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June 2, 2015


Get Help for a Nonprofit or Give Help to Nonprofits

Welcome all philanthropic organizations! We are a 100% volunteer run nonprofit that would like to cordially extend an invitation to our meeting about how Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding projects can help you fulfill your organization’s mission!

“Tips for Using Crowdfunding for Your Nonprofit & an Intro to the Projects Available to Help You on”

Are you a community volunteer who wants to have a positive impact on your community? Would you like to help nonprofits get the resources they need to help them fulfill their mission? Would you like to be a project facilitator that helps nonprofits upload specific projects so they can get the help they need from their community?

Do you volunteer for a nonprofit organization that needs help with their funding? Would you be able to accomplish more of your nonprofit mission if you had more volunteers and more donations? Would your nonprofit like to receive help to get the word out about the projects you are working on and the materials, services and cash donations you need to successfully complete the projects?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are invited to a Free gathering held at :

Mesa Main Library on Saturday, November 7th from 3PM to 4:30PM. Optional Networking time is available afterwards along with help posting your own new project. Come meet like-minded people and get energized with new ideas! This is a hands on workshop. Please bring your computer so that you can learn as you go.

This meeting is open to any 100% volunteer run or mostly volunteer run philanthropic organization. This meeting is also open to any volunteers who would like to assist nonprofits in posting projects and/or help nonprofits secure the services, donations and money they need to successfully complete their projects. We help any philanthropic organization with a mission to solve a social or an environmental problem. It is not necessary to have a 501(c)3 nonprofit tax designation to receive our help. If your project solves a social or environmental problem, we are here to assist you!

Think of as a megaphone. You can utilize the features on this web platform to reach out to a brand new audience thereby amplifying whatever message you are trying to get out to our community! You can also access our community volunteers who act like your extra staff helping to find you the information & resources you need to fulfill your organization’s mission.

**************Please bring your laptop, if you have one.**************** Also, please bring your Crowdfunding questions or tips as well as a project that you are working on that our community volunteers may be able to assist you with. We will help you create your new project right away during this meeting! Are you hosting a fundraiser? Are you creating a new program? Do you need something built? Are you developing new classes or hosting a special event? Do you have a holiday project that needs services or donated materials in order for it to be successful? Our community volunteers who love using Social Media can help get the word out and assist you in getting volunteers & donated items you need to successfully complete your project!

If you cannot attend, please send one of your volunteers, colleagues or friends and we are happy to give the training to them!

Here are the topics we plan to cover:

1. We will have a presentation on tips for using Crowdfunding to help your organization raise needed funds. We will also have a brainstorming session and an exchange of tips. Please bring any helpful tips to share and/or examples of successful crowdfunding campaigns.

2. We will have a discussion about what nonprofits need in order to successfully complete a community project for their organization (specific types of volunteers, donated items, donated services, etc.) We will also discuss how our community volunteers, who are “Social Media Lovers for a Cause”, can help promote your project and get the word out about your needs.

3. We will introduce nonprofits to the various Free community projects on our web platform that may be able to help any nonprofit organization. All of your nonprofit projects posted on our site become our mission. Whatever you need to successfully complete your project becomes the “shopping list” for community volunteers to find for you! 🙂 Even better, the Donation Page on your project directly clicks over to the donation page on your own website! We do not even take any percentage of the money that you raise. Every cent you raise goes directly to your nonprofit!

4. We will introduce the different types of Community Projects available on Each allows you to reach a different audience and accomplish a different mission. Each one of the Community Projects on communicates to the community volunteers helping with our website. Each type of project sets in motion a different type of assistance for your organization.

All services offered on are offered by community volunteers and all services are completely Free to nonprofit organizations. If you wish, you will receive help creating your own project on our website so that we can get to work finding you what you need to make your project a success.

5. Finally, we will get a head count of how many people might be interested in attending a nonprofit conference, also Free, to learn new skills to help nonprofits. We also want to find out who might want to work together to help plan such a nonprofit conference. Here are the details:


When? Saturday, November 7th meeting from 3PM to 4:30PM in Mesa. Optional networking and/or help posting your project after the meeting.


Where? Saturday, November 7th meeting: This meeting will be held at the Mesa Main Library at 64 E. 1st Street in downtown Mesa. From downtown Mesa’s Main Street, between Country Club and Mesa Drive, take Center St. North to E. 1st street. Look right and you will see the Post Office. The next building to the right is the Main Library. From downtown Mesa, the Main Library is 1 block north of Main and just East of Center St. We will be meeting on the 2nd floor in the boardroom to the right up the stairs. Here is the Map Link to the Mesa Main Library–Click Here!

Would you like to meet like-minded people willing to help nonprofits? Would you like to volunteer to help nonprofits as a facilitator of Community Projects? Could your nonprofit do more if you had access to more volunteers, donated items & donated funds? Would you like some tips for doing a Crowdfunding campaign as well as specific tips on how to run a variety of projects on our website?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then please join us at either of the two meetings. We would love to meet you! The community volunteers helping at want to do what we can to help make your nonprofit a success!!

Please R.S.V.P. for this meeting by contacting us via the comments section below. You can help this project by posting any relevant tips, ideas, advice, information & resources in the comments section as well. Your community needs your help!

*****Thank you for helping to make this meeting a success! What to bring: Please bring a project your organization needs help with, a list of your volunteer and donated item needs along with your laptop computer and we will get you started on receiving free help from*****

Another upcoming event that may be of interest:

November 28th–Free Help Available for Nonprofits & Community Volunteer Info Session—Overview of the Website Features This meeting is an overview of how to use the various features on the website. It is perfect for Nonprofits, Philanthropic Groups/Individuals & Community Volunteers who want to learn how to help a cause or an organization in our community. This is a hands on workshop. Please bring your computer so that you can learn as you go. We will cover the Free Help that is Available for Nonprofits and cover volunteer opportunities. You may even meet some potential volunteers! 🙂

Will you help us? Will you Help Get the Word Out about this meeting for community volunteers, social media volunteers, nonprofits & other philanthropic organizations.

Please forward information about this meeting to friends, family members & colleagues who may be interested in attending! The Social Media buttons at the top of this project page make it easy to share.

Do you have any ideas about how to get the word out to other nonprofits that there is Free help available at Please help brainstorm ideas by posting them in the comment section below.

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It is helpful, but not required, to RSVP to let us know you plan to attend so we can assure that we have enough seating available. You can RSVP by contacting us via the comment section below.

Thank you for wanting to make a difference in your community! Looking forward to meeting you!!



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  1. Will be attending the crowd sourcing/funding workshop on Sept 12. Looking forward to it !

  2. We have received the RSVP for 2 people from two different animal rescues.

    Please help us to get the word out! The more the merrier!