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    Project Proposal:

We need your help on this project! Help us to find the most useful books, blogs, websites, videos, newsletters, research, resources and organizations that help with solar energy.

You can help this project by posting any Solar Energy related tips, advice, information & resources in the comments section. Your community needs your help!

********To get started, please scroll down to the very bottom of this project post and add your helpful information related to this topic in the comments section below.********

Will you help us to gather the most useful Solar Energy information & resources available to help people? Please forward this project post to friends, family & colleagues who may be interested in contributing information to this project and helping their community!

What people, organizations and resources really help? What actions, responses and programs work best? Which organizations are working on solar energy and having a positive impact? What leads to a successful result when a person has a question or concern regarding solar energy? Who should you call? What should you do? Where should you go?

Let’s work together to make it easier for people curious about solar energy to find the resources they seek and the information they need to find solutions that will make their life easier. Let’s Brainstorm and Share!

You are helping to build this 100% volunteer run website! is built both by the community and for the community. This is what we call a Crowdsourcing Request project. Your Helpful Tips, Resources & Advice posted to this project page will be added to this easily searchable website so that all individuals and organizations may derive benefit from this useful information. By contributing your time, talent and information to this project, you will be making it easier for People to Connect with the Resources & Organizations that can help them learn about solar energy. Thank you for sharing your experience, expertise, information, advice and ideas on this project!

    Goal this Project Supports:

Our Goal is to: Create a Master List of all the organizations based in Arizona that are currently helping with Environment related issues. Provide current & accurate information about Environment related organizations that is quick, clear and effortless to access. Make it easier for people in our community to find the Environment related groups when they want to help volunteer, donate items, sponsor events, or give money.


    What You can do to Help on this Project. How our Community can Support this Project.


    Option #1—If you would like to help a little

Please forward this link and/or share information about this project post to any potentially interested individuals, groups, clubs, volunteers, nonprofits, or other organizations. Let’s get the power of the Grapevine working to help support this project. Help us to get the word out! Who do you know who would be interested in getting involved or helping this project? Help us by sending this information out through your Social Media Channels, by posting this project on your Facebook page, by sending out a tweet and by using any of the project hashtags. You may even decide to become a Social Media Lover for a Cause volunteer.

    Option #2—If you would like to help a little bit more

The options available and the steps that you can take to get started helping on this project are detailed below.

********Step #1Follow any Project that Interests You–see details. To continue to participate in the conversation about this project and receive a free e-mail notification when new information or updates are added, you may choose to follow the progress of this project. It is free to participate. To follow a project that interests you, simply subscribe at the bottom of this project post. You can be part of the action and contribute important information that leads to this project’s success! You may also choose to Join the Club–Click Here for people who care about solar energy. It is another free service. You will be alerted when special events, classes, new projects and Invitation Only events concerning solar energy are posted on the website.

********Step #2Contribute Useful Information–see details. Do know of any organizations, websites, books, tips or other advice that could be helpful to this project? Have you heard of anyone who has done a similar project from whom we might learn? Do you have connections to people or resources that could help? If you have any information, advice or resources that may help this project, please share what you know by posting a comment on this project page. Please let us know about any individual, group, or organization that you think may be able to help on this project. Who do you know who has experience, information, and/or resources that could be of benefit to this project? We will be happy to contact them directly. You can let us know by posting a comment at the bottom of this project post along with the contact information or, if you want to get that information to us directly and confidentially, you can contact us directly through the Contact Us option on this website.

    Option #3—If you are passionate about solar energy and would like to be even more involved….

Join with others who are working on the solar energy issue. You can link up with like-minded others who are passionate about projects like this.You may choose to be one of the “Community Visionaries” seeking to find solutions to social & environmental issues in our community. Community Visionaries are like a “working group” of concerned community members who are passionate about a specific issue, like solar energy. They may or may not be assisting with this specific project.

Community Visionaries–see details are concerned with making a difference in their community by helping promote solar energy and similar issues. As part of the “Community Visionaries” working on solar energy issues, you can meet like-minded individuals, brainstorm solutions, work to help projects and decide how best to support the individuals & organizations associated with solar energy . You may want to Join the Club for people who care about solar energy, see information above.You might also choose to share your experience and expertise on the pages related to solar energy by becoming a Wiki Page Author–Click Here.

Any questions? If you have questions or would like to become part of the “Community Visionaries” working group, please let us know through the “Contact Us” option on this website. Thanks for all you do to help your community and the nonprofits and philanthropic groups in our community.

———————————–This is a Crowdsourcing Project——————————————– For part of this project you will be helping out “virtually”, over the computer. You can just get started on any of the options or steps listed above…no need to contact us or let us know that you want to help. Since this is a crowdsourcing project so you can just jump in and help when you can. When you have a few extra minutes to help…you will know that you are making a difference in your community. With a Crowdsourcing Project you always get to decide how involved you want to be. You also get to decide if you want to work alone or be part of a team.

    Reason this Action is Needed:

It is often difficult and time-consuming to find accurate and up to date information on the resources available to help people with the questions and concerns that they have regarding solar energy. People are busy and stressed with all they need to do to just get through the day. It is important to give community members and professionals access to well vetted, accurate and readily available information so that people can get the assistance they need regarding solar energy.

In addition, anyone helping friends or family members with solar energy issues will have available all the tips, resources and organizations that other people have recommended as being very helpful. This will make anyone using the website an instant pseudo-expert on the topic because they will have immediate access to the crowdsourced experience and expertise of others who have dealt with and successfully resolved similar solar energy issues. This makes it easier for professionals and members of the public to assist someone struggling with questions regarding solar energy.

    Finished Product:

The Finished Product from this project will be the Helpful Tips, Resources & Advice gathered during this project that will be added to the relevant website pages and Wiki pages of this website.There will be checklists of tips and advice that others have found to be helpful when dealing with solar energy issues. Recommended organizations will be added to the Directory of Organizations on this website along with the services they provide. This will make it easier for people to find the exact organization that offers the specific services that are needed. We are striving to make an easily Searchable Website so that all individuals and organizations may derive benefit from this useful information source by just typing in a few keywords into “Search this Website” option.

By contributing your time, talent and information to this project, you will be making it easier for others to find and make use of the information on solar energy in the future. Why make stressed out people search for resources when we can make well vetted information readily accessible? Our goal is to help people to find Helpful Information, Tip Sheets, Resources and Organizations more quickly and more easily. We are helping to Connect People with the Resources & Organizations that can help them with solar energy and related issues.

Thanks you for sharing your experience, expertise, information, advice and ideas on this project!

    Project Posted on:

July 9th, 2014

    Target Date for Completion:

The Preferred Target Date for substantial completion is December 31st, 2014. This Project is Ongoing and Available to receive Updated Information after that. We are striving to keep all information accurate and up-to-date. Thanks in advance for any corrections or additions to the information we already have available.

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