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Your community needs your help! There are a number of different ways to Create Solutions and Give Help. You may choose from any of the options below that may suit your preference. Give Help to your Interest or Cause. Click Here! Helpful Tips to Narrow your Search!

Volunteer page provides information that helps you find a way to connect with your community and share your time, talents & expertise.

Donation page provides information on various opportunities to share items, donate items or donate money to causes you believe in.

View current information on How You Can Help and become a community volunteer helping the mission at

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Give Help---What Type of Help Would You Like to Offer?

Thank you for your interest in helping your community! What type of skills, talents, expertise, ideas, connections, referrals, donated items, sponsorships or other resources would you like to offer to your community? We will help you find an organization that needs the services or items that you have available. Simply fill out the form below and we will help you find a match! All of us have a "piece of the puzzle" that can make a positive difference in the world. Thank you for sharing yours!
  • Please describe what type of help you would like to make available and we will help you find an organization that needs the type of help that you are offering.

    Do you have a specific type of donated item, skill, service, idea or other resources. We all have a "piece of the puzzle" to share that will Make a Difference in the World. Thank you for sharing yours! 🙂

  • Please Note: It is very helpful if you include your city, state and major cross streets. This will help us to pair the help you are offering with an organization located near you.

Helpful Search Tips You may refine your search and get started Giving Help much faster by posting your information on the page that is most relevant to what you want to do. You can just type in your Offer to Help as a comment on a specific page & then your comment is instantly sent out to the organizations & individuals that need the type of help that you are offering! 🙂 If you use the contact form above there will be a delay while you wait for a community volunteer to view your offer to help and send it down the best communication pathway. Either way works. If you know exactly what you would like to do, please use the Search Tips below to refine your search. If you have more time and are unsure where to begin, please use the general form above and a community volunteer will assist you. Thank you!

Option #1
Use any of the purple links below to navigate to your destination. All web pages are organized by cause, issue, or interest. If you are looking for opportunities to be of assistance in any of these categories, please click on the purple links ***Help for Animals*** in general, ***Help for Dogs***, ***Help for Cats***, ***Help for the Environment***, ***Help for People*** in general, ***Help for Children***, ***Help for Teens***, ***Help for Seniors***, ***Help for Veterans & Active Military***, ***Help for the Environment***, *** etc.

Option #2
Use the “Search this Website” option in the upper right hand corner of this website to search for the pages that will lead you to the people and organizations that need your help. Simply type in the keywords that interest you to locate the individuals and organizations with a similar mission.

*Use the Tabs on the Menus below the name to navigate to your destination. You may also click on the purple links on the sidebar of the web page to find out how you can help: Volunteer, Mentor, Donate & Share, join the Skill Bank, participate in Community Projects, etc.

*Use the “Search the Directory of Organizations” to search for organizations that are doing what you are interested in supporting and peruse their profile to see how you can help. Or, search the Classified Want Ads on this website to find out if they have posted specific needs or requests that you are able to fill.

*Propose a Community Project that will solve a Social or Environmental problem and invite people to join your project. If you are an individual, nonprofit, school, or other philanthropic organization, please let your community know how they can help you with your project.

*Become a Wiki page author. If you have an area of expertise or are passionate and well informed about a topic related to social or environmental issues, contribute to the Wiki pages and share your passion and your information with others. Simply click on, “Log in” and follow the directions to get started as a Wiki contributor.

*Offer your expertise as a volunteer ombudsman. If you have an area of expertise or are passionate and well informed about a topic related to a social or environmental issue, help your community by answering questions and/or guiding people through challenging issues relevant to your subject area. All Ombudsmen are community volunteers. You can Help!

*Share your knowledge, passion, and expertise as an Ambassador for the cause, a Speaker Bureau presenter, or a Neighborhood Resource Person. You can sign up in the Classified Want Ads.

We hope this helps. If you still need help finding a way to volunteer you time, talents, experience, expertise or to donate items, money or services, please contact us via the “Share Information & Resources” comments section below. Thank you!