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    Project Proposal:

We would like to invite teens & tweens to come and learn how to create a new website using WordPress. We would like to mentor the teens as they apply their new website building skills to create websites for local charities.

You can help this project by assisting us in getting the word out to teens in schools, after school programs, computer clubs, etc. Your community needs your help on this project!

You can also help by posting the name of any nonprofit organizations that need a website in the comments section or by contacting us.

To get started, please scroll down to the very bottom of this project post and add your helpful information related to this topic in the comments section below.

Will you help us to find teens who want to learn to program a website? Will you help us to find local charities who need a website in order to fulfill the mission of their nonprofit organization?

Please forward this project post to friends, family & colleagues who may be interested in helping both this project and their community!

The training is free! Once you feel comfortable with all of the steps that go into creating a basic website, we will partner you with local charities so that you can test your skills!

Just think! You will be learning how to program effective websites and you will be getting the practice you need to become especially good at it. You will be helping a good cause, a local nonprofit organization, at the same time.

Local charities do so much good work for our community. It will be nice for us to be able to do something to help them! A website can make all the difference when seeking volunteers and donated items! A nice website will help them to get the word out about their organizations mission.

For example: Several animal rescues need websites in order to find homes for the rescued dogs and cats that they save. They also need volunteer help on adoption days. A website will help them to fulfill their mission. Won’t it be nice to learn how to program a website and help save animals at the same time!

This is a Chris Stiffler Memorial project. Before he died at age 35 from an asthma attack, this compassionate and technologically brilliant entrepreneur dreamed of helping teens get inspired about all the possible applications of technology. He was a firm believer that technology could be used to solve many of society’s problems. His goal was to use technology software and hardware to alleviate needless suffering in the world. With much love and sadness we are continuing this project in his memory.

Goal this Project Supports:

Our Goal is to: Identify activities & organizations in our community that will give teens an opportunity to contribute their time and their talents in a way that makes a positive difference in their community. Provide teens with opportunities to receive support, learn skills, improve competence, gain confidence, and develop the empathy they will need to be responsible, respectful members of their community.

    What You can do to Help on this Project. How our Community can Help Us.

***We need nonprofits who are true charities and 100% volunteer run or, at least, very lean on overhead expenses. If you need a basic WordPress website done for FREE, please contact us. Please spread the word to other nonprofits that you know.

***We need teens or tweens who are interested in learning how to use WordPress to create basic websites. No previous knowledge of WordPress or website building is necessary. All you need is a willingness to learn and a commitment to volunteer at least 20 hours to help local nonprofits by building them a basic website.

***We also need people who have a knowledge of and comfort with building a basic website using WordPress. These are basic websites so no advanced WordPress skills are necessary. You can volunteer to teach the basics, assist over the duration of one 2-hour class or just be available as a mentor to answer questions during the website building tutorials.

    Option #1—If you would like to help a little

If you are an individual or an organization, please forward this link and/or share information about this project post with any potentially interested individuals, groups, clubs, volunteers, nonprofits, or other organizations. The social media buttons on this post make it quick & easy to let your friends & colleagues know about this project.

If you are an organization interested in this topic, will you create a link from your organization’s website to this specific project’s URL address so that others interested in Nutrition issues can contribute helpful information? Let’s get the power of the Grapevine working to help support this project!

Help us to get the word out! Who do you know who would be interested in getting involved or helping this project? Help us by sending this information out through your Social Media Channels, by posting this project on your Facebook page, by sending out a tweet and by using any of the project hashtags. You may even decide to volunteer your time as a Social Media Lover–see details

    Option #2—If you would like to help a little bit more

The options available and the steps that you can take to get started helping on this project are detailed below.

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********Step #2Contribute Useful Information–see details. Do know of any organizations, websites, books, blogs, videos, newsletters, scientific research, resources, tips or other advice that could be helpful to this project? Have you heard of anyone who has done a similar project from whom we might learn?

Do you have connections to people or resources that could help with this project? If you have any information, advice or resources that may help this project, please share what you know by posting a comment on this project page. Please let us know about any individual, group, or organization that you think may be able to help with this project.

Who do you know who has experience, information, and/or resources that could be of benefit to this project? Please let us know by posting a comment at the bottom of this project post along with their contact information. Or, if you prefer to get that information to us directly and confidentially, please reference the title of this project, heading above, and contact us directly through the Contact Us option on this website. We will be happy to contact the individual or organization to let them know about this project that may be of interest to them.

    Reason this Action is Needed:

There are a number of nonprofit and other philanthropic organizations that are doing great work in our community. Many of them are run solely on volunteers who are so busy dealing with the day to day needs of the individuals they serve that they do not have the time or money they need to create a web presence. These are the organizations that are deserving of our help. They are the organizations that are having the most impact on their communities with the least number of donated dollars.

Finished Product:

We would like to give at least 20 nonprofit organizations a web presence at zero cost to them. We hope to have a positive impact on our community by giving nonprofits this FREE website with the hope that it will help the organization to help more individuals.

We would also like to improve teen/tween confidence and competence in using WordPress as a means to building a basic website.

We will know that we have been successful if we have 20 live, basic websites up and running that have been created wholly or substantially by the teen and tween participants.

    Any questions?

If you have any questions or would like to contact us directly, please let us know through the Contact Us option on this website.

    Project Posted on:

June 13th, 2014

    Target Date for Completion:

We hope to offer our first class by the end of October 2014. We will continue to offer classes & tutorials as needed after that.

    Project Code: AZCEPX-14


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