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Goal–Senior Issues-Quick & Easy Access-Help+Resources
September 2, 2014

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Our Goal is to: Assist Seniors, Families, Caregivers and Professionals in finding Quick and Easy Access to Help & Resources that address Common Issues relevant to Seniors.

Members of the public are welcome to propose Goals that they would like to see achieved in an effort to improve our community. You are welcome to propose and post any goal that helps to solve a Social or Environmental issue. To Propose a New Goal or Help with this Goal–Click Here!

We will know that we have accomplished this goal by observing 25 people use this website or other sources to access resources that are relevant to them. If the person is able to navigate this website or other source intuitively, without any outside assistance and without frustration, then our goal has been accomplished. If the individual can find an organization or service that meets their needs within a 10 minute visit to the website or other source then our goal has been accomplished.


This is currently a goal posted for Maricopa County in the State of Arizona. If you would like to support this goal, you are invited to create and post your goal-related projects on the CommunityCause.org website. Let your community know what project you are working on that relates to the accomplishment of this Goal.

This will make it easier for like-minded people and organizations to find you and support your project! We want to facilitate synchronicity! We want to help you to cooperate & coordinate efforts with others in our community! Connect with other organizations and individuals who are passionate about this issue and willing to work together to achieve a common Goal!

To learn more about how to create & post a Community Project–Click Here! If you have an idea, project, or startup venture that solves a Social or Environmental problem, we want to support you! Let your community get involved and help you with your project! Tell us what you need in order to make your project a reality! Together we can Make a Positive Difference in the World!

Coming Soon! The link to current goals & projects that support this goal.

Do know of any organizations, websites, books, blogs, videos, newsletters, scientific research, resources, tips or other advice that could be helpful to achieving this Goal? Have you heard of anyone who is working on a similar Goal from whom we might learn? Do you have connections to people or resources that could help accomplish this Goal? If you have any information, advice or resources that may help support this Goal, please share what you know by posting a comment on this project page.

Are you an individual or an organization that would like to help with this goal? If so, please let us know. E-mail us at “Contact Us”

Thanks for caring enough to get involved! Every little effort helps! Together we can make a positive difference in our world!


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