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Donate Items to a Philanthropic Organization

If you have one or more items that are Available to Donate and they are currently located in of Maricopa County in Arizona, then you are on the right Donation project page! You have 2 options:

Option #1Simply click on the button below to fill out a Donation Application Form and we will do everything for you! 🙂

Give Help!Fill Out a Donation Application Form to Donate an Item

An email alert is then instantly sent out to philanthropic organizations to let them know that Donations of the requested items are now available. Each specific project page is for anyone with items located in the specific donation region who would like to Donate to Help their Community. View All Donation Regions

Option #2–To “Push Market” the availability of your donated item to philanthropic organizations that need those items, simply select the category & type of item you would like to donate from the Community Response System list of Donated Items. Then select the Donation Region for where the item is currently located. There are several Donation Regions. You may post specific information about the type of donated items you have available in the “Share Information & Resources” comment section below. Please be sure to include the type of Dog Supplies Available along with the quantity and brand name and any other pertinent information that would help people to decide if there is a match with what they need.

Give Help!

How You Can Help this Donation Service Project—Please help get the word out to others in your social media network who may want to Donate or Receive Donated Items. The social media buttons on this page make sharing this project with friends, family & colleagues easy! You can also join others and become a Social Media Lover for a Cause community volunteer!

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Thank you for caring about your community by sharing your time, talent, experience & donated items!