Guide to Searching the Directory


For best results in searching the Directory of Organizations, here are some Tips. There are many ways to search the Directory to find the desired information. Here is the link to the Advance Search Feature–Click Here!

Important Tip #1: The Directory may be used to search by the the organization name, abbreviation or acronym. Directory entries may also be searched by typing in your desired Service Provided, Population Helped or Interest Served when using the Advanced Search. Important Tip #2: You may search by the organization’s Main (more general) or Primary (more specific) Services Provided, Interests Served & Populations Helped. These are the subjects and activities that the organization specializes in. You may also search for the organization’s secondary services, interests and populations served which delineate subjects they have knowledge in but do not consider to be their specialties.

With Advanced Search you can also search for Volunteers Needed, Donations Requested and Mentors, Interns, Team Members or Special Skills & Expertise requested. Important Tip #3: Be sure to Click on the “Clear” Button after each search, otherwise you may get a “No results found” message. Important Tip #4: You may also want to type the keyword that you are interested in into each of the search field categories mentioned above as each field searches for the word only in that particular field. Important Tip #5: For best results, use only part of a longer word or phrase to capture any information that might suit your search. For instance, by typing “wood” you will find all entries for woodworking, wood-working and wood working, even though people may have spelled it differently. Another example is to type in “tool” even though you may be looking for tool box, toolbox, toolbench, tool bench, jewelry tools, etc.

Important Tip #6: You also have the option of running a search by typing in the Keywords that you are interested in so that the Directory may take you to the organizations that are a match. Please know that these are the keywords that the organizations themselves have provided. The keywords may not cover everything that is in the full listing of the organization. So, again, you may want to try the keyword in multiple fields to get a possible match. Important Tip #7: The general “Search this Website” option in the upper right hand corner of the website pages may not always capture everything in the Directory of Organizations so it is best to use the Advanced Search found in the Directory. The Advanced Search does a much better job of searching information in the Directory of Organizations.

Important Tip #8: The Directory of Organizations also allows you to select and search for your preferred Area of Service. Simply select the type of service, interest or population that you are looking for help with and type in the City, County or State in which you desire to receive services. The Directory of Organizations will find you the organizations that offer those services in the area of service that you have chosen. Important Tip #9: You can also sort all organizations by City, County or State. If you click on the purple “Organization provides services in this City (County or State)” text and this function will organize all Directory listings according to your specific query.

If you have found a good way to search for information, let us know through the “Contact Us” option on this website.