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CE–Marketing & Innovation Team Helping all Animals!
April 10, 2015

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*****Thank You for your interest in being on the Volunteer Marketing Team for a Cause Helping Your Community, Local Nonprofits and Animals that Need Your Assistance!*****


Would you like to be part of a Marketing Team that Helps Animals? Volunteer your time as a community volunteer helping to craft a marketing strategy that will help all nonprofits helping animals. Help with traditional marketing such as: Press releases, Interviews with the Media, Marketing Events, Promotional Information Booths and other forms of traditional marketing strategies. Help with social media is needed as well. To find out more and view Social Media Lovers for a Cause–Click Here!

We have a rough draft of our current marketing strategy below. Please share any tips, ideas, information or resources. Thanks for Helping the Animals! Here is how to get involved in this Volunteer Marketing Team Helping Rescued Animals project:

Step #1Send us a message letting us know that you would like to get involved as a community volunteer on a Marketing Team Helping Animals. Contact us via the comments section below. Please let us know which marketing skills you are most interested in using.

Step #2Follow this project–see details. If you would like to receive notification about team meetings and requests for marketing help from animal related nonprofits, you may choose to follow this project. You will receive free email notification when new information and updates are added regarding this “Marketing Team Helping Animals” project. This is a FREE service. It is free to follow this and any other project that interests you. To follow a project that interests you, simply subscribe at the bottom of this project post. You can be part of the action and contribute important information that leads to this project’s success!

Step #3You may also choose to Join the Club–Click Here to connect with other people who are passionate about Helping Animals. It is another free service. You will be alerted when special events, classes, new projects and Invitation Only events concerning your specific interest or cherished cause are posted on the website.

——————————This is a Community Engagement Project————————————
Community Engagement (CE) projects need public participation to complete a project that will solve a Social or Environmental problem. A Community Engagement project requests the active engagement or physical presence of people in order to be a Success. Your Participation Makes a Difference! Each person’s effort helps! Thanks for caring enough to get involved! Together we can make a positive difference in our world!

Our Marketing Strategy:

Use Social Media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs, etc. as Free marketing avenues to get the word out through print and pictures.

Create a YouTube Channel featuring videos of successful adoption, volunteers “on the job” and animal related projects at local nonprofits and schools. Include interviews with the volunteers, nonprofits and adopters.

Invite Celebrities with large Social Media Followers to visit the adoption sites and animal project sites and ask celebrities to tweet to their followers or post Instagram or Pinterest pictures on their pages.

Enlist the Help of local experts active on Twitter and other Social Media to assist us in crafting a social media strategy since Helping Animals is a worthy cause. Also ask their help to do push marketing to their followers about the various projects being done by animal rescues in order to drive awareness of the nonprofits and schools hosting animal projects. Request donations to support the various Crowdfunding Campaigns.

Utilize community volunteers who are helping in the Social Media Lovers for a Cause Helping Animals project to help get the word out. For information on the project in general or please check out the various Youth Helping Animal by using their Social Media Skills projects at the same link as above.

Create Yard Signs and stand alone signage for the animal project work sites and adoption events that have our logo and a QRL Marketing code that links to website information, videos, and the E-Magazine

• Include information on what we are doing at Public Speaking Engagements by nonprofits and business owners. Partner with various nonprofits and businesses that are out speaking in the community already and have them include information about what we do and the animal projects running on that need support. They are already out in the community giving speeches on these topics and may will be willing to offer the web platform project as one possible solution that is worth promoting, especially since they get more views for their own and others’ projects!

Create a Speakers Bureau of community volunteers presenting interesting animal related topics. To view information about the Speakers Bureau–Click Here! Have each Speakers Bureau talk include information on what animal rescue nonprofits need help with and the animal related project projects currently running at Public Speaking Engagements by nonprofits and other animal lovers can also be listed in the classifieds section of the website under the heading “Speakers Bureau Presenters–Free Talks Available”. We can ask presenters to share information about our animal related projects as well. To view the Resource for Animal Welfare and Rescues at ASU, Sparky’s Service Dogs, Tempe Pre-Veterinary at Arizona State University, MildCats at ASU (which helps feed the cats on campus), etc.

Enlist the help of Faith Communities and ask animal lovers in their communities to host information tables to increase awareness about animal related services, events, and animal projects that need support.

Provide animal talks & printed information to schools to increase awareness about animal related services, events, and animal projects that need support. Connect with animal related clubs at schools. Work with other rescues to cross promote services when any one nonprofit visits a school. Create a list of schools & make a notation indicating which schools have been visited and what types of presentation have been done and what events have been attended.

Launch an Animal Lovers E-Magazine focusing on the animal related nonprofits and projects, especially the animal projects completed for schools and nonprofit organizations. Write blurbs on how the projects are helping the recipients. Another focus of this E-Magazine will be on the stories of the individual animal rescue volunteers or adopters and their personal experiences while being part of the animal rescue effort.

Promotional Cards with QRL code links to website & videos left around town to generate curiosity.

Crowdfunding Campaigns on popular websites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, etc. bring new eyes and possibly new customers to a project or a cause. We plan to utilize them as a launchpad in addition to the Crowdfunding function on the website.

We will be utilizing a variety of Push-Pull Marketing Techniques–Read More!

Information booths to increase awareness at various animal related events, large cultural events, in front of public libraries, at farmer’s markets, etc.

Explore opportunities to do cross promotion at events (business trade shows, Chamber of Commerce events, sponsorhips of events, donated silent auction items that help with marketing of business while raising money for the animals, etc.) and at Business Point of Sale (information displays, cash register coupons, donation boxes for donated $$$ or donated items, business customer loyalty programs that earn money for animal rescues, etc.)

Radio Programs—traditional, Radio shows online and Podcasts on animal related projects and nonprofits. The local NPR station will run stories of public interest.

Traditional Print & Television Media local news and morning shows are always desperate for special interest stories to fill time and space. Press releases and interviews help spread the word about animal related projects.

Creative online marketing ideas such as contests, surveys, viral videos, petitions, questionnaires or voting on pictures.

Creative offline marketing ideas such as impromptu theater, Flash Mob events, Commedians for a Cause Helping Animals fundraisers, Musicians for a Cause Helping Animals concerts, Arts & Crafts for a Cause Helping Animals creating items to sell at events to raise money, Artists for a Cause Helping Animals public art programs to increase awareness about animal related issues

Website Links from other nonprofit & business websites to

Newsletters promotion by supportive Nonprofits & Companies will generate a “buzz” and connect us with new supporters. Include information about the animal related projects in nonprofit and business newsletters, brochures and other print media.

Partner with Petco, Petsmart & other stores and apply for grants, run fundraisers, fill donation bins, get donated food & products, display animal nonprofit brochures, do mini in store information seminars, host in store information booths, etc.

Do you have any more ideas? Please share them in the comments section below! Let’s Brainstorm other ways to Get the Word out and Help Animals? Want to be even more involved? Join us on the Volunteer Marketing Team Helping Rescued Animals!

You can help this project by writing to us via the comments section below to let us know that you would like to volunteer your time as a community volunteer Helping Animals. Please let us know which type of marketing skills you prefer to use. Your community needs your help!

Please share any tips, ideas, information or resources that you think may be helpful to this Volunteer Marketing Team. Thanks for Helping the Animals!

***********Will you help us to find more people to help with this project? Please forward this “Marketing Team Helping Animals” project to friends, family & colleagues who may be interested in getting involved in this project and helping their community!***********

Thanks for Making a Difference in the World! Thanks for helping your Community!


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