CE–Volunteer Opportunities for Children & Teens

CE–Volunteer Opportunities for Children & Teens


Does your organization need volunteers? Please help us to find all of the volunteer opportunities available for Teens & Children in Maricopa County, Arizona. Help us to generate both short term and long term volunteer ideas for how Children & Teens can contribute in a positive way to their communities. What types of youth volunteer help does your organization need?

Here is the information that we have so far. Please send in other ideas and volunteer opportunities via the “Share Information & Resources” comment section below and we will add your tips, ideas & volunteer opportunities. We will let schools, government agencies, faith communities, etc. know what types of volunteer opportunities you have available. This is a great way to get new, enthusiastic volunteers & promote your organization!

Thank you for helping children & teens to find positive ways to contribute to our community!

    There are 4 categories of potential volunteers that we have been hearing from:

1. Teens who want to volunteer or do internships during the summer.

2. Children & Teens who have a Community Service requirement for their school, club or team. They usually prefer short term projects or volunteer opportunities that last between 10 and 40 hours.

3. Children & Teens who have a Community Service requirement for the Juvenile Justice System for curfew violations, graffiti, shoplifting, etc. These are good kids who made a bad choice and need and want to give back to their community. You can limit who applies to volunteer by telling us what type of offenses you will not accept (EX. assault, domestic violence, sexual offenses, drug or alcohol offenses.)

4. Children 12 & under want to know about opportunities to volunteer with or without their parents.

Here are some volunteer ideas that people have given us so far. Do you have any volunteer opportunities available for children & teens? Does your organization need any of this type of help? Please, let us know so that we can direct children, teens & families to you.

Social Media–Help creating or running your Facbook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Create a New Website or Fix an existing Website

Post Pictures on your website or in databases (Ex. adoptable animals, lost or found animals, etc.)

Take Pictures or Create Videos

Help Set Up Information Booths

Give Out Information at Info Booths at Events

Help with Animals at Adoption Days

Help with Yard Work or Cleaning

Help with Filing, Answering Phone Calls or other Office Work

Give Tours of Nonprofit Facilities

Mentor or Teach Classes for Younger Children

Provide Transportation for Supplies, Animals or People

Sort Items or Pack Up Items

Please contact us via the “Share Information & Resources” comment section below to let us know about any other volunteer ideas. Also, please let us know which of the above 4 categories of volunteer your organization will accept and for which type of volunteer positions.

We will curate the information, create an Excel spreadsheet and send it out to organizations that have children & teens who want to volunteer to help their community. Thank you for your interest in this project! We are adding volunteer opportunities as you send them in to us.

Thank you for helping Children & Teens to find positive ways to contribute to our community!


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  1. We need volunteers at our dog shelter at 4861 S Desert View Dr. Apache Junction, AZ 85120. 16 years and over welcome as well as anyone needing community service hours. Our shelter has over 50 dogs, all breeds and we need help walking dogs, cleaning and socializing dogs. Tina 602.743.4747 tinameredith@me.com

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