How to Support a Project


Thank you for wanting to Make a Difference in the World! Thank you for wanting to support a project that solves a social or environmental problem!

If you would like to View the Types of Projects Available that Need Your Help–Click Here!

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*****Once you have selected the project that you would like to support, simply send the project creators a note via the comments section at the bottom of the project post. If you have tips, information or resources that you would like to offer to help the project, you may leave details for the person or organization that created the project in the comments section.

*****If you prefer to contact the person or organization that created the project privately or if you have your contact information or other confidential resources to share, you may contact the project creator through the contact link in the project post. You will either contact them through their organization’s email link in the Directory of Services & Organizations or you will be able to contact them through their project profile in the Contact a Project on section in the Classified Want Ads of this website.

Please feel free to contact the creators of a project and let them know about any assistance that you may be able to provide! Let’s help make these community projects a success!

If you have tips or information that would be helpful to the project…

If you have items to donate or money to donate to help the project…

If you have the connections, referrals or partners that the project needs…

If you would like to volunteer your time, skills & expertise to help the project….

Please contact the project and let them know! Your help will be very much appreciated!


Thank you for wanting to Make a Difference in the World! Thanks for wanting to help your community by supporting this project that solves a social or environmental problem!


    How to Find a Community Project to Support

Would you like to support a Community Project that is currently running? To search for specific Community Projects to support in your city, your state or in your interest category, simply type keywords into the “Search this Website” option in the upper right hand corner of this web page. The “Search this Website” option is at the very top to the right of the website name.

There are a variety of Community Projects that need your support. The easiest way to find a specific type of community project to support is to go to the page Descriptions of Community Projects–Click Here! Simply click on the purple links under each project description to see all of the projects currently running under that specific project category.

Community Projects need your help with materials, expertise, time, skills, money or other donations in order to be completed.

To search by keywords, you may type in the name of your city or state plus the word “project” (Tempe project or Arizona project), your area of interest plus the word “project” (Animal Project, Senior Project, Veteran Project, Environment Project, etc.), the type of project (Community Project, Citizen Science Project, Crowdsourcing Project) or subject matter (Lost Dog, Recycle, Residential Solar, PTSD, Startup, Nonprofit, ADHD, etc. This type of keyword search will pull every project and every page on the website that is relevant to your search query.

You may also click on your preference from the purple links in the sidebar to the right on this page. An even more complete list of Community Projects to support can be found on the right sidebar of the Home Page–Click Here!

Another good way to search on the Home Page is to hit control F on your PC or tilde F on your Apple computer and search by project code. For example, CP stands for Community Project (CP), CS stands for Citizen Science (CS), CR stands for Crowdsourcing Request (CR), CRS stands for Community Response System (CRS), etc. This will highlight all of the CP–Community Projects, or other project codes you choose, that are currently running on the website.

To search for a Community Project to support, you may also hover your mouse over the “Community Projects” tab on the menu bar and a drop down menu with several options will appear. Simply click to see the projects running under each general category (Community Projects–View All) or you may view each specific category (Animals–Community Projects, Veterans–Community Projects, Environment–Community Projects, etc.)

Just think how great it will feel to know that you were a co-creator of a Community Project that fills a social or environmental need. You can say to yourself, “I helped to Create that!” With your help we can make a positive have a positive impact in our Community! With your help we can Make a Difference in our World!

Thank you for caring about your community by helping a Community Project! Your assistance is very much appreciated. Thank you for Making a Positive Difference in the World!