Our Core Beliefs


When solving social and environmental problems in our community, we believe in the following:

1. Efficient allocation of scarce resources (Time, Money, Mental, Emotional, and
Physical Energy.) Impactful programs. Maximum bang for the buck.

2. Solutions that provide the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

3. Proactive solutions. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cures.” “Work
smart, not hard”. Solve problems before they can happen. (Example: Spay/Nueter programs instead of euthanasia of unwanted animals.)

4. Find the current stakeholders for each social problem. Get customers, researchers, volunteers, non=profits together. Discover “who is who
and what they do”. Promote the formation of strategic alliances. Do not duplicate
the efforts and services already being provided.

5. Best practices. Who has solved this problem any where in the world and what
ideas can we use to solve the same social problems locally? (We do not want to
reinvent the wheel.) Brainstorm new, creative ideas. Be social innovators. Think
outside of the box. Innovation. Cross fertilization of ideas.

6. Win-win-win solutions (Example: Good for the target client, the organization
providing the service, the environment and/or the taxpayers’ $ use.)

7. A sense of community where everyone offers what they do best to help make
peoples lives easier and lighter. Encourage people to offer their natural gifts,
talents, skills and capabilities to make a helpful, healing contribution to their
community. (as opposed to a hurtful, harmful impact—I believe people can
pollute their community through their bad or negative behavior. ) Get people
excited about doing some small act that, when joined with others doing the same,
becomes a big act.

8. A way to encourage self-reliance, self-responsibility, self-discipline, integrity
and accountability (I added these last two…not sure about them.) Refrain from
making people “victims”. Have them actively participate in the services they are
receiving and give back to the community with their own skills and gifts to help
other social problems.

9. Methods of providing information to the public in easily understandable,
compelling ways. Give them a “because” and answers to “why?” so that they will
be motivated to make different choices for themselves. We believe in making it

easy for people to make the healthy choice (do the “right” thing.) Present people
with information that is relevant to their lives so that they can quickly and easily
make better decisions.

10. Civil discourse. Discuss with reason and move with passion.

11. Common values that lead to mutually agreed upon goals. Different views and
perspectives will be respected (but scientifically based, empirically supported,”
best practice” solutions will be followed.) Offer solutions, not criticism. We are
solution and/or prevention oriented, not problem oriented.

12. A free exchange of ideas. Freely share what we have learned that has worked
locally with anyone who may want to adapt our solutions to social problems in
their area.


for Humans, Animals, and the Environment. To Achieve this:


*We serve as Concierge helping you to find needed

help, answers & resources quickly and efficiently.


*We act as Ombudsman. We help individuals to

find solutions to specific problems. We help groups to

remove obstacles that prevent them from moving their

community cause forward in a positive direction.


*We identify, support, promote and enhance the

organizations and services currently helping to

solve specific social and environmental problems.


*We create opportunities for cooperation,

collaboration and strategic alliances between

all groups and organizations.


*We locate gaps in services and provide bridges

so that information and services are provided

along pathways that are better, faster, cheaper,

stronger, easier to use and more efficient.


*We secure the information, people, and material

resources that groups and organizations need to

do what they do well even better.


*We serve as Concierge helping you to find needed

help, answers & resources quickly and efficiently.


*We act as Ombudsman helping you to solve problems

and remove obstacles that prevent you from moving

your community cause forward in a positive direction.