Guide to Listing on Donate and Share Needs & Resources


Donate and Share Resources & Post your Wish List of Needs

Donate Items: Here is where you or your organization can list the Items you have to Donate to Non-Profits, Schools, Universities or groups that help the population you are interested in helping or who serve the kind of interests you are interested in promoting.

Share Resources: Here is where you or your organization can list the Resources you have to Share with specific cause communities. Examples: Features on your website that can help people make decisions about their target population, services or skills you or your organization provides that can help people do what they do better, or resources, materials, or equipment that you or your organization has that others can utilize to better serve their target population or issue. Think outside the box what do you have to share that could help others to do what they do better.

Post your Wish List of Needs: If you are a Non-Profit 501(c)3 organization or a School, University, or other organization that is legally able to accept donations from the public, you may post your wish list here.

You may browse, search, edit and place a new classified ad right now! Simply hover over the main tab and click on “Classified Want Ads” to get started. Let’s let the power of the grapevine work! It is FREE to post your wants, needs and requests so people in the community can help. You may also post what you have to share so that organizations can benefit from your help, expertise and donated items.

Coming Soon: There will be tips on what makes an effective classified ad that generates interest. There will be tips to assist in the search. There will also be links to relevant wiki pages as well.

Sorry! We are Under Construction. Coming soon! This website is still being built out. Directions for using this function and links to other pages. Thank you for your patience.