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HH–Help Needed to Repair an Elderly Tempe Couple’s Home
June 16, 2016

    Project Update:
    The roof has been fixed, but all the other projects are still there. The holes in the floor would be a good next step. They need 3/4 inch plywood.New Completion Date Desired is June 1st, 2017. Thanks for any help!

Project Name: Veteran Needs Help! Repair an Elderly Tempe Couple’s Home

Brief Description of this Project

An elderly/disabled/veteran couple need a roof repair, ceiling repair, floor repair, wheelchair ramp repair, electrical repair for their mobile home.

Our Project Step by Step

Step #1 Help elderly veteran in Tempe
Step #2 Roof repair
Step #3 Tree trimming
Step #4 Ceiling repair
Step #5 floor repair
Step #6 Wheelchair ramp repair
Step # 7 electrical repair
Step #8 Yard cleanup
Step #9 Broken windows replaced
Step #10 Home is safe

Project Description Details

Tempe neighbor is in need of home repairs. The husband is a veteran and is over 75 years old. His wife is in a wheel chair. The trees by the mobile home have dropped leaves and needles which cause the roof to leak. The roof leak has caused the ceiling to collapse and the floor wood to collapse. The wheelchair ramp is falling apart so it needs to be repaired. The electrical sockets are loose or falling out of the walls. The walls have damage from the electric wheelchair which has a sensitive toggle for steering. The front windows are broken and need to be replaced. The yard needs to be cleaned up. The home needs these repairs to be safe.

Please descibe the Social Problem that this Project will help to solve.

Home safety is essential for elderly/disabled/veterans. They need to be able to breath clean air, have stable flooring and have proper electric sockets to run their air conditioners. The main goal is to repair the necessities to give this couple a safe, comfortable home. No one should live in these conditions. We need to help our neighbors in need.

Supplies or Material Resources Needed

Wood for walls and flooring
Electrical receptacles

Skills & Expertise Needed. Mentor help Requested.


Donation of labor from the following skill areas:

Floor repair person
Ceiling repair person
Carpenter for walls
Yardwork laborer

People Resources Needed–Volunteers

Volunteers needed to repair a mobile home. Volunteers must have skills to repair the roof, ceiling, floor and walls. Need skills in electrical.
Yard cleanup labor needed.

Information & Advice Needed

Where can I find skilled labor who is willing to donate some hours to help a neighbor in need?

Referrals, Introductions, Connections Needed

A non-profit who deals with home repairs would be idea to help organize the efforts.

Financial Budget for our Project
Roofing $1,000
Ceiling $1,000
Flooring $400
Walls $300
Wheelchair ramp repair $100
Electrical $1,300
Windows $300-500
Yardwork $300

Specific Questions? Requesting Crowd Sourced Feedback.

What nonprofit is willing to take on this project?

What You can do to Help on this Project. How our Community can Help Us.

The community can donate materials.

The community can help find skilled labor to do the work.

Finished Project:

The mobile home will be safe for elderly couple. The wheelchair ramp will be efficient for use.

Please send this information about the Help Needed to Repair an Elderly Tempe Couple’s Home to friends, family and colleagues who may be able to help. The social media buttons on this page make sharing this information via social media easy.

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Target Date for Completion of the Project

August 31, 2016

Important Deadlines Coming Up

Roof repair before the monsoon season hits. July 15, 2016

Our Next Steps

1. Raising funds for materials by July 1, 2016
2. Finding skilled labor to donate time By July 3, 2016
3. Doing the repairs by August 31, 2016

Personal Note from this Individual

The family is proud of their home. They just can’t afford to keep up with repairs. This is a delicate subject.

Contact Information:

Barbara, the woman trying to help this elderly couple and Veteran, can be reached through her Help Want Ad listing on CommunityCause.org

Please Click Here to Contact the Person Helping this Couple, If You Can Assist this Project in Any Way


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  1. New Target date of completion: June 1, 2017.

  2. Project Update:
    The roof has been fixed, but all the other projects are still there. The holes in the floor would be a good next step. They need 3/4 inch plywood.

  3. First of all, I highly recommend Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema’s staff. She has collected a lot of resources for veterans and her staff is there to help get things done for constituents. Please see her Veteran Resource List at this link:


    I saw it in the Tempe Newsletter. Simply scroll down at this link to see the story:


    “Emergency Grants to Maintain Safe Homes” The number is 480-858-2154 or 480-350-8961or simply call the number 311 and the person is supposed to specialize in knowing what City of Tempe resources are available and direct you to the correct office.

    There is also a very long document that describes the program at this link: