CR–Veteran Green Teams doing “Green Jobs”–Employ Veterans
May 7, 2015

Crowdsourcing help is needed to make this project a success. Please help by using you Social Media channels to help get the word out.

Do you have any friends, colleagues or family members who may be able to make this project a reality? Please let them know. Help us to create a “buzz” about this Veteran Green Team project that helps Veterans, the environment and local schools & nonprofits.

You can contact us via the comments section below if you have any ideas, information or resources that could help this project to become a success. Details and excerpts of our grant proposal follow:

Our Goal: The basic idea is that we want to create a modern day Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) that hires unemployed Veterans to do “green projects” that provide cost savings to philanthropic organizations and help the environment.

What we Need to Make this Community Project a Success:

—>Construction Company Partners
—>Solar Company Partners
—>Veterans who are unemployed and interested in doing green jobs
—>School & Nonprofits that need green jobs done
—>Legal help to set up the contracts with business partners
—>Student volunteers & interns in all fields
—>Contact people who work with Veterans at University & Community Colleges
—>Contact people at Nonprofits that specialize in working with Veterans
—>Green project ideas are needed. What makes the most difference in helping the environment?

Just think of the benefit to Veterans and to our community! You can help to make this project a success! Get involved! Volunteer! Donate time, money or expertise! Share this Veteran Green Team project with others through your social media channels!

Deploying Veteran Green Teams to do Green Jobs

The New Mission for returning Veterans:

Increase National Security by decreasing Energy Independence on Foreign Oil, Employ Veterans, Build Community, Help the Environment, Decrease the Need for Future Troop Deployment and Loss of Military Lives & Taxpayer Dollars

Business Concept and Strategy

We are proposing a modern day Civilian Conservation Corps, CCC, that recruits unemployed Veterans to join Veteran Green Teams that work on a variety of “Green Jobs” that help the environment and move the United States towards a future of energy independence.

“Green Job Examples” include: Home insulation upgrades, efficient energy & water saving system installation, solar panel
installation, climate change mitigation projects, state & federal park restoration and rebuilding of important infrastructure. The infrastructure projects can be done in a way that properly disposes of used material in a “green” way while using sustainability principles in designing the (re)building of infrastructure.

An additional sample green job is TerraCycling Depots that earn money for schools and nonprofits using trash that would otherwise go to the landfill! (View sample project #3 , View 1 minute

video “What is Garbage?” View 1.5 minute video “What is TerraCycle?”

The green jobs contracted by residential and commercial clients are private pay jobs. The green jobs commissioned by schools, nonprofits, public parks and other philanthropic organizations are funded through Crowdfunding and other innovative financing methods.

This business concept solves social, emotional and economic challenges for the Veterans while solving economic & environmental challenges for the customers.

We are a Social Enterprise. We are seeking to partner with both solar companies and construction companies who want to sponsor a Veteran Green Team. We will do all the traditional marketing and social media marketing for free. Your company will get lots of FREE advertising opportunities that will benefit your own core business.

You will also be helping returning Veterans in our community who are currently unemployed.

This project is providing Veterans with social support as part of a Veteran Green Team, while also increasing their economic stability. This project is also improving their access to other mental & emotional support and resources that will ease their re-entry into their community.

Our Veterans are no longer isolated and alone. The risk factors for substance abuse, suicidality and problems with the criminal justice system are greatly reduced through this business proposal. With the Veteran Green Team they form a new brotherhood with people who care about them and can identify if they need extra help adjusting to life outside of the military.

An added benefit is that, as a social enterprise, a percentage of all profits goes right back into our community to fund green projects in our state & federal parks and for local schools & nonprofits.

—–>Problem #1: One U.S. Veteran dies by suicide every 65 minutes! That is 22 suicides per day! That is 8,000 Veterans each year! Sadly these numbers may be underestimating the true total due to data collection problems and incomplete reporting from 21 states! In addition, a 2012 Pew survey found that 44 percent of veterans who have served since 9/11 are having trouble adjusting to civilian life. If you wish, you may view a video about the Veteran suicide epidemic and also see an article about efforts to prevent suicides:

Many newly returning vets describe their sadness at the loss of camaraderie and “brotherhood” they felt while they were deployed. They also mourn the loss of a sense of purpose and feel the lack of a clearly defined “Mission”. 

As a result, many returning veterans are having difficulty plugging back into life in their civilian communities. Some veterans feel like they have become an emotional and financial burden to their families. In 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there are 773,000 unemployed veterans. For veterans ages 25-to-34, the unemployment rate is 10.6%. For veterans under 24 years it is 20.4%. Graph of veteran unemployment rates:

—–>Problem #2: The adoption of green technologies is too slow: The global concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – the primary driver of recent climate change – has reached 400 parts per million for the first time in recorded history! We have all witnessed both the economic and the emotional devastation brought on as a result of increasingly destructive weather events. Businesses and private citizens are beginning to understand the necessity of employing energy and water saving upgrades to their commercial and residential properties.

—–>Problem #3: Our continued addiction to fossil fuels increases the chance that the United States will continue its
involvement in disputes in foreign lands in order to protect our access to the fuel that keeps our current economy going. Our addiction to fossil fuel results in multiple deployments for beleaguered troops! More and more, U.S. energy independence is being seen by the Homeland Security agency as a matter of national security!

We have the Business Proposal that Solves all 3 Problems: We are applying for this grant in order to train and deploy Veteran Green Teams to do Green Jobs, to create a modern day Civilian Conservation Corps, CCC, for Veterans. Our solution is to train teams of veterans in the skills necessary to do retrofitting of buildings, solar installations and other “green” projects. The idea is that the veteran team would stay together moving from
green job to green job serving their community in a new way. The Veteran Green Teams will recreate the sense of brotherhood & camaraderie that Veterans need. 

Our solution harnesses the veteran’s significant skills, passion and sense of duty by focusing their talents on a new, civilian “Mission” of Saving the Environment while decreasing America’s dependence of foreign oil which, in turn, decreases the need for future military deployments! 

During the great Depression, the unemployment rate rose to 25%. This is the same rate of unemployment faced by returning Veterans today. In response to this dire situation, the Civilian Conservation Corps, CCC, was one of the first New Deal programs proposed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was a public works project begun to provide jobs for unemployed workers, promote environmental conservation and “build good citizens
through vigorous, disciplined outdoor labor”.

Bringing several government agencies together in a common mission, the CCC program grew in scale quickly. In just 2 months over 250,000 workers were employed providing services Over the next decade the CCC employed more than 3 million to work on conservation projects in the nation’s forests and parks on both private and federal land. A modern day CCC for returning Veterans is the answer to the economic and social challenges facing individual Veterans as well as the environmental challenges facing the United States as a nation.More information on the CCC is at

This business proposal has the potential to be as successful as the CCC was! All while offering the possibility of employing Veterans, helping the environment and getting some cost saving green jobs done for schools, nonprofits, public parks, government buildings as well as for commercial and residential clients.

Just as the CCC did, this business proposal offers the possibility of scaling very quickly. This means that we can employ many Veterans very quickly and make a real dent in the problem U.S. energy dependence. The Veteran Green Teams may
choose to specialize in certain types of projects such as solar installation or energy upgrades for commercial or residential
clients, thus providing them work skills that will be marketable for a lifetime.

Start the Project Prototype and see how the Veteran Green Team project would work, please Click Here: This link lays out the business proposal and flow of the business from
referral to completed project. The prototype website is a little clunky but it is the Minimal Viable Product and will give you
an idea about where we are headed.

Marketing Strategy–We have several potential Customer Segments:

—>Residential Clients–Private Pay

—>Commercial Clients–Private Pay

—>Nonprofits & Schools—Donations, Grants, Crowdfunding

—>Government–Federal, State and Local Parks & Public Lands—Government Contracts or Grants & Private Foundation Funding

Phase 1: We have secured both a solar and a construction company partner to test the Franchisee Model. We will begin our marketing strategy by focusing on Environmental Nonprofits, Local Schools and other nonprofits.

Nonprofits & Schools have numerous green projects that have been on the back burner due to a lack of sufficient funds! These projects can be started right now through innovative financing options such as Microlending, Social Enterprise Stock Options, Crowdfunding donations by new social media followers and Donations from existing nonprofit or school stakeholders that are specifically targeted to specific green projects.

Also, Private Foundation & Government Grants delineated for helping the environment or helping low income people may look more favorably on projects that hire Veterans to do the work. One grant solves 2 problems!

We plan to start from our position of strength. Three of our management team members are presidents of their own 501(c)3 nonprofits. We already enjoy a strong connection to many Environmental Nonprofits. We also work with other nonprofits that work with low income families, senior citizens, victims of domestic violence, etc. that may need the cost saving upgrades of green projects.

The nonprofits that have buildings will also need energy upgrades There is pent up demand for green projects by local Environmental Nonprofits (green projects in the community & in public parks) and Schools (solar installation projects, raised organic garden beds, etc.)

Nonprofits have projects themselves and they also can provide us with leads to the many clients they serve who also have a need for money saving green projects. Next Step Marketing & social media blitz of completed Veteran Green Team jobs to generate more referrals.

Phase 2: Begin Targeting Commercial & Residential Clients

Nonprofits have scores of volunteers and social media followers who trust them and those good folks may be influenced to purchase the type of Veteran Green Team projects that we will specialize in providing. They can help us to create a buzz about the good work the Veteran Green Team is doing.

Better yet, Nonprofits have board members who are high powered corporate executives & socially prominent community members who have a lot of influence in their companies and in their local society.

In their capacity as Nonprofit Board Members, they will have intimate knowledge of the good works done Veteran Green Teams for the environment and for their community as a social enterprise effort. They will also have firsthand experience about the green projects that are on the leading edge of sustainability innovation as well as the quality of work by Veteran Green Teams.

—->The high powered corporate executives will take this information back to their corporations, thus providing us with our first leads for commercial clients.

—–>The socially prominent community members will take this information back to their friends, family and social networks, thus providing us with our first for residential clients and even more commercial clients.

All referrals result in $$$ donated to the nonprofit as a referral bonus.

Our Marketing Strategy–We need your help with these!

—>Use Social Media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs, etc. as Free marketing avenues to get the word out through print and pictures.

—>Create a YouTube Channel featuring videos of the Veteran Green Teams completing projects at local nonprofits and schools. Include interviews with the Veterans as well as the recipients of the new green projects.

—>Invite Celebrities with large Social Media Followers to visit the Green Job project sites and ask celebrities to tweet to their followers or post Instagram pictures on their pages.

—>Enlist the Help of local experts active on Twitter and other Social Media to assist us in crafting a social media strategy since helping Veterans is a worthy cause. Also ask their help to do push marketing to their followers about the various projects being done by Veteran Green Teams to help nonprofits and schools. Request donations to support the various Crowdfunding Campaigns.

—>Utilize community volunteers who are helping in the Social Media Lovers for a Cause Helping Veterans project to help get the word out. For information on the project in general or the Social Media Lovers Helping Veterans Teens helping

—>Create Yard Signs for the project work sites that have our logo and a QRL Marketing code that links to website information, videos, and the Veteran Green Team E-Magazine

—>Public Speaking Engagements both our own as nonprofits and business owners and as a partner with various nonprofits that serve Veterans and the Environment. They are already out in the community giving speeches on these topics and may be willing to offer the Veteran Green Team project as one possible solution that is worth promoting, especially since they get a referral bonus!

—>Veteran Green Team E-Magazine focusing on the green jobs, especially the projects completed for schools and nonprofit organizations, and how the projects are helping the recipients. Another focus of this E-Magazine will be on the stories of the individual Veterans and their personal experiences while being part of the Veteran Green Team

—>Promotional Cards with QRL code links to website & videos left around town to generate curiosity.

—>Crowdfunding Campaigns on popular websites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, etc. bring new eyes and possibly new customers to a project or a cause. We plan to utilize them as a launch pad in addition to the Crowdfunding function on the website.

—>Radio Programs—Contact radio shows for Veterans. The local NPR station will run stories and our school & nonprofit projects

—>Traditional Print & Television Media local news and morning shows are always desperate for special interest stories to fill time and space. Press releases and interviews help spread the word.

—>Website Links & Newsletters supportive Nonprofits & Companies connect us with new customers.

To Start the Project Prototype and see how the Veteran Green Team project would work, please Click Here: That link lays out the business proposal and flow of the business from
referral to completed project. The prototype website is a little clunky but it is the Minimal Viable Product and will give you
an idea about where we are headed.

Nonprofits, Schools and other philanthropic organization clients will Step#1 “Create a Project”. See sample form at Customers can also call us and we will create the project for them. Step#2 Conduct a Crowdfunding Campaign on and other crowdfunding sites. Step#3 Receive the completed green job and enjoy the cost savings, influence other schools & nonprofits to do green jobs and enjoy the increased public awareness and other benefits that come from the

Commercial & Residential clients will Step#1 Fill out a Job Request form with the desired date, time and location of the green job. Customers can also call us and we will create the Job Request form for them. Step#2 Select from either the Standardized “cookie cutter” projects that they can order (cost & time savings for us) or request a
customized green job. Step#3 Receive the completed green job, enjoy the cost savings, impress others with how socially
minded they are and influence others to do similar Veteran Green Team projects. Possible participation in “Group Buying”

Deploy Veteran Green Teams to do the Green Jobs: Step#4 The Green Project is posted on the website. Each project is listed by city and the various Veteran Green Teams covering specific cities commit to doing the job that fit their skills and area preferences. Step#5 The Veteran Green Team Completes the Job Step#6 Marketing,

Social Media & Press Release. After each green job completed, the marketing & social media teams get to work using both traditional marketing and social media marketing avenues to create a “buzz” about the project. Step#7 Acquire more referrals.

Just think of the benefit to Veterans and to our community! You can help to make this project a success! Get involved! Volunteer! Donate time, money or expertise! Share this Veteran Green Team project with others through your social media channels!

We owe it to the Veterans who have sacrificed so much for us! The Veteran Green Team will work together to fulfill a new and worthy civilian mission of Saving the Environment while doing meaningful work that helps their community and their country.

Each successfully completed green project moves the United States closer to having a truly sustainable economy free of polluting energy technologies and less susceptible to unnecessary military engagement abroad. It seems to be a win–win–win.

Our key partners are the construction companies, solar companies, environmental nonprofits, schools, other
philanthropic organizations and relevant government agencies such as the Veteran’s Administration.

We also plan to work with the A.S.U. professors, students, researchers and interns from the School of Sustainability, the
School of Life Sciences, the School of Engineering, the College of Public Service and Community Solutions, the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communication, the W.P. Carey School of Business, etc. Do you know of any specific contacts at A.S.U.?

We see Arizona State University as a major partner in this social enterprise, especially the Pat Tillman Veterans Center! There will be opportunities for the A.S.U. community to be involved: Researchers can conduct experiments on sustainability
design outcomes and test their theories, Students can participate in relevant project based learning and Interns to gain real world work experience designing & marketing projects. This is a true Community Project!

Phase #1—Budget Plan for Business Support Services and Green Projects—Total $4,300

Legal Assistance: Form an LLC, develop a joint venture agreement, write a vesting agreement, create the legal
documents for establishing Franchising Agreements with construction & solar companies, consult on laws regarding
nonprofit & for profit legal boundaries. $2,250.

Brochure Design, Logo Development & Printing Costs: $450 Business Cards: $50

Web Design Assistance & Consulting on User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) $600

Lawn Signs—Marketing for Construction Site $400 Accounting Services $300

Company Banner and Stand for Events, Public Speaking Engagements and Trade Shows $250

Training Videos According to a McGraw-Hill Construction Survey in 2012, 80% of Specialty Construction Trade Skills were learned on the job and 43% were acquired through apprenticeship programs. We expect to offer on the job training or apprenticeships along with video instruction on the information and skills required to do the green projects. Training Video production $500

Seed Money to fund green projects for Schools & Nonprofits $6,480

Sample Project: TerraCycle Depot $300 for each installation. Cost will vary by green project commissioned. This money would be recycled back to fund new green projects once the money for the project is raised through Crowdfunding & Public Donations.

Phase #2—Budget Plan for the Solar Installation Training for Veterans—Total $8,720

For those veterans training for solar installation certification, the Veteran Green Team will do a variety of green projects to help their community. Each veteran will donate hours to work on the green projects and the money raised from their hourly wage will reimburse the cost of their solar training. This money will then be recycled to train the next group of veterans. These green projects can be completed while the veterans are working to obtain their solar installation training & certification.

We plan to train one team of eight veterans $795 x 8 veterans solar training $6,360

• The price of the solar installation training course required to prepare veteran workers for the certification test is $795.

• The required test to become eligible for certification costs $170 per veteran or $170 x 8 veterans solar installation

• The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) application to receive certification costs $125 for
each veteran $125 x 8 for a total of $1,000 for the entire team.

A portion of the wages made completing the green projects will go towards reimbursing the cost of each veteran’s training and certification. The veterans will donate labor hours to reimburse the cost of the solar installation training and this money will then be used to train the next Veteran Green Team. Recycled $$$

Total Budget Veteran Green Team Business Proposal is $20,000 Community Impact Priceless!

We have received seed money from the A.S.U. School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies Federal. The $1,000 grant will be enough to cover the cost of a TerraCycling Depot for 3 schools to raise future funds.

The evaluation metrics used for our business proposal will include the number green projects completed during the Edson year and the number of veterans who successfully complete the solar installation training and pass the certification exam. The social & economic impact on our community will also be part of the evaluation.

We need help locating these grant opportunities. Do you hanve any information or knowledge that could be helpful?

There are a number of local, state & federal assistance programs, rebates and grants that are available to subsidize all of the following: 1) Individual green projects for residential and commercial properties; 2) Retraining programs that teach “green” job skills; 3) Veteran specific education, vocational training and job training skills for green industries. 4) Financial assistance for businesses that hire veterans. 5) Grants and Assistance for Veteran owned & woman owned businesses. View Sample Grants Available for Veteran Employment

Our project would also be eligible for funding from multiple government sources and private foundations who are interested in: 1. Supporting veterans, 2. Helping the environment and/or 3. Supporting low income people/nonprofits that need green projects done.   

We have 5 potential Revenue Streams that make our business proposal sustainable:

Residential Private Pay Clients—State and federal subsidies or tax breaks may incentivize energy & water saving upgrades. Homeowner realizes significant financial savings by both energy and water saving upgrades. Help to Employ Veterans in their community. The price and availability of water and energy is becoming an issue for both private and corporate clients. The true cost of material & labor plus a profit would be added into each bid on a residential job.

Commercial Private Pay Clients—Financial savings on water & energy costs affect the corporate bottom line. Government subsidies or tax breaks may incentivize energy & water saving upgrades. Companies build goodwill in their
community by Helping to Employ Veterans. The true cost of material & labor plus a profit would be added into each bid

Nonprofits & Schools–Government & Private Foundation Grants, Donations (Current Nonprofit Donors & School’s Parents, Teachers & Administrators) & Crowdfunding (Creating New Donors). The true cost of material & labor plus a
profit would be added into each bid on a nonprofit or school.

Federal, State and Local Parks & Public Lands—Government Grants, Private Foundation Grants, Crowdfunding, Donations from the public, Bid on Contracts for Environmental Projects that are already funded through taxpayer dollars allotted to the Parks & Public Lands. We have a commitment for volunteer assistance in locating state and federal grants for which we are eligible.

It is common for both residential & commercial clients to make easy “green” upgrades first and then gradually add more & more expensive upgrades as they see the cost savings. We expect to have repeat customers.

We also expect that customers who realize cost savings as a result of their upgrades will influence other businesses and homeowners to do similar upgrades. We plan to offer a referral fee as an incentive to send new customers our
way. Our green project prices will be similar to the competitors.

We expect to be able to favorably compete by offering the same service for the same fees that are normally charged for these green jobs. The value added is that, costs being equal, customers may prefer to “Support our Troops” in a new way by helping to employ them now that they are home.

However, we expect that we may be the low cost bidder by offering the option of several “canned projects” that we repeat over and over, thus removing the added cost of customization. We may also be the low cost bidder due to the possibility of getting grants, incentives or tax subsidies for hiring veterans, thereby decreasing the true cost of the hourly wage.

We will have a Positive Impact on Multiple Stakeholders.

The veterans win by gaining meaningful employment. The environment wins by decreasing our collective carbon footprint. The customer wins because their home or business becomes “green” and they are welcoming returning military back into the community by employing veterans.

Veteran Green Teams Benefit

1. Improved job security due to training in readily transferable green job skills.

2. Increased job skills and economic opportunities. Solar installation certification middle class lifestyle. 

3. Freedom from the boredom of a “normal” 9-5 cubicle job due to the stimulating variety of projects.

4. Enhanced motivation as a result of daily completed goals and projects with tangible results.

5. Restored sense of connection with a new supportive brotherhood, a new band of brothers & sisters.

6. Renewed sense of purpose & meaning as the Veterans help the environment, nonprofits & schools.

7. Movement towards a new identity as a “civilian” who is an important part of their local community.

8. Veterans become part of something bigger than themselves as they work to decrease the United States dependence on the foreign oil threatens our national security and puts the lives of countless Veterans at risk. U.S. energy independence means fewer deployments for our beleaguered troops.

Nonprofits, Schools, State & Local Parks Benefit

1. Projects that have been on the back burner finally get done.

2. Assistance in acquiring the interns, volunteers and expertise needed to plan & complete projects.

3. Donors & social media followers are impressed by what is achieved with their donated dollars.

4. Increased community awareness of their organization’s good work due to social media blitz.

5. Free listing on directory of organizations & services. Free promotion.

6. Free Social Media marketing help & assistance with finance options such as crowdfunding.

7. Referral fee bonus is earned for each green job that is referred to the Veteran Green Teams.

Customers Benefit

1. Cost Savings for residential, commercial, government, nonprofit and school clients.

2. Decreased carbon footprint and a healthier environment.

3. Increased national security as green projects help to avoid loss of lives and taxpayer dollars.

4. Good Feelings from knowing that they have helped Veterans, the Environment, etc.

5. The burden of these wars has been shouldered by 1% of the U.S. population. Hiring Veterans Green Teams alleviates people’s feelings of wanting to help Veterans but not knowing what they can do. It is a chance for commercial & residential clients to help the veterans who have sacrificed so much for us.

Solar Company & Construction Company Partners Benefit (If you are a potential company partner, please contact us to get a full list of the benefits of sponsoring your own Veteran Green Team. These are just a few of the benefits listed below.)

1. Steady Stream of Green Job referrals generated Free by outside sources.

2. Goodwill of their community and future customers who see them helping Veterans, the Environment, Nonprofits, etc. Enhanced reputation as a “green” or “sustainable” company.

3. Free Marketing Opportunities for their other construction business since, because we will be doing many projects

for schools and nonprofits, there will be media interest from newscasts and morning shows wanting to cover the local green projects done by Veteran Green Teams.

Arizona State University Benefits

1. Increased Status as a University that is highly rated as being Veteran Friendly

2. Enhanced Reputation as a University that uses the project based learning method to help students to learn highly marketable skills that make them attractive as new hires.

3. Free Marketing of A.S.U. as the media scrambles to cover all the good works done to help nonprofits and schools that A.S.U. staff & students have assisted in completing.

4. Improved Goodwill and engagement from A.S.U. Alumni who are also Veterans

5. Fulfillment of President Michael Crow’s vision to fully embed the skills & abilities of the A.S.U. community into the surrounding society and Veteran Community.

We initially submitted this proposal to a Grant in November of 2014. Just 3 weeks ago President Obama announced a similar plan to train Veterans to do solar installations.

We believe that our project would be a welcome addition to the president’s new Veteran initiative. We have the solution and can scale up quickly!

We plan to engage with the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication as well as the Pat Tillman Veteran Center to help us to formulate a plan for our future direction for the Veteran Green Team project. We look forward to working with A.S.U. staff, professors and students.

We are looking for A.S.U. students & interns who want to help Veterans. We think this is a great opportunity to utilize project based learning to assist students & interns in learning real world, marketable skills by assisting us with this project. There is plenty of opportunity to help in all academic fields of study.

Just think of the benefit to Veterans and to our community! You can help to make this project a success! Get involved! Volunteer! Donate time, money or expertise! Share this Veteran Green Team project with others through your social media channels!

Many people have bumper stickers and window signs that say, “Support our Troops!” What we are offering is a way for the whole community to “Support our Troops!”

now that they are home!


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