Here you will find the Scientifically Validated Programs and Research Findings that are relevant to helping specific groups or supporting specific interests. Discover what science has found that works to help you do what you do even better. Maybe they are scientifically validated solutions to common issues that work. Maybe they are complete, scientifically validated, prevention or intervention programs that work to solve social or environmental problems. Coming Soon: there will be links to relevant “Scientific Research” wikis.

Scientific Researchers, you can add your own Scientifically Validated Research Findings or Scientifically Validated Prevention or Intervention Programs. Or, anyone, as an interested other, can add a source, a citation, or a link to a website where you have found relevant research that you want to share with others. If the Scientific Research or Scientifically Validated program helps to solve a Social or Environmental problem, you may post information in the classified want ads of this website. You may also add information to the relevant wiki pages on this site. Click “Log In” and follow the directions to become a contributor to the wikis on this website if you would like to add information directly on the wiki.

Scientifically Validated Prevention & Intervention and specific Research Findings that you post may provide the essential key to the puzzle for someone. You may post the exact research that practitioners, professionals, nonprofits & volunteers need to be more effective in their work serving others. Help to make a difference in the world by sharing scientifically validated research that is relevant to people attempting to solve social or environmental problems. Just include a link, a citation and/or an abstract that is easy for the layperson to understand.

What Works? Scientific Research Findings Click Here

What Works? Scientifically Validated Prevention & Intervention Programs that Work Click Here

You may browse, search, edit and place a new classified ad right now! Simply hover over the main tab and click on “Classified Want Ads” to get started. Let’s let the power of the grapevine work! It is FREE to post your wants, needs and requests so people in the community can help. You may also post what you have to share so that organizations can benefit from your help, expertise and donated items.

Coming Soon: There will be tips on what makes an effective classified ad that generates interest. There will be tips to assist in the search. There will also be links to relevant wiki pages as well. This website is still being built out. Directions for using this function and links to other pages. Thank you for your patience.


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