Need Crates, Cages, Kennel Panels, Food Dishes?

Need Crates, Cages, Kennel Panels, Food Dishes?


Please Contact Us Via the Donation Request Link to Request Any of the FREE Items Listed Below

Please let animal rescues know about this opportunity. Please share the link to get these donated items widely through your social media channels! šŸ™‚ Now Available: A donation of over 150 animal crates, cages, kennels and many types animal supplies (full list below). Please go to this link if your organization would like to receive any of these free items. is getting lots of offers of different types of animal supplies. When you fill out that form, please feel free to add other items that you often need. will keep you in mind when those donated items are offered by members of the community…and even try to help you find the needed items.

Here is a list of the animal items available for free to animal rescue organizations. To make this easy you can copy & paste this list and simply write how many of each item your organization needs. Please use this link to request the items you need:

***Please let us know if you have storage space available in the east valley or elsewhere so we can have multiple staging areas for people to pick up the items.

***Please let us know if you have a truck or are able to help transport items to animal rescues that need them.

Donated Items Available

Large Plastic Dog Crates with door
Large Plastic Dog Crates without door
Medium Plastic Dog Crates with door
Medium Plastic Dog Crates without door
Small Plastic Cat Crates with door
Small Plastic Cat Crates without door

Large Wire Cages with plastic slide out bottom
Large Wire Cages without plastic slide out bottom

Plastic Cat Food Bowls
Dog Food Dishes of all types

Dog Kennel Panels–Chain Link various sizes are also available.

(Please Note: The Dog/Cat Crates without the doors make great indoor dog or cat “houses” where animals can relax in a safe, quiet atmosphere. Or, they make great beds when split in half. My animals love them! There may have enough crates of all sizes without doors for you to take extra to give to families who adopt rescue animals from your organization. It does not hurt to ask for extra crates without doors, There are plenty!)

Please let us know which items you need and and when or if you can pick them up or need them to be delivered to you. The donated items are currently in the east valley but, if necessary, it may be possible to find volunteers to transport items. We will fill the Donated Item requests as they come in to this link at

First come, first served so please let us know right away. We need to move the items quickly to the animal rescues that can use them. Please share this information widely to your animal rescue friends.

Clare—Volunteer for East Valley Coalition of Rescues &


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  1. Hello I am deaf. I am looking for big crate for my dog. My dog breed is Doberman her name is Blu.
    I can’t afford to buy crate I have small crate since I got her as puppy, now my dog is getting big & bigger can’t fit it anymore. Need big crate.
    Hope you can find me free big crate. Thank you very much.

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