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If you have a question about a specific feature available on this website, please use the “Contact Us” form below.

If you would like to share how this website has helped you, please let us know about any successes. It will keep us motivated to keep going with this totally volunteer run website.

If you would like to share with the community some challenge, issue, difficulty or gap in service that you have identified or if you would like some crowdsourced feedback or help in solving an issue, you may want to view this link first Get Help–Find Answers–Click Here!

If you have a specific problem for the “Ombudsman” Community Volunteers service and need help solving a specific problem or issue, please use the Classified Want Ads–Click Here!. Simply scroll down and place an ad in the “Ombudsman” category to contact the correct people who can help under the Animals, People, Environment or Organizations tab.

If you are experiencing some difficulty with the CommunityCause.org website or if something is not working properly or if you spot a typographical error, please let us know by using the form below.

Also, we are trying to keep all information on this website current and accurate. If you spot information that is inaccurate or a resource that is no longer available, please let us know so that we can correct it. If you see a resource or organization that we have missed, please let us know and we will add it.

If you have a huge donation of money to help support us or if you have items to donate that CommunityCause.org has requested in their wish list, please use this form. 🙂

Please remember that everyone involved at CommunityCause.org is volunteering their time. There are no paid staff so it may take up to 72 hours to get a response. Thank you for helping us to help our community.

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Before contacting one or our volunteers.....Please make sure that this question has not been answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website found under the "Help" tab in the drop down menu. Thanks!
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