ***Library Information Table–Did you know that it is free and legal to set up a volunteer recruitment booth, information table or even a dog/cat adoption booth outside of any local library? Young people would be great at engaging the public and encouraging others to volunteer, spay & neuter animals, adopt rescued animals or gain awareness about other information relevant to a nonprofit’s mission.

    ***Foster Homes for Animals—“Sell” the idea of fostering as a good way for families to teach their children & teens about volunteer work that helps their community.

    ***Social Media Campaign—Ask youth to set up, post pictures on or, even, run your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook page.

    ***Create & Update Websites

    ***Create a Video about Your Nonprofit

    ***Post Pictures of Adoptable or Lost & Found Animals

    ***Amateur “Pet Detectives”—Able to go out and help look when an animal is lost in a location near their home and/or assist elderly or disabled individuals in putting out lost & found posters.

    ***Dog Walkers—Pair them with individuals who believe they have to give up their animals because they are not getting enough exercise. Ask them to walk dogs at animal shelters. This also helps socialize the animals and get them used to young people.

    ***Clean Kennels or Cages. Clean storage shelves.

    ***Sort, Carry or Transport Donated Food, Supplies or other Donated Items.

    These are the ideas that we have received so far. What ideas will you share? 🙂

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