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Listed below are the ways to help that you can do from home! These are the ways to help that are always needed. They are our ongoing needs for help. To see a list of short term, urgent, or more in depth volunteer opportunities that are available see Help Needed–Click Here!

Right now we have a great need for community volunteers who help out on their own from their own computers. There are several different ways that you can help us by:

***Sharing the various community projects with friends through social media channels. Click any of the links in the sidebars of this page to find projects you may want to help & support.

***Posting ideas, tips, support, advice, or information to the various projects that are running. Please see sidebars.

***Assisting us in accumulating helpful and interesting information and resources for the Wiki pages.

***Helping philanthropic organizations to create a listing on the Directory of Organizations.

***Offering to help a local nonprofit by becoming a Social Media Lover for a Cause.

***Adding Free Classes & Events to our Calendar of Events–Click Here! for others to enjoy.

***Joining the Club to connect with like-minded others who share your interest.

***Following a project that interests you to see how it progresses.

***Helping to Find the Donated Items that nonprofits need to fulfill their mission.

***Identifying friends or family members to fill Volunteer positions that are available.

***Volunteering and Donating when and where you can.

***Adding your favorite nonprofit’s wish list of donated items to the Donation Wish List Project–Click Here!

***Listing your favorite nonprofit’s Volunteer Needs List in our Volunteer Gazette–Click Here!

***Checking the Grapevine Newsletter–Click Here! to see if there is a question or connection you can help with.

***Perusing the Volunteers Requested or the Volunteers Available Classified Ads–Click Here! to see if you can make a match.

***Getting teens, tweens and even children involved in Creating a Teen or Kid Project–Click Here! that solve a Social or Environmental need.

***Telling your School or University about the projects that are meant to help them to get what they need. School Projects–Click Here!

***Viewing all the other Classified Ads at the link above to see what help or information you may be able to contribute.

***Pushing the Volunteer Gazette, The Grapevine Newsletter and the Nonprofit Wish List of Donated items that are currently running through your social media channels

The best news is that you can get started right away…no need to get our permission. Just find projects, causes, wiki pages you want to help and start typing, sharing and following projects.

For more information on how to get even more involved in helping your Community Get Started! Click Here!

If you have an idea, project or startup venture that solves a Social or Environmental problem and would like to Propose a Project–Click Here!

To find out more about becoming a Social Media Lover for a Cause, an Ambassador for a Cause, Joining the Speakers Bureau, Join the Club!, become a Community Visionary or other important ways to get involved, please click the purple link Help Needed–Click Here!

Thanks for caring enough about your community to get involved and start helping! Who else do you know who may want to get involved and help?


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