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Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblrmail is a web site that is crowd-sourced, crowd-funded, crowd coded, and our goal is to create crowd solutions. We help people and organizations work together to solve common problems better, faster, cheaper, more efficiently, and more effectively. Help us to make the world a better place by sharing your time and your talents.

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Join with us to help make the world a better place. Find your niche. Locate the place where your special talents and skills will have to most positive impact


  • Volunteer
  • Join a Goal or Community Project
  • Register in the Skill Bank
  • Mentor
  • Become a Community Resource Person
    Social Entrepreneurs and Startups
  • Get Help with your Project that Solves a Social or Environmental Issue
  • Find a Mentor
  • Locate Team Members
  • Learn about the resources in the Entrepreneur Ecosystem
  • Get Tips from other Startups
  • Get pertinent information to the people you serve
  • Seek community help through donations and volunteers work
  • Connect with and Get Tips from other Non-Profits
  • Create a Community Project that will help your organization
  • Create Good Will in your local activity by supporting Community Projects
  • Locate Volunteer opportunities for your employees to use their skills to help others
  • Identify worthy organizations to receive donations of money or materials
  • Learn Sustainability Tips for running a “Green” business that saves you money
  • Propose an educational School Project and ask the Community for help in getting the materials you need
  • Find a Community Project that inspires your students and work as a group to make that project a reality
  • Search the nonprofits’ Wish Lists and help to gather the items they need to do their good work
  • Inform the parents of the children you serve that there are listings of Volunteer Opportunities for youth
    Scientific Researchers
  • Propose a Citizen Science project that engages the Community and helps you in your research
  • List your Science Research proposal with a request for information or for help in funding your project
  • Post links and an abstract of your research under the categories that may be helpful to nonprofits in their work
  • Upload information on your Scientifically Validated prevention or intervention programs so nonprofits can implement them
    Customers/Consumers of Services
  • Become a Contributor to the Website by sharing what you have learned
  • Find useful information about the most successful pathways that people have used to solve common questions or issues
  • Locate the specific organizations that can provide the exact service or assistance that you need
  • Identify on-line, print, and video resources that others have found helpful in solving common issues

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