Animals in Disaster (AID), Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry

Animals in Disaster (AID), Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry
Name of the Organization : Animals in Disaster (AID), Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry
Type of Organization: Other
Our Area of Service: Arizona
Full service in Maricopa county. as listed.
Support Service as requested for the rest of the state of Arizona.
Main Services Provided, Interests Served or Populations Helped that this Organization Specializes in offering to the public: Disaster Victims, Veterans, Domestic Violence – all species, multiple resources.
Disabled – Service dogs – higher quality food
Rescues/Shelters experiencing an emergency or responding to a hoarding situation, help once to twice per year with our resources and pet food.
Seniors, Terminal illness/injury
Homeless/Near Homeless help with pet food and other agency/coalition resources
Secondary Services, Interests, or Populations Served: Animal Protection/safety legislation – state council or city level,
Education – disaster preparation, response, recovery, humane education, health and safety
Our Mission Statement: Through pets, we help people back on their feet to stability.
What we do. Who we Help:

Though your donations of cash, resources, time or skill, we help people who are going though emergencies and crisis to keep their pets. Many times, the need to take care of beloved animals gets them out of bed, reaching out, trying to overcome one more day!
We have special programs for people with service dogs and termonal illness with agency partners in Maricopa County.
We also are a FEMA response team for animals out of the Arizona State Health Disaster Department.
We also help veterans with their pets/service dogs with the Arizona Veterans Stand Down and more special programs!

An Example of a Great Fit for us or a Typical or Ideal Client that Could make use of our Services is: We only have volunteers work within our organization who understand that people do the best they can. Because or model is cutting edge and the services new, they accept that mistakes happen, and are opportunities to learn and grow. We do not tolerate displays of frustration, anger or other non-productive emotions. We have 3 levels of volunteers.
A. Leadership. these are Managers or directors who have chose to run a programs to help ensure its delivery, these are our role models for others.
B. General volunteers who come in and support activities now and again equal to their sills and abilities.
C. Third part volunteers, which are members of other groups, organizations or business that which to offer a one time commitment to their community thoughour programs!
The Process for Receiving Our Services is:

To contact us for assistance based on location, need and category of person (veteran, senior, disabled, disaster…)
Note: we are a NEED based organization, not an income based organization.

Classes are Provided on these Topics———————>: Health, Safety, Environment and Disaster planning, response, mitigation and potentials.
We have a Yahoo problem dog email list and meet-up group.
Otherwise mild mannered dogs get stressed in crisis situations and can become difficult or even dangerous to others. We help to plan and prepare this kind of response in emergencies
Our Calendar of Events: Next Event Activity
Organization Phone Number: 602-909-7153
Nonprofit/For Profit?: Nonprofit Charitable Organization–tax status–501 (c) (3)
Date Established: July 2010
Donation Wish List—Search Items Needed—————> : Please: How you can HELP
if you belong to a group, church or business which has volunteers or corporate giving, get US involved with them!

General Need:
> Cash for administration and deliveries of service

>Pet Food
If opened and resealed go to agencies.
Sealed from Manufacturer are used for special projects.

> High Quality pet food
(goes to Service animals &
people with mobility challenges.)

We Need:
Cat Food Dry
Cat Food Wet or Canned
Dog Food Dry
Dog Food Wet or Canned

>Plastic food crates
(like food banks use)

>Zip lock Bags quart or gallon with zipper
Disaster Services & Veterans:
(besides pet food)

> Leashes, Collars, harnesses, muzzles, toys, beds
kitty litter, pans and towers,
crates/wire cages
(All Species Pets items)

 Grooming products (used/new)
Shampoos, conditioners, brushes, nail/hair clippers, etc

 Veterinary/First Aid items:
Specialty food, eye/ear/foot,
vitamins, health products,

>Donation Drives (short/long term) at your Veterinary office, Business, clubs, Churches, Birthday Party events

>Leadership Volunteers
>Wet & Veterinary specialty pet food (goes to 501c3 Rescues for special need sick, injured, disabled and senior animals instead of euthanasia.)

Donation Drop Off Locations & Hours and/or Donation Pick Up Service Area : https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zfJOnuAlNi0U.kuGvHnfBhkrQ for year around locations (Petco provides us with a wire basket instead of a box.
Our Major Fundraising Events & Activities–Help Needed: Please see our website of activities to attend (service or fun/awareness) where a donation bowl is put out or to get to our paypal/razoo online donations or send to AID, Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry. 610 E Bell Rd., Ste 2-271, Phoenix Az, 85022
How we use your Monetary Donations: All our cash donation goes to support our services such as gasoline, storage, u-haul rentals, etc.
For a more though vetting, please go to our donation page at http://www.emptybowlpetfoodpantry.org/donations.html to look at charts, and get our validation sources such as Guidestar.org (Gold Star member, or evaluations on Grassroots.com
Volunteers Opportunities & All Job Descriptions———> Search for Type of Volunteer Activities You Want to Do: At home on computer or phone.
At work or group to manage a donation basket.
With group to do volunteer work at one of our locations or at your site.
At our events to help provide service or information (see our home page.
Senior Volunteers >70 Years Old Accepted?—–Yes—->: yes
Child or Teen Volunteers Accepted?————-Yes——>: yes
School Community Service Hours Accepted?—–Yes—->: Yes,
Any age to 17 if accompanied by parent or group leader (school/boy/girl scouts/church etc
18 and above accepted alone or in group.
Justice System Community Service Hours & Volunteers Accepted? Adults and/or Teens?: yes-non-violent offenders.
An Example of a Volunteer who would be a Great Fit and/or Characterisitics of an Ideal Volunteer for us: Volunteers who accept environments that aren’t perfect or situations where they may have to adapt to enviroment or clients.
People who maintain humor in spite of what could become a difficult situation because or weather or other changes, who don’t need to make people wrong to say that a volunteer experience is not working for me. We are ALL volunteers working for the animals!
Intern Needed?–Type of Help Requested: Events Coordination to take our material to events, supervise volunteers and set up/break down. Unpaid/ tied to region preferred
Administration Managing office work remotely negotiated hours/non-paid
Social media beyond facebook. Twitter/pinterest/googleplus… flexible hours disaser and non-disaster social service negotiated hours/non-paid
Marketing/Pr skills – negotiated hours and type, negotiated hours/non-paid
Mentors Available/Mentoring Services Provided to Public: Help people find help based on where they are and what they ned with our many partners through whom we work.negotiated hours/non-paid
Mentor Expertise Needed?–Help or Volunteers Requested: Public Relations help form functioning department plan and activities/ negotiated hours/non-paid.
Special Skills & Expertise Needed?–Type of Help Requested: Admins to work with social media to promote activites and events. Pick your special media!
Need people who like basic level construction repair to help bring up a new construction trailer that was donated to us!
Hiring? Staff or Team Member Needed? : No
Now Hiring–Staff or Team Member Needed Description:

We are an all volunteer agency

Networking Opportunities, Partnerships, Joint Ventures or Group Associations sought: We already have belong to coalitions and partnerships for onetime events or on going relationships. From United Ways Project Connect to Arizona Veteran’s Stand down to PACC911 to Hopefest Phoenix where there are 25,000 clients to the 30 agencies in Maricopa we partner with. 68% of US citizens have at least 1 pet. We would love to buildcommunity with your organization in some way!
Sponsor & Sponsorship Needed: Our last IRS990 we gave $675,000 of pet food/items/service to 11 counties in Arizona on $20,000 cash.
In kind donations and cash make a huge difference in our service to Arizona since 2010 and $3,000!!!
However you wish to donate to what ever program, group or geography within our mission, we accommodate!
Referrals, Introductions & Connections Requested: Are you connected to an organization, group or business? Can you introduce us to a decision maker – or put up on list of donation needs,or post a brouchure about our services when people could see it and get pet and human help? A 1minute introduction could make a difference to alot of lives!~
Information & Advice Needed: We prefer to have people from groups, work in those groups. If you would like to make a difference to a group we service! Please contact us at 602-909-7153!
Organization Mailing Address: 610 E. Bell Rd., Ste 2-271 Phoenix Az 85022
Are you 100% Volunteer Run?: Yes
Organization Provides Services in this State: Arizona
Country of Origin: United States
Relevant Group Affiliations or Association Membership: Arizona Non-profit Alliance Leadership Council
Arizona Animals Medical Response Corp – Az Department of Health Disaster
Maricopa County Citizens Corp Council
Arizona State Citizens Corp – Gov. Ducey
Other Animal Rescues–Special Needs Animals Helped: Senior, Disabled. Sick or Injured. When rescues take these animals that would otherwise be euthanized, we help whith donated medical pet food so that rescues can put more money to medical expenses.
Other Animal Rescue Organizations—Services Provided: We help rescues with pet food for emergency situations such as taking animals fromhording or a death from a major officer which the rescue or shelter is regrouping from lack of succession planning.
Adoption Days! Animals are available for Adoption (dates, time, and locations):

We like to participate in community events of all kinds in Arizona with local volunteers to get people prepared for disasters of eveny level and to build community relations. If you have a connection or referral, please call 602-909-7153

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Listing Title: Animals in Disaster (AID), Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry

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