CP-Animal Rescues Need your Trash to earn TerraCycle Cash$$
April 28, 2015

This is a sample Veteran Green Team Community Project

Our Community Project Goal:

We want to raise $5,000 to purchase a new S.T.E.A.M. program to benefit our children at Arredondo Elementary School in Tempe, Arizona. We plan to do this by setting up a TerraCycle Depot at our school and turn Trash into Cash!

Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to see all of the items that we can TerraCycle to earn cash from your trash!
View PDF of the items we need you to bring in–Click Here!

First, we need to raise the $300 needed to set up the TerraCycling Depot at our school! We need our community’s help. Please help spread the word through social media! We need your help to make this community project a success.

Here is how much $$$$$ we can make from your trash! It all add up and it helps!

The Formula for computing TC Potential: (Number of Families that
participate x 25 TerraCycle Items a week x .02 cents each x 52 weeks) = $ Potential. One can adjust the items a week and time measurement but for a School, Church, and most organizations I think the 52 weeks is good. The author of the formula had it at 50 items a week which I thought was a little high so I opted for 25 items a week. Using 435 families with the formula:

435 Families x 25 x .02 cents x 52 = $11,310 a year potential

The Problem we are trying to Solve:

Due to budget deficits, school science, technology, engineering, arts, and math programs have been cut. Yet, these are the very skills that our young people will need to have necessary skills to make them marketable to employers…and the very skills that our country will need to stay competitive in the world!

We have the solution! We want to change your Trash into Cash! This is a win-win-win. The students win. The environment wins. The school win because we are able to provide the education that we know our students need.

Donated Materials Needed to Make this Project a Success:

Suncast storage bins (possible donation Home Depot? Lowes?)
1 box of nails
Eight 2 x 4 boards
Cardboard boxes for shipping the recyclables
Tape for securing the shipping boxes

Expertise Needed to Make this Project a Success:

We need a carpenter, a social media marketer and someone to write press releases to help get the word out.

Connections, Referral, Networking Opportunities Needed to Make this Project a Success:

Please connect us with teachers, professors, principals, deans of colleges and any other education administrators who may help us to get the word out about this program.

Cash Donations Needed to Make this Project a Success:

We estimate that we will need to raise $5,610 to complete the entire project.

Suncast storage bins will cost $300 if they are not donated.
1 box of nails and Eight 2 x 4 boards $60
Veteran Green Team labor for TerraCycle Dept $250

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Here is a list of all the items that can earn money when they are recycled.

1- Any & All Drink Pouches(Such as Capri-Sun, Kool-Aid, Honest Kids to
include the straws and straw wrappers)

2- Any & All Coffee Pouches(Such as Maxwell House, Equal Exchange
Organic, and Starbucks)

3- Any & All Cookie and Cracker Wrappers(Such as Oreo and Keebler
including the inner trays)

4- Any & All Energy or Breakfast Bar and Food Wrappers(Such as Granola
Bars, Breakfast Bars, Cliff Bars, Oddwalla Bars, Lara Bar, Nut Bags)

5- Any & All Candy Wrappers(Such as M&Ms, Hershey, and Snickers)

6- Any & All Chip and Salty Snack Bags(Such as Frito Lay, Pepperidge
Farm, potato chip, crackers, pretzel, cheeto, nacho, peanut, popcorn,
pork rine and any that look and feel similar)

7- Any & All Lunch Kit Trays, Wrappers, TV Dinner style(such as Lunchables)

8- Any & All Dairy Tub Containers(Such as Stonyfield Farms, Chobani,
Dannon) Butter Type Spread Containers(Such as Country Crock, Promise,
and yes even the little baby single serve sizes) Sour Cream and
Cottage Cheese, etc.

9- Sprout Brand baby Food Containers and Wrappers

10- Any & All Gum Wrappers(Such as Trident, Bubblicious, and Wrigley)

11- Any & All Cereal Bags(Such as Malt-O-Meal, Rice Crispies, and
Honey Nut Cheerios)

12- Bear Naked Brand Granola and Cereal Product Wrappers

13- Any Kashi Brand Food Product Wrappers

14-Candy wrappers

15- Any & All Corks Real and Fake Plastic from wine and other liquor bottles

16- Any & All Disposable Household Tape Dispensers(Such as Scotch)

17- Any & All Home Storage Bags and Containers(such as Glad zip lock
style Bags, ceran wrap, sandwich bags, and temporary tupperware
plastic containers)

18- Any & All Paper Towel and similar Paper Product Wrappers(Such as
Scotts Paper Towels, Tissue Paper, Paper Napkins etc)

19- Any & All Tooth Paste Tubes, Dental Floss Devices, and used
Toothbrushes(Such as Colgate, Crest, etc)

20- Any & All Glue Containers and Glue Sticks(Such as Elmers)

21- Any & All Human Writing Instruments except Chalk and Crayons(Such
as Used Up or Broken Pens, Sharpies, Markers, Highlighters, Magic
Markers, and Mechanical Pencils, Wooden Pencils)

22- Any & All Beauty and Skin Care Product Tubes and Containers(Such
as Aveeno and Aveda Skin Product Tubes, Neosporin Medicine Containers,
Lip Stick Tubes, Cosmetic Cases, Chap Stick Tubes, Shampoo Bottles,
Deodorant Sticks and Sun Screen Tubes and Bottles)

23 -Any & All Diaper Wrappers(such as Huggies, Pampers, g-Diaper and
any sort of Baby Sanitation Wipe as well as Incontinence Pad Wrappers)

24- Any & All Cell Phones, MP3 players, Digital Cameras, GPS Systems,
Calculators, Printer and Toner Cartridges, and Laptop Computers
including all cords and chargers

25- Any & All Flexible Cheese Wrappers (such as Kraft, Kroger, Sargento)

26- Any & All Tortilla and Tostada Wrappers(such as Mission Tortillas)

27- Any and All Home Cleaning Containers and Items(such as Windex,
Pledge, Ajax, and Toilet Brushes) (Sponsored by Method!)

28- Any and All #5 & #6 disposable plastic drinking cup(Solo Cups)

29- Any and All Laundry and Dish Wash Detergent Briquette Bags

30-Any and All Wine Pouches

31-Any and All Hummus Products (like Athenos Hummus) (0.0508 pounds)

32-Any and All Shoes

33-Any and All Cigarette & Cigar Waste including all the ashes,
unburnt tobacco, filter stubs, plastic outer wrap, aluminum paper inner wrap. (3 pound minimum)


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