“Ambassadors for a Cause” are people who have received advanced training on topics of interest to them.

Ambassadors for a Cause receive FREE advanced training on their chosen topic from a nonprofit or a government agency. After the training, they serve as the “go to” person, the “information booth” on that topic, in their organization, School, University, Government Agency, Indian Tribe, Business, Faith Community or Military Service Branch.

Ambassadors for a Cause help their friends, family and coworkers during the course of their normal lives. Whenever they are approached during the course of the day with a question on the topic, they are equipped to provide current and accurate information.

Ambassadors for a Cause need not be or become a volunteer for an organization. Any person passionate about an issue can become an Ambassador for a Cause. To get started, simply search for a project that interests you. You will receive Free email notification alerting you to the next training available when you subscribe to follow the Ambassadors for a Cause project that interests you:

To View & Search for all Ambassadors for a Cause Projects–Click Here!

You may also bookmark the website page for the Ambassador for a Cause project that interests you. You can check back periodically and you will see when the next training on that topic is available. Or, you can check for the next training on the CommunityCause.org Calendar or Events–Click Here! It is easiest to subscribe to follow a project so that you can receive Free email notification.

Ambassadors for a Cause act as a Concierge guiding people to the best resources and information to answer questions. Ambassadors for a Cause also act as an Ombudsman helping people to solve complex issues or remove obstacles to aid in resolution of issues.

For example, someone who has an interest in helping dogs would receive free training on how to respond to all of the most common questions regarding dogs:

How do I adopt a rescue dog? What should I do with my dog’s problem behavior? I lost my dog, what should I do? I found a stray dog, what should I do? Where do I find low cost spay & neuter options? I have an unwanted dog, what should I do? If you love dogs, you have probably been asked these questions before. We are just going to give you FREE training that helps you to become an even more effective transmitter or dog related knowledge. We want to equip you with current, accurate and complete knowledge to help you to help your community and help dogs.

In the future, on this “Ambassadors for a Cause” page, you will also receive general updates on information that is relevant to all “Ambassadors for a Cause” helping any cause or interest. Please be sure to check this page frequently in order to receive important updated information or subscribe to this page below and you will receive email notification regarding any general updates.

If you would like to become an Ambassador Cause on a specific topic, please let us know the topic(s) that interest you by subscribing to follow those projects and we will keep you informed about the next training dates. You can also check the Volunteer Opportunities, Trainings & Classes Schedule in the Calendar of Events for all upcoming “Ambassador for a Cause” trainings. If you wish, you may contact us via the comments section below.

Thank you for offering to Help your friends, family, coworkers and community!

Who do you know that might also like to share their skills to help their community? Will you invite your friends, colleagues & family members to help by sharing their skills? The social media buttons located on this page make it easy to share this project through your social media channels!

Your Community needs you! By becoming an Ambassador for a Cause you will help individuals to get the help, information & resources they need! Ambassadors for a Cause Help Make the World a Better Place! 🙂



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