Electricians for a Cause



Thank you for wanting to use your Electrical Knowledge and your Skills & Expertise as an Electrician to Make a Positive Difference in your Community!

The CommunityCause.org website is
crowd-sourced, crowd-funded, crowd coded
and our goal is to create crowd solutions.

We need your Help in order to accomplish this mission!

Here you will find information on the various projects currently running that need help from Electricians, specifically, in order to be successfully completed.

On this page, you will also receive general updates on information that is relevant to all “Electricians for a Cause” helping any cause or interest.

There are “Help for A Cause” projects running for different professions & interests. It is important to check in on the main page periodically in order to see current opportunities and changes that are relevant to all “Help for A Cause” projects. If you would like to see Updates and Information relevant to all “Help for a Cause” projects–Click Here!

If you would like to find out general information about becoming a community volunteer that assists on “Help for a Cause” projects–Click Here! If you already know that you want to be an “Electrician for a Cause”, you may select any project that interests you from the list below:

Coming Soon!

Your Community needs you! Your skills are helpful for Making the World a Better Place!