Thank you for wanting to use your Knowledge, Skills & Expertise as a Veterinarian to Make a Positive Difference in your Community!

You may want to choose to have your staff follow the Veterinarians for a Cause projects that are in alignment with your passion & purpose. They can alert you when a “Request for Help” comes in that resonates with you and meets your philanthropic goals.

The CommunityCause.org website is
crowdsourced, crowdfunded, crowd coded
and our goal is to create crowd solutions.

Our Mission is to create a web platform that will: Help Individuals & Organizations Connect with the Resources they Need to Solve Social and Environmental Problems.

We need your Help in order to accomplish this mission!

Please peruse the Requests for Help in the “comments” section on this and on any other project page. These Requests for Help represent opportunities to volunteer and help the causes that you believe in and want to support most. Please help wherever you can. Every bit of effort helps! Together We Can Make a Difference! 🙂

You get to choose if, when and how much you would like to help! In the “Request for Help” projects listed below, you will see “Project Status: Open”. That Means that Your Help is Needed! When you Subscribe to Follow this project you will automatically be notified when new “Requests for Help” come in. Thanks for helping your Community!

Who do you know that might also like to share their skills to help their community? Will you invite your friends, colleagues & family members to help by sharing their skills? The social media buttons located on this page make it easy to share this project through your social media channels!

If you have any questions, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)–Click Here! If you have a question not yet answered, please Contact Us–Click Here!

Your Community Needs You! Your Skills will Help to Make the World a Better Place! Thank You for Sharing your Time, Talent & Expertise!

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