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Thank you for your interest in making a positive difference in the world through Community Projects! What would you like to do?

If you would you like to view currently running projects in order to find a project to support:

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If you would like tips on finding a Community Project that interests you: Find a Community Project to Support–Click Here!

If you would you like to Create a new Community Project, please read on. What kind of Community Project would you like to create to help your community? Is it local? Is it elsewhere in the United States? Is it an International Community Project?

Community Projects are used to build something that is helpful to the community. Maybe it is a new playground for abused children? Maybe it is a new Dog Run for an animal sanctuary? Maybe it is a Community Garden to be set up in a food desert? Maybe it is creating an “Adopt a Grandparent” program that helps to pair kids with willing senior citizens whose listening ears offer the children or teens extra emotional support? Maybe it is a Fundraising Event for your school or nonprofit?

Do you have a Community Project that you would like to request the community’s help in creating? Join with others to build something in your community that Solves a Social Problem or Helps the Environment.

Questions to Ask yourself before deciding if a Community Project is right for you and/or your group:

Does the Community Project I am proposing help to solve a Social or Environmental problem?

Does the community benefit from the completion of this Community Project?

If the answer is “Yes” to any of the questions above, then you are in the right place! To Create a Community Project Create a Project Application Form–Click Here! All projects use the same application form. If you would like Step by step instructions view How to Create a Project–Click Here!

What Community Project would you like to request the community’s help in completing? Specifically, what type of help do you need to support your Community Project that helps to solve a Social or Environmental problem? Propose a Community Project and let your community know what they can do to help make your project a success! Thanks and Good Luck!

Examples of Community Projects:

Animal Rescue Group: A local animal rescue needs a new dog run for their rescued dogs. They can propose a Community Project and request their community to help them find or purchase the chain link kennel panels, 2×4 wood, nails, etc. along with an architect or engineer to help them to design it. They can also request specialized volunteer help like carpenters or welders. If the Animal Rescue is a nonprofit organization, they can also request donations to fund the project. We will link to their website’s donation page. We will post the entire project on CommunityCause.org This is a FREE service that we provide to the nonprofit and 100% of the money goes directly to fund their Community Project.

Community Garden: A local neighborhood would like to create a community garden. They can propose a Community Project and request their community to help them find or purchase the tools, planters, seed, plants, etc. that they need to create this project. They can request expertise from Master gardeners or others who have created a community garden. They can request specific types of volunteer help on specific days.

State Park Clean Up Park staff could request community help with a state park clean up day. They could request donations of the plastic bags and/or tools that they will need along with the specific number of volunteers and the specific types of expertise those volunteers will need.

Thank you for wanting to create a Community Project that helps individuals in your community!

    How to Find a Community Project to Support

Would you like to support a Community Project that is currently running? To search for specific Community Projects to support in your city, your state or in your interest category, simply type keywords into the “Search this Website” option in the upper right hand corner of this web page. The “Search this Website” option is at the very top to the right of the CommunityCause.org website name.

There are a variety of Community Projects that need your support. The easiest way to find a specific type of community project to support is to go to the page Descriptions of Community Projects–Click Here! Simply click on the purple links under each project description to see all of the projects currently running under that specific project category.

Community Projects need your help with materials, expertise, time, skills, money or other donations in order to be completed. To view all currently running Community Projects–Click Here!

To search by keywords, you may type in the name of your city or state plus the word “project” (Tempe project or Arizona project), your area of interest plus the word “project” (Animal Project, Senior Project, Veteran Project, Environment Project, etc.), the type of project (Community Project, Citizen Science Project, Crowdsourcing Project) or subject matter (Lost Dog, Recycle, Residential Solar, PTSD, Startup, Nonprofit, ADHD, etc. This type of keyword search will pull every project and every page on the website that is relevant to your search query.

You may also click on your preference from the purple links in the sidebar to the right on this page. An even more complete list of Community Projects to support can be found on the right sidebar of the Home Page–Click Here!

Another good way to search on the Home Page is to hit control F on your PC or tilde F on your Apple computer and search by project code, in this case CP which stands for Community Project (CP). This will highlight all of the CP–Community Projects, created by community members, that are currently running on the CommunityCause.org website. To view a complete list of Project Codes–Click Here!

To search for a Community Project to support, you may also hover your mouse over the “Community Projects” tab on the menu bar and a drop down menu with several options will appear. Simply click to see the projects running under each general category (Community Projects–View All) or you may view each specific category (Animals–Community Projects, Veterans–Community Projects, Environment–Community Projects, etc.)

Just think how great it will feel to know that you were a co-creator of a Community Project that fills a social or environmental need. You can say to yourself, “I helped to Create that!” With your help we can make a positive have a positive impact in our Community! With your help we can Make a Difference in our World!

To view all currently running Community Projects–Click Here! Community Projects need your help with materials, expertise, time, skills, money or other donations in order to be completed.

If you would like more details on what you can do to help a project become a success, please view: How You Can Support a Project!


Thank you for caring about your community by helping a Community Project! Your assistance is very much appreciated. Thank you for Making a Positive Difference in the World!



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