SU–Startup Launches FavorMe App–Favors Build Good Karma
May 14, 2015

Name of this Startup App—–FavorMe

Who we will Help and/or What Problem we will solve…

People do not like asking for help without having some way to reciprocate. Making a request for a favor is actually much harder than offering to do a favor for someone.

Our Service or Product Description

FavorMe is a social application that allows co-workers, neighbors and roommates to connect and exchange favors. The favors might include activities such as picking up lunch or coffee delivery, running chores, etc. FavorMe is a gamified “pay-it-forward” trading platform where favors are exchanged for a social currency – Karma points that can be used later to request a favor in the future.

Please descibe the Social or Environmental Problem you will Solve. Why is this important?

FavorMe has a vision of building a large global user base creating a true peer-to-peer sharing and collaborative economy. This will be achieved by applying technology to encourage people to help each other and foster relationships.

Where is your Primary Market or Target Population?


People Resources Needed–Team Members, Interns, Volunteers, Staff?

Graphic Designers, Social Media experts, Content writers, Beta testers

Mentor help Requested? Skills & Expertise Needed?

Startup Marketing and Community Outreach

Referrals, Introductions, Connections Needed

To offices where such an application can be used to improve employee productivity and/or local businesses (Coffee shops and restaurants) who can promote the app to improve their business

What You can do to Help this Startup. How our Community can Help this Startup venture.

Try our app and let us know your feedback:

Target Date for Startup Product/Service Launch

June 2015

Important Deadlines Coming Up

App launch by the end of May 2015

Our Next Steps

Iterate the app to make it more user friendly

Please Check out our FavorMe App at:

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